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  1. ok assembly 99.5 my cap is 110 experimentation 110 cap is 110 experimentation points 15
  2. ok you got me i dont have a legendary vessel just a green and my belt is epic and the run is legendary the armor and jewelry white and green there;s room for more improvment
  3. i have a better idea why dont you go and lvl a woodworker and after a few month come back and tell us what you think
  4. i very rarely post on forms but this annoyed me so mush. so here i am i spent a month and half farming gold mats getting crafing jewelry armor food potions so now im almost caped on my woodworking . and now im ready to craft and i am excited to see what i can make. and what happens the stuff i mad is not as good as the stuff the drops in campain that hurt. please fix this its a deal breaker
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