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  1. Time since launch should be the smallest factor in determining combat effectiveness. Player skill, how they build their class, how they prepare etc should be the driving factors. Just seems arbitrary that when you start playing the game should have any significant effect on how you play. Beyond the obvious time to learn the game and acquire gear of course but no there should never be any kind of hard coded limit based on when someone starts playing the game since it launched.
  2. I explained it in my post Regulus quoted. Its a replacement for the traditional level based system ie you start at lvl 1 and grind to max level. The passive system is intended to take the grind out of it and allow players to simply start playing the game day 1 instead of having to grind levels before they can start playing the real or main parts of the game.
  3. Point was I was trying to convey that you missed was that just because people comment on an aspect of the vid they liked or in fact liked the entire vid doesn't make them "yesmen". As Anthrage pointed out he and those you called out for being "yesmen" have in fact been and are critical and give honest feedback. Seeing people like one video then ignoring everything else then have done and given feedback about is what you did wrong. I read through the feedback and bug report threads all the tine and while I personally haven't given much lately due to not playing the game as much as I u
  4. A few posters and some random unqualified youtube comments is hardly what could be considered a "massive shiz storm". The 1:37 long trailer isn't the best I've seen sure not even close, but its also not at all as bad as some of you are making it out to be. If you don't like it personally fine, some do. But this overreaction and freaking out about less then 2 minutes of a in studio made trailer is ridiculous.
  5. Yeah... commenting on and appreciating aspects of the video isn't being a "yesman". Nothing you pointed out qualifies as being overly biased toward the positive ie being a yes man, again just comments on aspects of the video. You didn't like the video, yes you've established that in the numerous times you've told us. others don't have an issue or actually do like the video for what it is. Just because you think it sucks doesn't make it fact. That's just like your opinion man. Its just a short promo vid made for Gamescom, with in engine, ie in game footage, so yeah it kind of is about grap
  6. I don't see anyone biased defending the video or claiming its amazing and the greatest thing since sliced bread. What people are saying is that for what it is, a Convention booth promo vid, it serves its purpose and from those who were actually there it worked. Still trying to figure why you're so aggressively attacking and negative about some short little video. Seeing as how there are literally tens of hours and hours of game play footage available to show and show the game off it just seems a bit over the top to be freaking out about 1:37 worth of video. Its like this video is somehow
  7. Go to youtube and twitch channels. There's plenty of game footage out there made by players and guilds that show off the game pretty well I think.
  8. Yeah I just meant the vid is to promote the game to get peoples interest then you give the info and try to hook em on the game. I was more saying I wouldn't show them ONLY the vid or let them see ONLY the vid I would give them as much info as I can and not let them "get scared away" like Clockwork thinks will happen.
  9. Yeah... its your opinion it sucks. Thanks for sharing but don't presume to speak for others. If a 1:37 minute long trailer is enough to drive you away then I doubt you were very much into it to begin with. Like said the vid was for the booth at Gamescon, not really for already vested players and supporters. it was a promo vid to grab peoples attention at a convention. It worked, end of story. If I wanted to show friends about the game and get them interested, I wouldn't show them this trailer either (wouldn't hide it either), I would show them actual gameplay vids and Dev vids and
  10. Well I mean its not a MOBA or some other kind of lobby game. Like said above its a progression system. It would be the same as if the game had a traditional level based system where you start at level 1. The passive system is supposed to take away the grind aspects of a level system and let the player focus more on the actual game instead.
  11. RIP Crow. Through the few spirited convos we had on various topics could tell he was passionate about this game. Heartening to hear that's how he lived life as well.
  12. This is a race info update. Remember Race and Class are separate now. and yeah as blazzen just posted above if you meant Assassin then yeah there's already been an update for that.
  13. pang

    Ranger/Stalker merge

    Might be better off going Assassin and taking Bow discs. Though not sure yet as to how much of the original melee stuff Ranger will keep, so yeah with stats, gear and discs should be able to find a way to build what you want.
  14. The width no I would think not, but for ground target AoEs it should in theory at least increase the distance at which you can place them?
  15. pang

    Ranger/Stalker merge

    So just heard on todays Live Q&A, stated again Stalker skills getting folded into the Ranger. Anti-Stealth mechanics confirmed to be a part of that. Also Elkin get a racial for increased range ie Sniper based ranged gameplay.
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