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  1. 10 minutes ago, Verot said:

    I would be willing to bet its always the 9+ months of training they have but the advanced gear vs basic gear. Not saying a catch up mechanic is not needed but the ability to bypass total time since launch seems silly.

    Time since launch should be the smallest factor in determining combat effectiveness. Player skill, how they build their class, how they prepare etc should be the driving factors. 

    Just seems arbitrary that when you start playing the game should have any significant effect on how you play. Beyond the obvious time to learn the game and acquire gear of course but no there should never be any kind of hard coded limit based on when someone starts playing the game since it launched. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, SiriusOCC said:

    I didn't say it was a MOBA, I asked for any rationale to explain why having a time-based leveling system makes sense (other than to drive sales)

    I explained it in my post Regulus quoted. Its a replacement for the traditional level based system ie you start at lvl 1 and grind to max level. The passive system is intended to take the grind out of it and allow players to simply start playing the game day 1 instead of having to grind levels before they can start playing the real or main parts of the game.

  3. 2 hours ago, ClockworkOrange said:

    To explain further I wasn't attempting to single you out and call you a Yes Man. The examples of positive responses were just randomly selected off the first page with no intent to specifically call that person a Yes Man.

    Yes I can easily see how it came off that way. No need to point that out to me.

    I do think Yes Men are a problem on this forum and there isn't as much honest critical feedback as I would prefer. I tend to give harsher feedback than the average person.

    I was pointing out a problem of "Yes Man" while also attempting to show Pang what he couldn't seem to see. Those two points got merged and it was never my intent.

    Point was I was trying to convey that you missed was that just because people comment on an aspect of the vid they liked or in fact liked the entire vid doesn't make them "yesmen". As Anthrage pointed out he and those you called out for being "yesmen" have in fact been and are critical and give honest feedback.

    Seeing people like one video then ignoring everything else then have done and given feedback about is what you did wrong.

    I read through the feedback and bug report threads all the tine and while I personally haven't given much lately due to not playing the game as much as I used to,  they are filled with critical and honest feedback. So while I agree 100% "yesmen" can become an issue, I don't see it happening here as you apparently do. You said yourself you tend to be harsher than the average person, well don't you think maybe you're judging others too much on a curve so to speak? I mean just because someone isn't as harsh or brutal with their critique doesn't mean its not good and honest feedback. I just think maybe you should realize everyone has their own way of giving feedback.

  4. 14 hours ago, Honzo said:

    Some of these responses are making my head spin with confusion.


    There's nearly 3 full pages of posts about WHY people are being so aggressive about the video... what's not to get? Someone legit did an essay long breakdown of what was wrong with the trailer. You must have read at least one or two. But I can't really tell based on this post? YES there's tons of footage on the game out there, AND? We know there is, but non of it is being plugged as a hype new trailer for the game on any mainstream sites is it. I wish that was the stuff they used!

    So if you missed it, let me summarize:


    Purposes the trailer served:

    - Attracted great attention at the booth and was clearly enjoyed by those who attended (GREAT, that's fine!)

    - Fun little attempt at a cinematic type trailer (Cool, no worries.)


    What the trailer also did:

    - Caused a massive shiz storm of bad impressions across the mainstream media (Yeah we can lol about Reddit/Youtube comments being worthless, but where else are you hoping to get eyes on the product exactly? Yahoo? Bing?)


    That second part is what everyone is so salty about. Sure, no one deserves to have crows pick out their eyeballs for it or anything. Even though.... we are crows..... *got em*.  But that's why folks are raging so hard. Because everyone here wants to see the game succeed so much!  

    A few posters and some random unqualified youtube comments is hardly what could be considered a "massive shiz storm".

    The 1:37 long trailer isn't the best I've seen sure not even close, but its also not at all as bad as some of you are making it out to be. If you don't like it personally fine, some do. But this overreaction and freaking out about less then 2 minutes of a in studio made trailer is ridiculous.

  5. 3 hours ago, ClockworkOrange said:

    This is why.....

    Now enter the YES MEN who won't give Crowfall honest feedback......

    Now look at the YouTube comments. Or look at the comments on reddit. The rest of the world thinks this trailer is amateurish and are upset with ACE for even putting it out. Yet we have all these YES MEN sitting here in denial pretending this video wasn't complete junk. It did not serve a purpose. You could have used the Graphics overhaul in place of this video, saved time and looked better doing so. Pang, FACE THE TRUTH. You are one of the worst YES MEN on this forum.

    I won't drop this because it is a clear cut example of how forum cheerleaders are misleading ACE into thinking their crap doesn't stink when it clearly does. This is bad for development and its an issue that needs to be tackled. I have explained this, yet you don't seem to get it. This isn't the first time I have complained about the forum bias and cheer leading for ACE when they don't deserve it. I am sure it won't be the last. Don't act so surprised next time.

    Yeah... commenting on and appreciating aspects of the video isn't being a "yesman". Nothing you pointed out qualifies as being overly biased toward the positive ie being a yes man, again just comments on aspects of the video. You didn't like the video, yes you've established that in the numerous times you've told us. others don't have an issue or actually do like the video for what it is. Just because you think it sucks doesn't make it fact. That's just like your opinion man.

    Its just a short promo vid made for Gamescom, with in engine, ie in game footage, so yeah it kind of is about graphics as if you don't like the look of the video then you clearly don't like the look of game as its the same thing. So begs the question why you even here. Just to call others names and attack when you're not agreed with? Sure have fun with that.

    *shrugs* you do you I guess. If not freaking out and not having hissy fits over 1:37 long promo vids is being a "yesman" then 99.9% of this community are all "yesmen" by your clearly flawless logic.... Seriously get over yourself, you have an opinion not everyone shares or agrees with. It happens.

  6. 8 minutes ago, ClockworkOrange said:

    Thank you for saying this Rikutatis. I thought about actually posting the stats of Crowfall videos to show how poorly received this was (Likes vs Dislikes in comparison to all the other videos on their channel). People forget how biased they are here and love to cheer for Crowfall even when it doesn't deserve it.

    Sometimes doing nothing is better than putting out sloppy work. Defending sloppy work leads to more sloppy work. This video sucks and anyone who isn't blinded by their love for Crowfall can see it.

    I don't see anyone biased defending the video or claiming its amazing and the greatest thing since sliced bread. What people are saying is that for what it is, a Convention booth promo vid, it serves its purpose and from those who were actually there it worked.

    Still trying to figure why you're so aggressively attacking and negative about some short little video. Seeing as how there are literally tens of hours and hours of game play footage available to show and show the game off it just seems a bit over the top to be freaking out about 1:37 worth of video. Its like this video is somehow a personal assault on you or something, its a little weird to be honest how much you hate this video.

  7. 11 hours ago, Honzo said:

    I understand the whole "Trailer was made just for the booth" argument, but come on. Did you not realize it will also be posted on most mmorpg/gaming news sites with titles like 'NEW CROWFALL CINEMATIC TRAILER FROM GAMESCOM'. So you can't be too surprised that about 90% of comments posted under those articles are pretty much "Wtf was that?" and "This looks like 50 Shades of Meh". Fans and backers will be even more salty because we know it could have been made so much better, with only a couple of tweaks. That's clear enough without the MobyDick level trailer breakdown post on the first page, which is appreciated and an interesting read.

    Would love to show my friends more cool footage of the game to get some hype going, but this ain't that for sure.

    Go to youtube and twitch channels. There's plenty of game footage out there made by players and guilds that show off the game pretty well I think.

  8. 2 hours ago, Caenth said:

    What do you think we showed at the demo stations? :) I've seen people literally jumping from excitement when I explained the crafting system. We gave them t-shirts and other goodies. We saw them walking the next day in the city, with the CF t-shirts on, with big smiles on their faces.

    An old lady with a fake SC tattoo who sat in a wheelchair came back the next day because her discount card didn't work. They fixed the codes by then, but we gave her a new card anyway. If she could jump, she would have as well.

    Like @Ceollach said, the vid was to get people interested enough to get them into the booth. The content of the game did make them excited, in some cases even mad from joy. The big smiles we saw all day, made it worth being there and working our asses off.

    Yeah I just meant the vid is to promote the game to get peoples interest then you give the info and try to hook em on the game. I was more saying I wouldn't show them ONLY the vid or let them see ONLY the vid I would give them as much info as I can and not let them "get scared away" like Clockwork thinks will happen.

  9. 2 hours ago, ClockworkOrange said:

    I don't care if they are an Indie game. I don't care if people came to the booth after seeing the video.

    Go on steam, look at all the indie games that are on there and look at their Trailers that blow this one out of the water. Don't let your love of Crowfall block you from giving critical and honest feedback.

    The Trailer was AWFUL. Everything I have seen put out by ACE so far has made me want to play the game. This had the opposite affect, animations looked clunky and gameplay looked poor. I would imagine Zybak could have created a significantly better video and for cheaper. Good marketing creates hype. Bad marketing kills hype.

    I never said it needs to be a big budget Blizzard Trailer. It just has to not suck.

    Yeah... its your opinion it sucks. Thanks for sharing but don't presume to speak for others.  

    If a 1:37 minute long trailer is enough to drive you away then I doubt you were very much into it to begin with.

    Like said the vid was for the booth at Gamescon, not really for already vested players and supporters. it was a promo vid to grab peoples attention at a convention. It worked, end of story. If I wanted to show friends about the game and get them interested, I wouldn't show them this trailer either (wouldn't hide it either), I would show them actual gameplay vids and Dev vids and Q&As. if I truly care about getting people into the game I would give them as much info as I could, not just a 1:37 long convention promo vid.

    You are making an entirely bigger deal about it then is necessary.


  10. Theres not really one page that holds all the lore. Go to the main site hover over "The Game" and click on the first four category's each section has Lore Blurbs you can read. The Pantheon would be good to start then each Class and Race has their own Lore entry.

    To answer you question though the three factions make up a grouping of gods (can see this represented in the Pantheon page), there are four gods per faction. As far as reason to fight, its simple gods compete with each other and for our favor and we intern fight for them.

  11. 7 hours ago, VIKINGNAIL said:

    CF has already been softened for risk averse players in many ways, and EKs are already heading towards becoming more than they ever should have been.  It feels like certain design principles are just being blurred and smudged. 

    CF won't have AO's power curve but even if it did it wouldn't be like AO because ACE has so many more options.

    Curious to know what has changed with EKs? From what I have seen they are pretty much what we've known they'd be since we first started hearing about them. Player housing, trophy rooms, limited resources, Private/public setting, PvP enable/disable. So yeah not sure what you see that would make one think they are "already heading towards becoming more than they ever should have been".

  12. 1 hour ago, Leocarian said:

    Lighten up? You know nothing of game asthetics or game development. This is a feedback post expressing a suggestion that poses need to be better. No one is mad. It's just a game? Go play your barbie horse on the Wii or something dude if you want something really lighten up. Lol. Ignorance at its finest.

    It really baffles me how some people on this forum treat it as just to talk crap to others or tell them they're wrong one way or another and tell others how to feel. This game is in pre alpha and all of you paid money to play it early and give constructive feedback to developers.

    Clearly when you tell others to lighten up means that you could care less about the game and more about ego that they don't actually have to begin with.

    Please don't come back when this game launches you are a waste of server space. No one wants you. You don't care for the devs or the game.

    I have no issues with people disagreeing with me but talking someone to lighten up is rude and insulting. If you're a smart and have good social skills (which you obviously don't) you'd say *Sorry OP I don't think the poses are that bad and here is why* but no you gotta throw in a snarky sentence in there and sound like a tough cookie that you're not.

    Congrats your socialskills just went up +5 to whoever read this. +10 hopefully to the person who I am quoting.

    I suggested that you to lighten up because you seem to be taking stuff WAY too seriously. This posts confirms that.

    Point was these posses are either meant to be a joke or meant to show the games lighter "fun" side. Hence the observation that maybe you need to see the fun side more and not just the super serious always gotta be a certain way side.

  13. 1 hour ago, Leocarian said:

    I am sorry but I am gonna disagree with Todd completely here.  We do not need an archery disiciple, to begin with. Ranger is the archery class of this game plain and simple. ( and yes I watched this whole Ranger and archery segment and heard his argument on why they're 2 different things) I am not really interested in seeing a confessor running around with a quiver and arrows, that makes 0 lore sense, takes the immersion out of the game and breaks the fantasy. Stop ruining the game please and overcomplicating stuff just for the sake of adding a disciple. Complete garbage idea.

    I'd say having more options and ways to build classes adds immensely more "immersion" then the alternative you seem to want. Don't see how hard locked, strict build classes is really in any way good for the game.

  14. As long as their is not any actual gain from PvP in EKs. Meaning no looting, no points or currency from the system. Dueling and dueling arenas setup by the players fine even wagers set up between players fine I guess but main thing is there needs to be 100% separation from the main gameplay PvP element of the CWs.

  15. 9 hours ago, dolmar said:

    With the current state of the AI do you think taming and mounts will still be a thing? At this point adding mounts will change the dynamic up vastly.

    And since the games AI is quite possibly the worst i have ever seen even in alpha its got me wondering.

    Seems like you answered your own question.

    If you think the current state of AI is so bad then obviously it makes no sense to introduce taming and pets. Furthermore as you claim the "current" state is the worst you've ever seen and as this is Alpha its very likely the AI will improve hence making it more viable to add such a feature then.

  16. On ‎7‎/‎25‎/‎2017 at 10:13 PM, Derenas said:

    I want a stealthy ranger that can melee great with survivability while having some ok range ability. Like Conan.


    Not looking for clothy stealthy high burst glass cannon. I much prefer a more of a stealthy toe to toe guy with sustained damage and defensive abilities

    Might be better off going Assassin and taking Bow discs. Though not sure yet as to how much of the original melee stuff Ranger will keep, so yeah with stats, gear and discs should be able to find a way to build what you want.

  17. 22 minutes ago, makkon said:

    so, enjoy semi broken classes:

    druid with broken blinks, strange thorns, alof of issues

    myrmidon which almost impossible to play, also with alot of broken skills (3 skills working not as intended, alot of cut out of basic kit) and useless in TF

    knight who cant sprint, block and using skills

    champion who got buff before runes and become new tanks/dps meta

    duelists who are useless in TF (yea, lets talk about 1v1 which is not about CF)

    etc etc.

    only one class working as intended atm - confessor. all his skills not broken. but... bring it back LMB as projectiles and NO1 will play it. one class around 1 mechanic.


    more skills - more mess with every single fix (which pulls often a lot of changes in chain)

    if there was unique classes - its ok. raycast buff without new mechanics - isnt new class. this is just other basic kit, similar to current runes.

    one more class = more animation, more FX, more connexion = more time to fix single problem, longer developing, much more routine = longer w8 for us


    Well I mean they already plan on having the amount of classes they've announced to have. They'll be doing both things, fixing, polishing current classes as well as working on the ones not yet released. Not sure if you're seriously asking them to stop making/working the yet unrelased new classes?... or put new dev on hold until older stuff is launch ready? What? That's now how it works from my experience. All that stuff happens at the same time behind the scenes and schedule and completion pending it get put out for us to test.

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