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  1. How about the game randomly present stoplight/bicycle/storefront/bus image captchas to ensure people are really there? (This is, of course, humor.) There's almost no way to avoid people doing odd things to defeat afk prevention systems.
  2. I have to say, I would be interested in seeing a campaign where this happened. Seriously. What do the handful of people who end up in the other factions do if just by unfortunate happenstance, all the big guilds are together? I would expect in the long run there will be some system to keep faction-war campaigns from going like this, but I could see it happening regardless. My thought is that eventually, there would be enough systems in place (i.e., enough complexity in the supporting environment, not necessarily direct control systems such as combat biases) so that it would be feasible to press a campaign through to a decent enough finish as a faction forced into playing an irregular warfare / guerilla strategy.
  3. I suppose they could do a selective wipe. Such as remove all purple and gold resources and items, but leave white, green, and blue in-place. Or even only whites. I don't really like wipes except as they need to see the early part of the gearing process again to evaluate it. Otherwise, despite our protestations of it not being fair in some sense, it does show them the later-game balance. I would rather see some work on campaign imports and exports. We may be resetting which countries Uncle Bob gets to have at the start of the new Risk game, but we're letting him bring in the pile of armies he had when he won the last one.
  4. The data my tool depends on is in this format: ... "Great Mace": { "properties": { "produces": 1, "experiment": true, "profession": "Blacksmithing"}, "components": { "Weapon Hilt: Great": { "number": 1, "required": true, "alternates": []}, "Weapon Head: Great Mace": { "number": 1, "required": true, "alternates": []}, "Weapon Shaft: Medium": { "number": 1, "required": true, "alternates": []}, "Hunger Shard": { "number": 1, "required": false, "alternates": []}, "Etherial Dust": { "number": 10, "required": true, "alternates": []} } }, "Weapon Hilt: Great": { "properties": { "produces": 1, "experiment": true, "profession": "Blacksmithing"}, "components": { "Weapon Grip": { "number": 2, "required": true, "alternates": []}, "Great Weapon Pommel": { "number": 1, "required": true, "alternates": []}, "Great Weapon Crossguard": { "number": 1, "required": true, "alternates": []} } }, "Weapon Grip": { "properties": { "produces": 1, "experiment": true, "profession": "Blacksmithing"}, "components": { "Stitched Leather": { "number": 1, "required": true, "alternates": []} } }, "Stitched Leather": { "properties": { "produces": 1, "experiment": true, "profession": "Leatherworking"}, "components": { "Hide": { "number": 3, "required": true, "alternates": []} } }, ... The tool recursively traverses the components tree from the specified starting item, looking for components by name, and keeping lists of what is produced by which professions, and the total numbers of leaf components required to summarize at the end. It's less than 150 lines of python. I only have data for a few weapons and a few metal armors to play with for myself and a few friends/guildies.
  5. I wrote a python tool for my own use that does some of this. Here's a snip of the output on the console. This is not web-enabled in any way, and depends on a hand-written json data file. And probably has some bugs, and doens't do everything I'd want it to do. I also haven't worked on it in a few weeks now.
  6. I'm in favor of the leveling system only to the extent it gives new players an on-ramp to learn the game, or for veteran players to learn a new class. In the context of making leveling spots important to fight over, there's better ways to make people fight over them, which are already in game. Those high rank mobs are already valuable for their gold, hide, and other resource drops. If there needs to be more motivation, find another way to make them valuable apart from level grinding. I would suggest that any vessel or new character for which the player has already played the class to level 30 just be instantly leveled to 30 on creation for that player.
  7. I don't think you can get rid of spying. Even if it was considered a bannable offense, people would find ways around it. They'd be more clever naming their accounts. They'd find better hiding spots for spies. They'd arrange for their spies to move around semi-realistically. They'd use a VPN for their spy to hide the IP from the devs. They'd get a friend to be a spy. And so on. Maybe it would be better to think about the spying as it is, as a mechanic which presently doesn't have good counters, and consider what might be done about that? At least make them work a bit more for the spy info?
  8. The whole rewards system is going to be hard to work out. The overall objective, I think, is to find a way to reward us with things we find valuable enough to motivate us to win, but not which can provide a big advantage in subsequent campaigns. Going back to the "Uncle Bob playing Risk" example; if you give him keep the armies he had when the last game finished into the next one, of course that's a serious problem. If you give him a handful, maybe that's not so serious, but other players would still complain. But if you give him a fancy hat prize to wear in the next game, maybe everyone's okay with that.
  9. I think they've talked about the Spirit Bank mechanism as a whole to be a testing system, which would be replaces later with something better. Can someone else who knows better correct me or expound a bit?
  10. I just had this vision of Crowfall in 2022, or whenever. You go to a runegate, and the first thing you see is dozens of characters with odd names, just loitering about, not moving, not saying anything. You go to the next zone in the campaign, and you see the same thing. The spies! They outnumber the actual players by two-, three-, no! Even four to one! Everyone has a spy account or two -- some people have many. You read the forums, and you see topic after topic about it, and there was this one event, back in the day, that people still speak about, but only in hushed whispers, something about ... "The Tarkening".
  11. People who choose to play unguilded can be successful, but they will be the ones who learn how to play the multiplayer game well despite not being in a guild. There's a few people I'm confident already plan to play this way.
  12. I agree, with "some" being the key word. And ensuring that only resources harvested inside the campaign could be sacrificed for points.
  13. I like this conceptually, but it could get out of hand too. We're supposed to get rich from winning, not put ourselves into desperate poverty in order to win.
  14. I think this would have a lot of bad side-effects. The game already has too thin of a battlespace. If there were a consolidation of the "front lines" sense of the game, then there would be a rear-area which was relatively safer, except for specialists at deep area interdiction - those who build and design to be able to go into unfriendly territory to seek out and kill unwary soloers and others who're trying to take advantage of the safety of rear areas. But at present, there aren't really any behind the lines safe areas, or even any especially dangerous front lines. A bigger world and accompanying lower density of players makes this worse, not better. I'm not sure if this can easily be solved; there's a daily time of play density issue here as well as spatial density of play. Soloers can of course still play, but they'll have to learn to deal with the intended group design of the game. I'm sure it can be done, but it won't look anything like soloing in a PvE game.
  15. I also agree these can be very dangerous places to hang out and gather. I would also recommend a new soloer to be patient, and get the swift pack pig, and not just the pack pig. Speed, like stealth, is your friend. Also, keep your almost completely worn out tools, and fill your inventory with them when you gather and think you might be ganked.
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