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  1. There is 1xp/10sec on Test .. if there would be a Full Wipe with that Ratio . Everybody can get Common Gear easy made by themselves at Day 1 . And i think it would not change for a month+ .. Ok you maybee can make uncommon Gear ..but that would not be better . That more Sound like you want that naked ppl and no balanced equiped Enemys
  2. The First 2-3Weeks would be Fun
  3. Ok ..so you will start a Campaign on Test ? Will we get a actuall Copy of the Account ? You closing Live for this Time ? If Gods Reach will stay online i would bet most ppl will Hang arround there and farm Dust / Embers etc This is really confusing me lol ...
  4. Runemaking Minor it is writen on the Minor that you get the Ability for that I made a few Pikes and gave them away because most ppl at Keep missed the Runemaking Minor
  5. Soul Essenz for me droped better at R6/R7 ..but not Souls .. Soul of Villein i got only from high Rank Ore and 1 drop in Full dura
  6. Die ersten 5 Northlanders sind gemeldet
  7. I was 1month away .. came back and spend 2weeks of Grind vessel/gear to PvP arround 30min .. wtf happend ....The upcoming Patch looks nice but Timer on Forts ? So ppl that work in shift cant Capture Forts ..i dont know if that is a Good Idea .. what about all the sugestions that where Posted on Forum ..there where ways better ideas than this .. Also the upcoming Patch ... craft Disci .. mmmh locks like more grind .. a full skilled Miner with a good tool(400dura) and Villien got exact 1 soul of Villein and 1soufragment in the whole tool Duration .. lmao ? You plan to Launch that on Korea eh? Thats the only Dudes i know that like Grind all online time ... For my feeling....the Game is actually drifting in the fukin wrong Direction . after 3 weeks of Group/Raidboss kills i have 1 of my 3 minors .. someone already said befor .. if i wanted PvE i would stay at WoW , thats the only thing they Masterd after all this Years . I actually not see good PvP in Future . In the Past we PvP a lot ..Daily a few Hours ..it was Fun (few days was only capturing with 1-2 good Fights .. actually more and more ppl making a break(or says it like it is ..leaving) due the high PvE aspect .. the PvP atm is like .. get a Group ..check the Grind spots ..Gank a naked Grind Group ..pretty sexC PvP.. Hope Dies Last ... Gimme the PvP back plz
  8. Ich wär auf jedenfall dabei ..was sich sonst noch so auftreiben läßt ist noch ne frage
  9. Ja Panns aufruf war wirklich mehr als verwirrend gab schon paar neugierige . Nun steht da Panns aufruf, um 1uhr morgens in der Woche, im Raum .
  10. I support this gief Tera Kasi Guinecean lol
  11. The training feels broken ! Maybee same problem that the Motherloads had Since i trained it ..i had no drops .. my other Acc (without any skill) got every 4-5Hunger Crystal a drop
  12. I understand SWG is still the best Crafting , Gather , Housing and Skill System .. No other Game hit nearly this Unique Style . All Hail SWGEmu The Point is ... It is pretty hard to catch up for new Player ... just make a new Acc and start over ..equip -> skills .. all this make it feels like Hard Mode .. my solution(not for Pre Alpha but maybee for Release) would be : 1. New Player Campaign(short ones like 1Month) : Only ppl with a low Passiv Skill lvl , Res limited to R5 maybee and as Reward for example a unkown Amount Passiv Skill Points 2. Some Kind of Training : A Maxed Gatherer could Train a New Player so the Points he need on Passiv will be Reduced or he get a Buff that there will be more Points for Passiv . 3. Some Kind of Knowledge Tombs : Crafted by Woodworker and Runemaker (added Stuff : put legendary Ore in to make a Tomb that give Passiv Mining point , put in crafted Legendary Weapon for Blacksmith points ) started with uncommon for a very little bonus up to legendary for pretty nice bonus . Edit : Oh i forget Skill System choose 1 of 3 Ways feels really like every other .. Maybee there should be like 3-5 basics that everybody learn and than take Disci like Adjukator (what have 2 base skills ..let us say that stun and AOE) and skill points into this Disci to choose what kind of passiv dmg/crit/stealth and what kind of other skills (maybee a table of 20 diffrent skills for melee/range/heal)
  13. I dont think that a early shutdown help with that problem .The diffrent Rewards are .. oh its Golden ( Brain goes afk , Greed hit the Floor) giiiiief I would say : Make Rewards equal or "easy way" no Rewards at all . Find a way to balance Factions First . A 2 Faction Fight has every other Game also and you dont need to farm 90% of your Playtime for it . The only thing that the Malekai Trial gave me so far, is losing my Fun and my playtime went to nearly Zero in the last few Days . I just log into Live to spend my Passiv Skillpoints and thats it .
  14. Dude ...my blue Vessels has better Stats than this has ^.- But ... this Vessel should be Bind to a Campaign in Future ..after Campaign Ends ..the Vessel is Dead ! Get a New One and start Over .. nothing else
  15. Good Job to all I like the buged Northlanders score This Campaign will be interessing with KDS on Balance
  16. i feel fine with everything you decide but this point seem legit Maybee we get large scale PvP without NA joining EU to Siege Edit : It is still Pre Alpha.... so plz stop Mimimi about a Wipe
  17. Hi i realize my Condition droping sometimes low ,while i just hang arround .. so i made me a Great Axe today and checked that back .. i actually losing every 10sec 2 condition .. so my weapon 1515 condition break by chilling in faction temple in arround 15min ... edit : eek wrong Forum :/
  18. Yea , ways to much outpost ..better add a third Fort We seen this Campaign ..that Balance hide (only had 1 Groupfight in 4 days) and capture Forts in Night when normal ppl sleeping .. that is more than meme Keeps ye .. should be "THE" thing to be ..but with 40point .. is like waste of time . Def own and capture Forts again Assist and Kills ..dont know actually points .. but ye .. set em up Maybee Balance come out at Daytime than
  19. Crowfall is the first Ray of Hope since Star Wars Galaxies died to CU . Stop try to make another WoW . The whole Team doing a great Job to bring back a Game with PvP, that is worth playing ! I really dont like any kind of PvE .. the PvE Communitys in most MMO are that ppl that Mimimi all time and want changes .. I personally dont want a PvE Community to break this nice Game . Crafting and PvP is all we need tbh
  20. eeewww PvE ? There is enough PvE, in the PvP World ,during the need of collect Res
  21. That looks good So i always know what point to camp ,to farm Enemy Factions Good Idea , i support this
  22. You made it Crowfall hit the point, that let me stop backup Camelot Unchained and start my way here
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