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  1. Spell effects get stuck when you finish a rez. Gaea's Wail purple effect sticks after first initial cast and does not go away. out of combat. Other visual noise that sticks out of combat. Around the waist from just Static Bolt and whatever the orb is.
  2. No it does not prevent them, we tried that also. We also tried removing all clerics. Still had crashing.
  3. I agree 100% that especially once we get to the point of working with Epic and Legendary the amount of time required to farm for instance minerals for a legendary philosopher stone then it flawing on final combine is just beyond dumb. If you have the skill to work with all the items up to the point of the final combine then rolling down might be acceptable, but even then WHY? Other crafting systems that we have played with such as SWG, DaoC, even ESO with its hilarious grind to get a master craft an entire item is not crap because of RNG.
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