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  1. It's called "name a location" It's still there under sapphire rewards on the KS site.
  2. SB was my first mmo. I still remember sharing my first account with my brother on our family pc with dail-up internet. Despite the awful Internet and sharing an account we had a blast. I played D2 religiously before that.
  3. Lots of really good ideas in this thread, thanks everyone for the input and keeping it civil. So we now know from the character progression FAQ that alchemist will be a profession. Everyone in my guild loved the info drop but we all shared the same sentiments/concerns regarding potion and consumable spam. I'd love to hear ACE's view on potions and consumables and what they are thinking so far. I don't want or need a design doc, but more of a reassurance of "yea, potion and consumable spam is a known issue in current games. We have been discussing it in the office and we are creatively thinking of ways to limit it. One option is X, another option is Y. These are of course liable to change but they're our most current ideas on the subject" Or if you guys like potion and consumable spam I'd love to hear your justification. Thanks!
  4. I still talk to Conman every now and then on Steam. I linked him to the forums and KS a while back but never got a response.
  5. Hopefully there won't be potions or consumables. See http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/742-please-no-potions-or-consumables/#entry16563
  6. That looks... ... ... BEAUTIFUL! Please no telegraphs. Also, thank you to the devs for your responses - I'm happy to hear that you are all interested in strategy and not twitch button mashing <3
  7. Same thought process I had. Can't wait!
  8. Probably just read the anti-zerg mechanisms and is making up an excuse for why his zerg guild won't (can't) participate.
  9. If ye landlubbers thought ye were in trouble by wakin' Numb, just be warned that now ye have woken tha' Cap'n. Prepare ta be boarded, tha' Salty Maid is coming.
  10. I count 5 unreleased archetypes that are VISIBLE: Row 1 Column 1 - Unreleased Row 1 Column 2 - Knight Row 1 Column 3 - Unreleased (Champion) Row 1 Column 4 - Confessor Row 2 Column 1 - Templar Row 2 Column 2 - Unreleased Row 2 Column 3 - Assassin Row 2 Column 4 - Duelist Row 3 Column 1 - Unreleased (Elken, yes, but this concept art =/= the concept art released for the Stalker, leading me to believe it is a different Elken Archetype) Row 3 Column 2 - Frostweaver Row 3 Column 3 - Unreleased (Dryad) Row 3 Column 4 - Forgemaster Row X Column X - Legionnaire Row X Column X - Stalker (based on my speculation about Row 3 Column 1) So far 14 archetypes that we know of. The scroll bar shows 0-50%; speculating that as of the pre-alpha date for that screenshot, there are anywhere between 21-24 archetypes.
  11. Here you go Karnos http://youtu.be/ZZihtih0BnU
  12. savage


    Here ya go mateys. Straight from tha' twitter regardin' haircolor!
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