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  1. ty ive been trying to figure out the building thing for ages
  2. so im trying to place my "deeds" (lets call them buildings), and i repeatedly get this message. ive looked around for an answer and all i keep getting is some bullpoorly made socksted technical talk that isnt relevant to my situation at all. PS: my apologies if i come off as a bit pissy, ive just been trying to figure this out for half and hour and have yet to figure it out.
  3. so the idea i have is for a martial arts style class (their weapon would be something like gauntlets or something along those lines) and they have a special ability that allows the user to augment their physical attacks with an element (fire ice etc.) and each element would have a special trait. so like fire would increase the amount of damage you do and burn over time, ice would increase your defenses and slow enemies if hit, wind (if thats an element in the game im unsure if it is) would increase your speed, and by speed i mean attack speed (and maybe movespeed). but you get the gist, i think it would be very interesting and unique for a character/class to exist in the game thats like this. sidenote: the gauntlets could dictate which element is augmenting your physical traits. thoughts on this?
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