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  1. I always viewed Alt P and mobile banking as temporary things. In an ideal setup the zones would be larger, more of them and the player count higher. The further from a temple, the better the loot and the higher the odds. Holding a keep out in "the black" would mean something and moving materials to attack a keep would require logistics as well as moving materials to build said keep. Some kind of inventory size or weight change where having a mount that would move larger items (but be slower) would be ok too. There's not a lot of risk compared to reward right now
  2. Any pair of discs that give 150 SP I deleted my last one, my current has no weapons or jewelry and is at 1347 SP
  3. We have been discussing higher level vessels for Templar - Paladin. While Elken would be the obvious choice on paper, in practice you can craft a human with 30 more spirit due to how body parts work and the ones needed for each race. Elken Confessor likely suffers from the same dissociation between class choices and higher level vessel crafting. On test I was able to craft an epic (corrected) templar and the max spirit as around 1400, so cap is not in question. I assume this issue is prevalent across many different Class/Race combos.
  4. Any way to add a counter to the parser for each fight to show how many people were attacking you (uniquely)? We're curious as to finding a way to determine how many enemies were in each fight. Thanks for your awesome contribution!


    I'm blind.

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