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  1. I unequipped the empowered skinning discipline and equip the Logger. But when skinning it gave me the 5 pip furious skinning still. My zone chat tabs don't go away or change over, another tab is added every time I switch areas or relog. Cant seem to leave them with /leave zone either. Currently have 6 zone chats. When I first spawned it put me up on the stone ledge above the spawn location had to drop and almost died in the first few seconds haha.
  2. Bug with equipped items icons disappearing, Items still there but icon is gone and cant be moved. Happened with an offhand weapon after porting to temple. Fixed by removing the main hand weapon and it appeared. A friend had his disciplines do the same. Fixed by relogging. Items like Diamond Cutting Blade have a 1 on their icon but are unstackable. Not sure if it's meant to stack or not but please let them stack lol. Additives like Treated Steel say you can put multiple onto your crafted item but only 1 is able to be placed.
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