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  1. ... and you don’t see how that will be construed as “pay to win”? Sorry, the details on Skill Tomes are a bit shady to me. If you take out the direct player against player damage / health bonuses from passive combat skill training there would be no reason you couldn’t still have Skill Tomes available for purchase. Hell, you wouldn’t even need to implement passive skill caps like the devs have been discussing since nothing would make you overpowered but simply more efficient (in combat) or proficient (in crafting/harvesting).
  2. It could still have real value from a durability/efficiency/mob farming/sieging standpoint, just not imbalanced direct power boosts for older accounts against younger accounts (all other things being equal).
  3. HAH! That’s hilarious. I would think most PvPers want reasonably fair fights, where the player with the most mechanical skill / better decision making wins, but I do wonder about some of this community.
  4. IMO Combat passive skill training should be about efficiency/durability and NOT have any kind of direct 1v1 player versus player damage improvements or reductions. My reasoning for this is simple - Veterans will already have enough advantages over new players through game familiarity, better crafted gear, previously exported campaign resources, better crafted vessels, and finally disciplines. That is already enough reasons to discourage a new player from joining this game years after it's released however with the right guild and dedication they can overcome those deficiencies. There is no reason to compound that concern with a mechanic that the new player feels that they can never "catch up" to Vets on. And yes, I have read about the Developer proposed Skill Tomes, but I believe those are a clumsy and unnecessary solution to address the core problem which is - why can a Veteran Player do/absorb more damage than me if all other gear is equal, simply because their account is older? Some examples of current combat tree passives that I think should be replaced: -Increase Weapon Damage by X% -Increase Maximum Health by X -Increase Critical Hit Chance by X% -Increase Critical Hit Damage by X% -Increase Attack Power when using weapon type X Some examples of current combat tree passives that I think are fine and great examples of using efficiency/durability: -Decrease resource cost when using X weapon type -Decrease durability loss when using X weapon/armor type Some random examples of new combat tree passives they could add to replace the power increasing ones: -Increase combat Siege weapon damage -Increase combat damage done/taken from monsters -Increase combat damage done/taken from Guard NPCs -Literally all of the current attack power/crit damage/crit chance stuff but applied to NPCs only I think this post will have a mixed reception based on some earlier threads I've seen touch on this subject, but here goes nothing. Change my mind.
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