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  1. <Question> When is the crafting discipline grind going to be moving to something more fun, less tedious, time consuming and resource wasting? <Question> Can rivets, buckles and leather padding actually get worthwhile stats? <Question> A lot of necromancy additives mostly humorous and some eyes don't actually give any benefits for most classes/promotion, can we get better stats? <Question> WTF are we supposed to do with siege equipment and components that was given as rewards since we can't import them?
  2. the dark spider mount makes same noise as skinning. a lot of times it sounds like someone is skinning when in reality its the mount. please change the sfx
  3. PS PS... Before sanctioned campaigns go live, buff tree HP as well as siege equipment... oh AND fix teleporting through walls, or else this will fail. Exploiting through the keep walls with duelists, assassins, confessors etc. and killing the tree exists
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