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  1. Edited OP for you. Maybe the concept could be adjust to the first 5/10/X crafters to make the item then. If it's a decal, then any crafter could design his/her own 'brand' to have on the piece.
  2. It would be neat to have a system in place for rare crafted goods to have a notably unique appearance when crafted for the first time, e.g. a unique color or a visible decal on the item/armor/weapon that denotes "this item can only be crafted to look this unique way by [player crafter] who created the first of its kind." Admittedly, I'm not even really into crafting, so maybe hardcore crafters don't care about this. Any thoughts? Edit: If it's a decal added to an existing armor set, that doesn't seem like it would take an exceptional amount of developer time in and of itself; likewise
  3. Isn't the better idea to separate the 3 factions from "balance"? In other words, randomize which faction plays the "balance" role so that you can't choose to get to play balance every time.
  4. Because let's be honest, the people who cared about female centaurs pledged on the first day. Are better effects essential? Yes, but the gameplay clips you've shown are pretty slick looking, so even if they do need a lot of work, it's not obvious to the potential backer who watches that video. Gotta keep that momentum going!
  5. Two-man guild? Relax, they're going to get everything they've discussed in the game. Not only is their reputation on the line, but they care about making it as fully featured a game as possible, more than anyone else here because of what's at stake for them.
  6. Someone needs a Snickers bar. Also, you should try reading the funding section over at their kickstarter, where they kinda explain everything about their funding philosophy. $800k is the bare bones version. And no, time wouldn't tell anything, because it's all part of the same vision. And, I'm sure they'd like $100m, but that doesn't make it a sound strategy for KS. Their FIRST stretch goal adds a staff person...pretty sure that helps development. I'm not being critical of you for posting a negative thread; I'm critical because you didn't do your due diligence, and you're snarky.
  7. Whaaaat? Full voice acting is awesome! It's just expensive and time-consuming, so I'm almost positive it's a "no" for CF.
  8. My point is really more that they haven't gone into any sort of detail with that aspect, and the rare instances that ACE has said appearance customization, it's been very quickly brushed over. That's the reason I'm skeptical about the depth that they're implementing that kind of customization.
  9. You're missing the point. If the goal is to have skillful gameplay, it doesn't matter how quickly you get every skill. You need to practice to be good at it. It's not "passively training to be the best at something," it's passively gaining access in order to train to be the best. And further, it's not like you're going to fall asleep and wake up with everything unlocked. It will still take time.
  10. People are so consumed by the hypothetical absence of the grind they're so used to that they're missing the point. You play any kind of game to enjoy yourself, and grinding levels and skills is not fun/meaningful/competitive in any way. If you're looking for a competitive edge, do it through practice rather than taking advantage of artificial barriers to skill set. I scanned over someone's argument that "people need an incentive to log into the game." That's ridiculous. The reason is the game and all that it entails. It's strategically like playing a board game, but in an MMO format. Th
  11. Let's wait until we are able to test the system to bash it. I for one love the idea. A lot of us have IRL careers & responsibilities and can't/don't want to spend every ounce of our free time playing a game, however much we enjoy it. It's nice to see a developer respect MY time and cater to MY needs for once, rather than the high school or college student who spends 6+ hours per day playing games.
  12. There's a game for you. It's called Chivalry: Medieval Warfare or something.
  13. I agree if there is an absolute trade off between the ever vague "gameplay" and facial/body customization, I'd go with gameplay ten times out of ten, but I reject that those two pillars are in competition with each other. It seems more like they're interested in customization, but that they are heavily leaning toward gear customization rather than face/body features.
  14. Yep, thought about that too! Hopefully they keep hitboxes normalized though...
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