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  1. or a better one is the more time you die in X amount of time the Higher your spawn timer will be, meaning the longer a battle or seige rages on the less people will be spawning in due to them dieing
  2. idk what it was before or if they tweaked it but i just sat there for a full day cycle and still didnt have full health
  3. im punished by losing everything in my inventory atm, then i either walk back to my body or spawn far away form the battle, there is no reason to be screwed for another 3 min and then once the 3 min is up be screwed again but regen is so slow so unless im near a healer or i manage to make some bandages real fast your screwed again. it should be left at just having to walk back to your body and losing your inventory. and maybe if you choose not to walk back to your body and spawn at a base or something then get the 3 min shroud but to get it eveytime time you die which could be alot in big
  4. see i get that but seriously 3 min? makes you not even wanna pvp because you die lose everything then cant do anything for 3 min then once the 3 min is up your screwed on your health because you dont regen at a decent rate and you lost all your bandages so your screwed all the way around if you die. like im all for punishing for dieing but this punishes to much and keep the player out of the fight for way to long and makes them far to weak for far to long. i shouldent have to cut trees and go craft bandages every time i die so i can run fight for a few min die and spend the next 10 to 15
  5. so for a pvp game i find this extremely dumb. i get being punished for dieing, but to be punished for 3 min after you rez is just stupid, it sets you up to be ganked over and over and stand no fighting chance... so i have to rez at a fort and lose all my stuff because i cant spawn at my body without a group waiting to gank me this debuff is dumb and needs to be removed
  6. So idk if this is done on purpose but, the health regeneration is SOOOO SLOWWW. i understand we have bandages but its takes like 3 to full heal you back up after a fight. we need to speed up Health regeneration so we can quickly get back in the fight.
  7. its alpha test wipes are gonna be a thing, i wouldn't get to attached to a character or anything till at least beta when the game is in a more fine night state
  8. live is still down. play on the test server. tavarian is either confused about playing on the test client or just trolling
  9. So i know this a pvp based mmorpg but will there be quest of sorts. like pvp related quest or even some small pve related quest just so when i dont feel like cracking skulls i have something els to do
  10. So ive notice there are different forum badges and when i cursor over them it dosent state what they are for can someone explain the different badge for me?
  11. sounds like a quick money grab to me. trying to get on the battle royal train while they can
  12. the live servers are still down, but apparently the test servers are up right now but I'm unable to login myself on the test servers
  13. lol i logged into test for maybe 30 seconds. took 2 steps forward and server came down and now get an update error so i guess ill wait for live to come up
  14. atleast yall played lol, i got screwed, i just bought it and all the servers are down
  15. So i recently bought the game , but i was wondering do we get any rewards for testing the game such as title or achievements or anything after launch?
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