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  1. The Crimson Knights is recruiting during beta testing. Our main focus is about being two steps ahead of other crows while having a good time. We're going to be focused into helping other crows become the best and keep being the best while the hunger changes in the near future. We seek to keep Forts & Keeps in our possession by plastering our name on leaderboards! Active guilds can be hard to find and if you feel you want to be part of something greater - click apply now! Things that we offer! Self Improvement Active Players Domination Discord Server Joinin
  2. So - Um. May I have some clarification on Vessel-ing? From what I understand someone makes a Vessel, allowing you to make a new character with different starting stats. Correct? And how does one create a vessel or buy one? Sorry I feel fried trying to understand the concept.
  3. Now, Please let me know if I'm wrong but trying to place a building in my EK is very difficult mainly because it feels as if there is a guessing game going on when trying to open the Building Placement UI. We need a hotkey (is there currently one?) to open an Editor window and give us a inventory listing of what can fit and where. I just don't know what Tokens are available for my building to be placed without having to do a guessing game.
  4. Oh I've learned from my mistake quickly lol. Thanks for the heads up, I was just curious if there was a step I was missing! See you in-game!
  5. Just curious, As iI love the game and still getting use to it. I've became level 16 but now, pondering where do i pick-up my next quest? Have I completed them all? While in Vanaheimr [19 to 24] - I can't seem to find much. Any direction would be thankful!
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