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  1. Exactly what I think. There has been a serious deviation in the direction of the project caused perhaps by feedback from veteran players who wanted to add powercreep mechanics through grind just to have a "Play to Crush" game and this inevitably generates uncle bob, ie the original project based on balance between players has been diverted to korean MMORPG with "play to crush" grind, where players have an advantage that is virtually invincible at certain times of the campaign while others virtually struggle in vain. How to solve this? Well in my view the first thing is to reduce powercreep and uncle bob. Reduce the advantage provided by gear to a new model based on percent advantage rather than absolute numbers. My project is that the player with more ilvl get a small percentage advantage over the player with less ilvl, ie instead of having double status, damage, healing, HP, he would have a 10-20% damage reduction (can be a damage bonus) against the enemy with lower ilvl, ie the player with better equipment would be more powerful, but not necessarily OP. Of course this would justify the grind and progression because reduction/bonus in damage is a great advantage in any PvP. Unfortunately, the DEVs heard a lot of players who just wanted a "play to crush" style PVP and abandoned the original design of creating a PVP game with low grind and focused on thrones war battles where anyone can win. The system I propose is something that avoids uncle bob scenario, decreases the powercreep permanently and balances new and old players. The grind would continue to be worth only, as a 10% -20% advantage can be important in battles, although not sure of winning and skill factor would be the main in a primary PVP game.
  2. Unfortunately, this is current CF, but DEVs are apparently already aware of the problems generated by powercreep and uncle bob and how this is damaging the playerbase. I just feel like they are very reluctant to make changes that really bring about constant and exciting battles for all players. They only modify the faction scores without balance the real fight and now we are with numbers so astronomical that they are ridiculous.
  3. This is totally predictable to happen and is repeating itself from ShadowBane. I have already said that the faction system is a game mode that needs to be focused on casual and needs a rigid system of balancing between factions or even an MM, but they prefer to continue to fix what has never worked out to maintain a player base healthy. The Dregs system might as well have no limitations, but Factions need the game to run with a self-balancing systeam to avoid best players do not end up competing against fighting each other and joining only one side.
  4. This problem is super simple to solve. It is enough for UI to have a question icon (?) next to the name of each character's status/profession. The player would put the mouse on top and would have information about that status and professions quickly. It is a simple thing that does not require much work and would help the new to know exactly what each decision will result.
  5. @jtoddcoleman As I had previously suggested the game needs a selfbalancing system based on scarcity of resources and Hunger. If the player chooses to go to the numerous side he needs to know that it will be more difficult to get the resources and food because he will have to share with his allies. Minor guilds / factions will have stronger players because they will have more resources available that will not be split among many players. This is basic self-balancing based on the system that creates hunger/poverty in the real world. Unfortunately many players want to play on the more comfortable side, but that ends the fun of everyone in the end. Stop thinking this is a utopian world where players go to the weaker side just to give a fight to the winners. No one wants to be on the losing side.
  6. They are only meeting the request of VETs players who have asked to take advantage of allowing them to easily win a battle with grind and more grind wall. For me, the game returned to the original base: a game focused on battle of thrones where everyone can win and no one can trust anyone with very much betrayal.
  7. Best solution? Create Dregs so that all hardcore players go there and make GR be for beginners and casual gamers. Each mode with rules for a specific audience type. The only solution I see for alt spy is to simply create a MM system of phases that makes gankers players only able to attack players of the same level.
  8. I think once DREGs are released and all the players from the old SB go there maybe the DEVs really have how to modify the Factions system to have an effective balancing system. Many VET players do not want to really compete and are looking for a victory as easy as possible. The faction system would work if there were competition across multiple worlds and the sum of the faction points in each world would be used to determine the winner of the campaign. That is, even if you were not at the end of the campaign, you would have made an important contribution. Perhaps a friendlier system for new players can be implemented when the "hardcore" players migrate to the ShadowBane 2 (Dregs) and kill there until the server closes again.
  9. I think the worlds should die fast and crows need run to another world and another and another... The campaign itself should last for weeks or months. In my opinion, a new world should be a race for survival with the player being pressured to fight all the time for the resources. Long campaigns and long worlds only encourage stagnation because this does not create a sense of competition. You know that your impact on the world will be insignificant if you can not stay 10 hours a day online. Most players are over the age of 20 and have out-of-game responsibilities. We want to stay a few hours online and make our PVP happy hour and not make the game a job.
  10. In my opinion the faction system should focus on casual and introductory to dregs. Using a balance system to factions spontaneously and invite the players to advanced in PvP steadily. The game could take place filled only with the live game with a PvP mission of summoning by Gods. About two months later I said that leaving the game without a steering and balancing system was suicide. I hope that the DEVs create a balancing system that makes new players fight all the time without being afraid to participate in PvP.
  11. I do not really agree with a player being safe in a full loot PVP game. Everything has to take risk in a PVP oriented game. If a player wants PVE need to play on a PVE server. EKs should be for PVE players to craft tournaments and maybe PVP without risk. Noobs can learn the basics here. GRs should be for PVP players who want moderately difficult matches. Full loot, but unlimited resources, no penalty kill, and faction balancing system in PVP to avoid uncle bob scenario (quests system given by the gods that are orders that must be fulfilled by the crow like convocation to battle). PVP with medium risk. Crafters need to go to battle, but have better equipment and so have helped their team indirectly by providing ILVL advantages that will help during the fight to equalize the power. Dregs should be hardcore mode. Full loot, no missions from the gods, betrayal, one death per world (ressurection is possible if allies sacrifice vital energy - food meter) and unlimited per campaign, limited resources and starvation would be common. Wild worlds with fragile alliance guilds.
  12. I think the game system to direct the player so that he interacts more with others is quite valid. There is a very good system where the player could have a quest given by the gods that would give many faction points (after all we are champions of the Gods) for him to enter a certain battle and spread the strength of the faction, limiting the server overload in battles. Something more subtle and realistic rather than immune.
  13. The problem is not being ganked. This is natural in a full loot game. The whole problem is a player being able to know exactly where you are because he has a character in the same faction and can only do this because he spent money and bought more accounts. PS: What you're basically talking about is avoiding PVP in a PVP game. If everyone adopts this we will have stagnation.
  14. Yes, this is already happening in pre-alpha imagine if this game is released. It's going to be a total disaster. This has already been reported and will soon be a common practice, but many players who have spent real money to have multiple accounts and to be able to spy using the power of their wallets. Unfortunately if you want to play under the same conditions as wallet warriors, you will have to spend more money just like those Korean MMORPGs. Remembering that this is not a P2W game ... JOKE
  15. WOODY WOODPECKER PVP in a utopic CrowFall!!! Best CROW ever.
  16. In fact, Uncle Bob is the player who is favored by the system of slippery slope (it's a nickname).
  17. @KrakkenSmacken [...]biggest challenges that Crowfall set out to fix was what we call “the Uncle Bob scenario” also known as “slippery slope”
  18. Sorry for diverting the issue from the topic. Unfortunately we have many players who have misconceptions and question me as if I did not know anything right. I hope everyone is satisfied with my extremely well-founded explanation. And for all: do not ask any more questions whose answers can be answered by google search. It was nice talking to everyone.
  19. Ridiculous? Just read the CF article where he explains what is uncle bob (slippery slope). You do not know what you're talking about. Chess is the classic example of playing with Uncle Bob. You only know how to belittle others' opinions (like mandalore). This is a forum for feedback discussions. Please stick to facts and opinions based on things that can only be proven. "Examples of Slippery Slope StarCraft and Chess both have slippery slope. They manage to be good games anyway, despite this anti-climactic property. Chess In Chess, when a player loses a piece, their ability to attack, defend, and control space on the board is slightly reduced. Sure, there are many other factors in Chess—positioning, momentum, pawn structure—that determine if a player is actually “losing,” but losing a piece does have an effect. Clearly, losing a lot of pieces, say 8, puts a player at a significant disadvantage. It’s pretty hard to make a comeback in Chess, and a game is usually “won” many, many moves before the actual checkmate move. This is why there are a lot of forfeits in Chess. Good players don’t actually play out the pointless part of the endgame when they recognize the opponent will definitely win. Chess players would say that forfeits being a regular part of the game is fine and not awkward, but it’s a disappointing quality compared to games without slippery slope." http://www.sirlin.net/articles/slippery-slope-and-perpetual-comeback
  20. They=DEVS. Game with uncle bob (chess): each piece lost decreases the chance of the player to win because he restricts his moves. In CF it means you lose a territory to a great guild and can not recover because the enemy has 10x their number. Game without the uncle bob: any game where you have no irremediable disadvantage that diminishes your chance to win. The enemy has bigger numbers and defeated you, but if you can steal your food, the enemy will starve and die.
  21. The progress of a campaign character will not be erased when the world ends, but that does not mean they will adopt the uncle bob system. This is an MMORPG where players really need to have progression, but they want the game to have balance mechanics, where a disadvantaged player can retrieve and win it without having to give up the game like chess or join the stronger side and avoid conflict like this campaign.
  22. "One of the biggest challenges that Crowfall set out to fix was what we call “the Uncle Bob scenario” also known as “slippery slope”, a condition of game state where the game rules naturally reinforce the strong team (Uncle Bob) getting stronger and the weak teams (everyone else) getting weaker. So, what do we layer on top of the Campaign’s strategic foundation to deal with slippery slope? Some games (like bowling) deal with this in a heavy-handed manner: give the losing teams a handicap. Crude, but effective. A better model might be a game like “7 Wonders” (the tabletop board game). It breaks each game up into three “ages”, which are akin to our seasons, and provide a graceful escalation in potential point accumulation with each successive season. This keeps the losers in the game because they feel like they still have a chance through clever gameplay to turn things around and win – because sometimes they do!"
  23. Laughing loudly! "As the central narrative driver of conflict in the Crowfall universe, the Hunger is a dark, supernatural phenomenon of unknown origins" lol. Now capture points has the big point in game... 1- The DEVs have already said that they have plans to campaign with ONE DEATH like my example. 2- Uncle bob is the same as happens when you lose a chess piece and every time you lose a piece this ends up with your ability to play against enemy pieces to the point where you simply can not win, that is , the game loses its meaning. The reset on Campaign is actually just a method for players not to waste time on campaigns that they do not win and give a chance to start over, but that does not really solve Uncle Bob's. Basically Dregs are a chess where the side with fewer pieces (guild players) gets with less and less chance of winning.
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