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  1. I asked because the mentiond keep timers are only NA Keeps.
  2. @Tiggs please consider to reward the EU Community as well. We are also doing Performance Tests, have sieges with 10 fps and over 100 Players at a keep in sieges. There is no way we can take Part At 3:30 in the morning in NA. Thanks
  3. Wieder eine EU Kampagne gewonnen zusammen mit unserer Alliance Vanguard. Suchen noch immer aktive crowfall Spieler. Besucht uns in unserem discord wenn ihr beitreten wollt.
  4. Another won EU campaign together with our alliance Vanguard. Still looking for aktiv crowfall Players. Visit us in our discord if you want to join.
  5. Daoc Relic System was also nice. Would like to See somethink like that in crowfall for the non siege Times to create pvp. Like stealing a item out of a enemy holding / Haul it to one of yours and get a boost in chest loot or buffs.
  6. Servus, geht aktuell nicht. Deine Charaktere haben den Namen deines Accounts. Wenn du dir welche craften lässt kannst du Namen vergeben aber die siehst du nur in der char Auswahl. Ingame ist immer dein Account Name (diesen kannst du vom Support einmalig ändern lassen falls du dich Sepppl3664457 oder so genannt hast )
  7. Klar doch falls du vor hast regelmäßig und kompetitiv zu spielen. Für casual besser gleich zu unserer Partnergilde den northlanders. Einfach mal im discord vorbei schauen.
  8. The last EU dregs was good fun and we won it in the end. Very good Job by all our members! We still looking for competetiv german speaking Players to increase our forces. Visit us in our discord if you are interrested in joining.
  9. The core Problem was too much/Strong aoe for meeles to go in (frostweaver death zones).So the solution is to make them Canon Balls to go in even faster and increase the amount of aoe targets who can be Hit? Would have prefered to See some cc changes to give meeles more Tools to stay on target instead of this asia style flying Ninjas stuff.
  10. You as a german should know how Bad our connection is to the na servers. You would allways have one side complaining. As much i would like this i would also hate it to not be able to Play probably because of Bad connection.
  11. I hope ACE is going to Listen to our Feedback. Why else let us test. My guild is also struggeling with crowfall like many others. Crafters stopt playing because of wartribe gear, the nice gameloop of harvesting and crafting got destroyed completly. The pvp crowd face progression stops like the minor disciplines and need to invest alot of time grinding with no Results. Nerf wartribe gear completly let the crafters have their game back. Make Basic stuff farmable in reasonable time and work on pvp driven content. And no i dont mean farming cat pawns in a random location to sacrefice....
  12. The biggest guild wins / the biggest alliance win. Its the same. If we dont get an alliance System guilds will unite in one "Guild" to create their alliance and Play together in pvp. It is allready happening with EU guilds. Small guilds join larger guilds to competet in dregs.
  13. The right way would be to Cap guild size and alliance size at the same number. So you can get small guilds to be as competetiv as the large guilds and large guilds cant unite to a mega zerg. Also then there would be no reason to found a fake guild to create an alliance.
  14. They have to bring alliances,... if not guilds will just unite in one guild and call it their alliance guild. Its more or less the same.
  15. Suchen noch immer aktive Spieler. Besucht uns in unserem Discor.
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