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  1. After playing for a few days, my biggest feedback is that the netcode needs some love. The aim based game play is very twitchy. This is great, but it means that the game is very latency dependent and the netcode needs to be drastically improved to try and compensate for this. My main gripe is the lack of interpolation of other players positions on the client side. It makes them very jumpy. In a melee fight, if they have a better ping than you, they just keep teleporting around. If aiming is resolved on the attacker's side in a "favor the shooter" fashion (which is kind of mandatory given the pace of the game, otherwise we'd have to lead our hits which would be even worse), it means that in addition to seeing that player jump around frequently, he'll see you jump around less often, making it much easier for him to aim at you than the other way around. Either server side latency should be improved, player's positions should be interpolated, or maybe lag should be partially compensated by extending players' hit boxes according to their movement speed and direction. There is a lot of science to a twitchy game's netcode to fudge things in a way that makes aiming feel good and reliable while reducing the impact of latency, and I think that currently, crowfall's netcode is not up to the standard that its combat system requires.
  2. The problem with completely free form character customization is that while on the surface it sounds like it promotes diversity, in practice it usually ends up where only a few specific builds are viable. So you end up either having to look on google how to configure your skill tree to obtain a playable character, or to try to figure it out by yourself and merely ending up gimping yourself.
  3. A couple of issues: - I was in a group for a while, and after leaving it (with /leavegroup), I was still in the group chat - When you die as an assassin, after you res you lose the "poison toxin" buff from the poison flask and aren't applying poisons to enemies anymore. You have to unequip and re-equip the poison or relog to fix it.
  4. Hello, One of the biggest hurdle when starting a new mmo is to setup the inputs in a familiar way. We are usually already used to play other similar games so being able to setup inputs in a similar way makes it easier to get into a new game. Minimizing friction is very important to enroll new players into a game, especially in a relatively niche genre where you want to enroll players who already built a lot of habits in other similar games. I happen to have a possibly somewhat unusual setup, where I want to perform all movements with the mouse, and all actions on the keyboard. This usually implies using the mouse button(s) to move forward. But in crowfall, I can't because the mouse button is arbitrarily marked as "reserved", aka "I am not allowed to bind something else on it". I don't understand why. Likewise, since I'm left handed and use the mouse with my left hand, I typically want to use the right most part of the keyboard for abilities. The layout of the keys over there can be a bit awkward but the presence of some very large keys such as backspace and enter typically makes up for it, by allowing me to use those large, easy to reach keys for important abilities. But again, I can't reassign them. "enter" is also reserved. I am usually happy to use shift + enter to open the chat so I can use enter for something else, but I am not allowed to do that. The purpose of allowing people to customize keybinds is to let people setup things in ways you haven't anticipated. So I don't see the point of arbitrarily limiting it in this way. I can still have the setup I want, by reprogramming my gaming mouse buttons and my gaming keyboard keys. It's just a big and completely unnecessary pain point.
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