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  1. Definitely out of the zerg, but just ganking on the backline is almost entirely useless as a Duelist. Your main strength is that of mobility and CC, you are an absolute peel machine for druids. Your ult also gives your healers a free reset/room to breathe and essentially CDR or else take big damage and a stun. You mean make other people slot it? Who? Your kit is mobility, you in the party should be running it instead of making a healer or another damage reduce either of those. Slayers aren’t about damage, they’re about utility imo. Being able to hit 2k+ dynamites is just a bonus! We’re kiting whittlers. Illusionist is definitely a staple discipline, I just think it falls short on Slayer. Our damage doesn’t need to be better through discs, we need to complement our utility. From when last I played though, GM didn’t really give that much damage increase to us. Unless you like it for the basic slow or bonus to true damage? Never was certain what true damage was, do you know? Assumed it was basics. As for the stealth? Don’t need it. The crit is nice to reallocate a couple talent points though, tbh. I 100% agree on Plague Lord, great disc, especially for Duelist and I like running it myself.
  2. Do you play a lot of ganking? In a gank scenario, you will rarely need it, however in small group fights, keeps, and siege, it will save your hamster behind. All it takes is one druid, just one root and you’re dead.
  3. I disagree with you on that, and might I ask what you run besides Plague Lord? The reason I disagree is Slayer’s major weakness, its Achilles’ Heel is really all crowd control, but mainly roots; retaliate does not remove a root. Off the top of my memory, roots are 6-8 seconds? One root without a way out, means your dead against competent players. Our main advantage is against melee, we excel at screwing them by flippin’ around like crazy hamsters that just had a double shot of espresso, slowing and stunning them as we go. Roots are the strongest crowd control in the game, and especially against a range type with our strengths. Escape Artist gets you out of a root, and makes you immune to further crowd control. For that alone, in my opinion, Escape Artist is mandatory. However the Speedy Retaliate is also quite useful, pop Saltpeter and you’re faster while they’re slower. Saves you a dodge pip. Our entire kit is all about managing and trading cooldowns so we always have that mobility while kiting and keeping our damage up. I forget the name of the passive that recovers a dodge pip on a CH, but in my opinion that’s a filler for if you don’t have better passives to use.
  4. As far as I'm aware Control Defense would not cause an ability to activate as if it was used (seeing the animation), and then set it on cooldown (without using pips). However, I could be entirely wrong as to how this mechanic works, many things in this game are vaguely explained, I think a lot of the text needs to be rewritten but in this case? I don't think I'm wrong. Blind is quite obvious, suppress gives a notification, and cooldown reduction and former, would show a debuff. When this occurs I never have a debuff on me, so, not 100%. It's most likely the retaliate bug (for some of these) and me being out of date on that. I'll likely not be able to play again until after the fix, but I'm going to make sure I try to make it happen again and see if it was in fact that known bug.
  5. You can still shoot through walls with it, aha.
  6. I can’t recall having any issues on my Sin, or having issues immediately after retaliate while playing Slayer, but perhaps it affects Dirge more. Even then, I do recall it happening even when not having retaliated. I’ll test a bit more with what I’ve been told on here as soon as I get the chance. Thanks for the reply!
  7. If I’m incorrect and there is proof or something already known, being cryptic is likely the worst possible way to behave on the forums. I’d hope we’re all here for the same reason of bettering the game. What type of resistances would ghost-use a player’s skills in this way, or is it a bug with them? If you’re talking about barriers or invulnerabilities, that type of resistance would still cause my ability to consume its pips, and as it should.
  8. Either you’re extremely lucky, aren’t aware, or you think it’s working when it isn’t because life goes up for numerous reasons, or a mix of all. I’m a skinner, and I skin on a Dirge alt. So while I have the most hours on Slayer, I’ve spent tons of hours killing animals on Dirge. It definitely does not work every time, let alone 90%, same with RP, and in both PvE & PvP. Could you explain what you mean by resistances causing an ability to entirely not register, not consume pips, and yet go on cooldown, repeating up to 5 consecutive tries? My apologies but that makes absolutely no sense to me. Moving as in, moving my character and targeting an enemy? I’m quite confident in my ability to do so, and while I have a good few hours of PvP, most of my Dirge testing is PvE. Issues on both and all the same. No changes. If that’s not what you meant, please elaborate. I thank you for the reply to my post. Edit: I should note that while I don’t have an exorbitant amount of time on Dirge in PvP? It is highly unlikely anyone can discern if it occurs more-so in PvE or PvP. We or at least I don’t know why these bugs occur, but a “feeling” of if it occurs more often in this or that is just speculation. I’ve farmed all night and morning multiple times, and they occurred consistently, while in comparison I had an instance of PvP and it happened once. A siege night? A couple, maybe a few. There are just too many variables and the average player isn’t going to remember all that’s needed to accurately gauge that. In my feeling? Abilities work more often in PvP, but that could simply be because it doesn’t last as long. I don’t have much PvP time on Dirge compared, and that could likely be why I have that feeling. With the same reasoning, it could be why you feel they work more in PvE.
  9. For future reference you have to quote me or @ me for me to be notified I understand entirely what you mean, and I do believe the UK servers have a smaller population all ‘round but you’ve also come in at a bad time as most of that population is taking a break I believe. Either due to recent wipes or awaiting upcoming major patches that are around the corner. However, the other day I did see both servers almost equal in pop! Could have been NA guilds hopping over though. Maybe you two should try playing on the NA server though? Likely your best bet for now, and you can at any time swap over! Your ms may be above 100 but with how unoptimized the game is for now, it’s hardly noticeable. Also, big changes are coming in that regard! The test server is just that, to test upcoming patches. Live is where you want to play so you can get a feel for the game, then go to test if you’d like to contribute to future patches. You can also get a sexy lookin’ mug too for your character by playing test eventually Apply for a guild on the website, talk in faction chat, etc and try to find a playgroup!
  10. Deep down in my heart, you’re pretty okay. ❤️
  11. where’s the fun in that?
  12. The game is indeed in a pre-alpha state, and some say we are close to alpha I believe. I’ve had more fun in this game than almost any live game I’ve played. At the moment, I believe the total population of concurrent players on the NA servers is mid 200’s.. maybe low 300’s now? Generally you’ll see around 150 online at peak times. This is all off the top of my head, and so take it with a grain of salt. I don’t make it a habit of checking population often. However with that in mind, why do you feel gutted? Yes the servers may not have thousands of players but think of what all of this means. You’re one of a couple hundred people watching this game be made live. You get to test it, make feedback that the devs will see, and have a chance to be part of this community before it becomes so big you feel your voice is lost in the sea. I honestly adore this game, and the fact it’s currently small. Everyone knows everyone, everyone knows everyone’s group, and there’s a really awesome feeling of community you don’t get from many games. I love my guild, they’re some great people, and some of my favorite moments of gaming in my entire life have been from this game and in this guild I found in this game. You have to keep in mind that this game while PvP based, revolves around being social. Every profession requires other professions, grouping, farming together, ganking together, it’s all encouraged by how the game is made. I believe it’s going to be one of the great aspects about it, that keeps it going because it’s such an enjoyable experience. It opens up the opportunity for so many unique moments. I really hope you give it a fair shot, log on, meet some people, ask questions, and help it be great! You’ll be one of only a few hundred
  13. nah man, one shotting people with purple orbs of doom is meta
  14. Stealth players, both gankers, harvesters, or both are grinning ear to ear. I know I am
  15. I have to say that I’m almost entirely biased on this topic. I love when players don’t spend money on guards... especially Chaos on their keep, I get to dig under that wall and shoot more unsuspecting players. Even though I’m biased, I do think it’s a fun thing to allow players to do. You don’t bother building your walls or putting up guards? Well, it is a PvP game and I hope keep-play outside of sieges remains a thing, it’s just plain good fun for everyone 🙂 I think either the cost of guards need to come down, or gold drops buffed, or even gold drops where they are but including of animals (help skinnnnnnners). There has to be a decent balance between the strength of each guard, and the amount of gold it costs. I think we can all agree that one guard is quite strong nowadays. I could get behind respawns or a new mechanic for outposts and forts. As it is now no one is going to bother dropping gold on camps or outposts, and with Forts? Not as likely either. Gold is just such a precious resource and leveling anything blue+ is an utter pain. One person hotboxing multiple accounts on level 1’s can do some damage as it stands now though, and that definitely needs to be fixed.
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