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  1. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    Solid point indeed, but I still believe things should be discussed as they come about. Why else make changes if not for the players to express their opinions? You heard it here folks, we're all Guineceans!
  2. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    This is essentially what I was going for. Perhaps a little early, but I'm also curious about those that have been playing test. I believe the nerf will bring new needs, and these were the ones that I thought may arise. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    This is true, and in my explanation I did entirely overlook contemplation of armor penetration, so my reasoning I think came out a bit wonky or not as concise as I hoped it'd be. I still however do not believe it changes my concern for leather wearers themselves, of course we'll still be able to stack armor penetration to well.. mitigate someone's mitigations but our damage will still go down while health pools stay the same, and leather wearers are limited in both regards: mitigation & health stacking.
  4. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    Mischaracterizing how? Perhaps I am, but that would still mean there is an issue, even if my opinions on it are lacking. That's an extremely one sided way of looking at things though.. one that promotes the current meta. Why should leather wearers not be viable in large fights? I understand assassins simply because of how they play, they're not a good group fight class period, but rangers and duelists... why? Simply because as of now they're not that good except in siege? I would also argue that Duelists are in fact quite helpful in large fights. They have solid AoE damage and stuns in the Slayer promotion. This game is in pre-alpha, it's open to and will continue to change. That is a mentality which does not promote change, which could potentially be good for a few classes that many enjoy. Leather should be viable, it's a major part of the game, and leather as it is now should be receiving help, not the opposite. That depends on how you define tanky. I believe even an assassin in mail with 50% mits and 10k+ life fits that definition quite well. I don't think you understand what I said about constitution, my suggestion was to reduce health stacking from gear, buff con itself, and require tanks/brawlers to spend attribute points into con to get that health back, so they will have to sacrifice base DPS to remain tanky.
  5. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    I know you can build high armor penetration, and I personally had med-crushing pen on my duelist, it works quite well. How else do you combat high mitigations? It still does not change the fact that everyone's damage is going to go down, and this will hurt leather wearers most of all. Yes, tanky classes' damage will go down as well, but that's negligible when their niche and the meta itself is being buffed.
  6. Weapon Nerf & Concerns.

    Thanks for the reply! I'm aware of this, obviously it won't be the last adjustments, and I did not say that. It's a major change, and so it should be discussed, and I wished to do so with what it might mean for the current meta. I believe strengthening that meta is a poor idea.
  7. Hey Crows! So, as the title says, this post will be about the upcoming nerf to advanced weapons in 5.8.1, a nerf which will drastically reduce the max damage advanced weapons can deal. While I no longer have access to the test environment, or even live for that matter, I have heard from those that do, that an example of a blue light weapon has 84 top damage, for perspective a well made common pistol caps out at around ~110 top dmg. This is cause for great concern in my opinion, especially for leather wearers and the game's current meta. I'm going to go right into it with specific points as to why I believe this nerf will do more harm than good. 1.) The current meta in the game is to wear mail or plate armor and stack as much health and mitigations as possible. Many players already have 50% mitigations, combined with how much health you get from plate (instead of con's poor 3 per 1 point yield), you can easily not only reduce an enemy's damage by half but have a health-pool of over 10k. This weapon nerf will have all player's damage naturally reduced by almost half, in a game setting where being tanky, regardless of class, is the best path. 2.) Leather wearers' main source of validity at the moment is their extreme DPS. They die in a few seconds if caught (even by tanks), but can kill just as fast. This nerf will reduce a leather wearer's damage by ~half, while their survivability remains the same. Leather gear needs a buff to offset this change, there is simply no reason as of now to want to use leather, even less now that this nerf is going to occur. Leather was just nerfed, and now this nerf is going to indirectly nerf leather again, strengthening even further the tank meta (apology for the repetition). 3.) This nerf will make healers magnitudes stronger, while weakening DPS classes/promos, and strengthening tank promotions. The removal of iframes is a good step in my opinion, but I am not alone in my concern of healers ending up being gods (like every other god forsaken RPG). 4.) Fights will now last much longer with not only every class outputting less damage, but healers not having to heal as much damage and burst. Isn't this the opposite of the reason Death Shroud was implemented into the game? I understand there's a difference between dying / not rejoining a fight and a sustained fight, but this will potentially make fights last an eternity. Healers may be vulnerable during their ults, but when they can spam heals with no worries of resource risks, not have to deal with up to half the regular damage? Everything about them strengthens besides their ult, including CC (especially MS Control which is already the strongest CC) of other classes to help peel for them on top of their natural utility / mobility. I'm posting this because not only am I concerned for the way this may steer the game, but I'd also like to hear other people's opinions. I'm especially interested in ways we could go about making this nerf better all around by, for example, buffing leather gear, or perhaps reducing the health bonus of plate / mail armor and making constitution more valid so that those going tanky have to sacrifice base DPS stats to become more tanky. Please keep in mind that I am posting about this without access to test. I would most certainly be on test to well, test this if I was able, but at the moment it is not possible for me. So here I am, on the forums! I plan to follow and play this game for a long time, as I truly enjoy it so far. If others that have played test to see how this implementation works when applied, I strongly welcome a reply! Thanks for reading, Puffs out!
  8. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    3 campaigns ago is 8-9 days ago. Keep in mind, and this is important, that campaigns are supposed to and will eventually last as long as an entire month. You want to farm a set of legendary gear for it to be destroyed before a campaign is finished, having to farm two sets of legendary gear per campaign? I doubt it.
  9. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    Well to start, if you have a piece of legendary equipment? I'll bow down before you, because.. well, it's currently virtually impossible. I do agree however. The amount of time to farm, cooperation, and difference usage of multiple people and their profession skills, well that shouldn't all get thrown away by a finite time. You should at minimum be able to repair the equipment to at least extend how long it lasts, if not to its max durability as long as you have the mats.
  10. Whenever I play, if I'm not harvesting with friends? I'm ganking. I have seen numerous groups of people farming together. It's extremely easy to dedicate one player to running mole hunter, etc and keeping it active when hitting motherlodes / at certain intervals. I actually ganked a group of three, killed them all but barely came out alive. I found them again with an extra player, and one of the ones I killed started doing what I just said. They learned from me ganking them. (Sadly my group didn't get there before they recalled, would have been a blast and we would have got some nice resources D:) I'd say people need to adapt and stop whining on the forums, but, that'll never happen. It's just like how when I harvest with friends? I'm the dedicated gatherer. My inventory is full of all the loot, I have my ultimate up, and I am completely disciplined for combat / survival. We'll go for the kill, but if it's too much I am at any time ready to get the hell out of there and recall to drop-off.
  11. It's a MMORPG. A match-based PvP system, sure. Look at how often certain classes, comps, etc win and their stats. A MMORPG? Essentially a KDR is completely pointless in such a setting because there are so many different variables, ganking being one of them. You have levels, gear, group comps, differences in number, skill level (some people have been playing for 2 years), not to mention the lag lately, and it's just not a good idea. How the hell would they take into account all of that? It's not just "false positives." It's a PvP game where you can lose all of your stuff by being killed, that you just farmed three hours for. Stealthers do this the best. A lot of people don't form groups or make friends. Of course there's going to be salt on the forums about it. On top of this it's a pre-alpha and there is next to no resources online, so the skill curve, meta, etc is widely unknown to most. It's hard to learn.
  12. To start off, simply because you see a lot of posts about something doesn’t automatically determine whether or not something is OP. Every single class has their strongest specific promotion, this will always be the case. In any game with talent tree specialization? There will always be a strongest, just like there will always be the strongest classes and race for those specific classes, it’s simply impossible to do otherwise unless everyone had the exact same everything. Stealthers force you to take an antistealth disc? Every single class can “force” you to take something else to have an advantage, just as there are x this many stealthers, there are x this many people with slashing, fire dmg, healing, etc. Yes it’s difficult to kill a stealthing harvester. You want to do that? Build towards it. K/d/s? Are you seriously recommending ACE monitor kill death ratios for a MMORPG game to determine what to nerf...? Your only point for stealth being broken as of this moment, is they lose their stuff less. Do you have more, what are your others? There are plenty of ways to deal with stealth in this game, and there are risks and rewards to it.
  13. For ganking, which is what I do mainly, it's great. For me, it's very fun. I just enjoy the gameplay, having to get resets, hiding, disengaging, etc. I mean, they're could be more utilization of stealth for all the specs tbh. I'd really like us to be more reliant on stealths, as in the actual combos, but that's probably just the ex-WoW player inside me speaking. We're good solo fighters, as Zybak said, however in group fights we're kinda the black sheep. People see Assassins wrecking in what they're good at and assume they're OP. They're really not, and as it stands now, we really have a hard time. If we get focused at all? We're dead. Period. Definitely challenging in anything that isn't ganking, and ganking a group can be quite challenging. Especially if the group has one DoT. Yes we CAN hit hard, but the highest I've ever hit was a 2.6k Diffusion, and generally they only hit 1.5k on average. What wins in this game isn't damage, it's the ability to sustain yourself and mitigate someone else's damage. Duelists are over here hitting above 2.5k consistently but granted they are squishier, however have way more mobility AND they also have stealth. Also keep in mind that we're pre-alpha, and class/race balance isn't really a main focus as of now. We get nerfs and buffs every now and then though. Blackguard sins actually just got a 30% damage reduction I believe... imagine what it was like before rofl. Rangers used to have I believe what, a 80 or 85 meter range? Just play the game, learn it, grow with it, and come out being one of the few hundred extremely knowledgeable players down the line Then when we go live in a couple or so years, you can say, aye, I was here in the pre-alpha! Look at meeeeeee.
  14. Duelists can hit 2.7k+. Pitfighter Champs are literally unkillable 1v1, even 1 vs 3 sometimes without another Champ or a healer, Plate Confessors while they don't do massive burst like an Assassin or Duelist, will kite you 24/7 and you will literally not be able to touch a good one. You have to either out-sustain their mana until they Fervor, or die. Leather Rangers, if built right, can shred most classes down to 0 in a few seconds but are extremely squishy in return for that burst. I test against Endless all the time on my Assassin. He has literally never died 1v1, because he literally cannot. He takes on 3-4 people all the time. Yes, he's a damn good player but he'll even admit that Minotaur and the Champion class are overpowered. Assassin is in a good place right now, being not too strong it's silly, and not being completely useless. Once disciplines are a commitment however, their stealth mechanic may become overpowered, maybe not when Perception starts working, it's 50/50. As it is now, everyone has the ability to swap anti-stealth discs and more importantly all it takes is one DoT to completely ruin an Assassin's day. Their only sustain is in stealth. If they can't sustain stealth for the heals, they're screwed. If they can't get into stealth because you have a DoT on them, they're screwed. Whoever thought it was a good idea to give Minotaurs immunity to frontal stun in a PvP game must have been pretty high, especially considering the Retaliate mechanic.

    Endless is so OP that temple runegates can't even kill him.