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  1. I think this is by design, it's certainly true that having two accounts is better than one. I believe it is this way because they want players to dependent on others, to further help support the social environment. This is also why all professions require other professions for key components. It is true however, considering the second training's reduction in points accumulated that a Combat/Crafting account will be much more behind versus a Crafting/Harvesting account. I definitely agree that this is a sure bummer.. I don't see why they can't allow both slots to train at the same speed? The way they have it now, it's almost forcing players to go Crafting/Harvesting, or else be behind in crafting, but instead be subpar in combat. I definitely don't agree with the one passive line per account. That would inhibit so many players, and further increase the value of a secondary account, not to mention a third. Being able to train two trees at the same speed would make it much better, imo, and I don't see why they couldn't do so. It would allow a player to go Combat/Crafting, and be viable in both, and all other potential combinations, while being reliant on other players for whichever you do not choose as they want.
  2. Puffs

    Duelist in 5.8

    I'd like to point out in this video, that not only is the Dirge's passive active for the increased damage scaling on Impale, but you also have Angel of Death consistently active, considering the dummy's health.. you also happened to proc the absolute best Inconceivable possible. This is not a realistic test for actual PvP, group or 1v1 (It wouldn't be even after the fix to the damage scalar). You're also not taking into account a lot of other variables. You were testing on a test dummy and screaming nerf without a full picture.
  3. Puffs

    Duelist in 5.8

    bawisk in game is really the only person I know that plays Dirge, but I think he may have swapped to Slayer (I remember him asking me questions about my Duelist). It's just much more viable, leather armor considered. It is however extremely susceptible to MS Control.
  4. Puffs

    Duelist in 5.8

    Do you just want to nerf a leather wearer into the ground? I agree, 9k (even highly situational in PvE is cause for concern), and the 6k+ crits people were getting were much too high. My point is, what is an acceptable crit on pepperbox for you? Many classes, well most classes, have 8k+ life... a 2k pepperbox, which doesn't crit for that every time, is a fourth of an enemy's life and honestly? On many targets, a lot less. This is also without mitigations, which most people have 30-50% of once geared at varying degrees. Do you just want critical damage and chance to be entirely removed? At first you had a problem with it and it was an issue, now the damage is somewhat capped to a maximum, and still it's too high? Duelists do not have anything but leather, they need to be able to do high burst damage.. or else they will be entirely useless. If pepperbox was consistently doing 4k a shot at range, I'd understand your concern but it isn't any longer as far as I am aware. It's doing 2k, as you say in intervals of gaining pips, and even then not all the time. Impale is doing 4k, and that's when you meet the passive's criteria for increased damage. Combined with Dirge's need to be at melee range in leather gear to not only build the pips for the attack, but also perform it? I find this to be quite acceptable damage. Subtract damage for people's mitigations because you're hitting dummies, etc, and I do not see an issue at all with these numbers. If anything, I would very much like Duelist to have a mail promotion. Most likely Dirge, however then for the increased survival? Their damage would need to be nerfed to compensate for what they gain from that type of armor, but it would make the promotion much more viable, fun, and it would just make sense.
  5. Do you have screenshots, some kind of proof that shows this? I've had several common pistols made by a blacksmith with 11+ pips, and multiple uncommons. The damage was certainly not a 15% increase. I simply haven't seen or made enough gear to know the differences myself.
  6. Well to start this, they will not be sticking with Major Discplines for crafting recipes. You will have to use passive training to obtain those recipes. That is certainly something that never crossed my mind though.. and now that I think about it? As it is now, I never use basic or intermediate gear on anything. Not even because I can craft better myself, but because I can just afford to and my guild has the crafters, it's easy. I'd have to figure it all out and see for myself, but you raise a good point and the gear should be scaled and balanced by difficulty to obtain. This many more materials/rarity give you this amount of increase in stats. While a 15% increase in weapon damage is obviously good.. all I can say is what the hell if it takes five times longer to craft advanced gear compared to intermediate... and you only get a minimal increase for a substantial increase in effort? Now, when I say five times, I am talking specifically about different rarities. You can farm a full set of any advanced common gear in just above an hour or so, however what about green gear or higher? Let's say intermediate is intermediate, then common advanced is a 15% increase to stats. Then uncommon advanced is a 5% increase to that... what the hell is the point? I've seen people farm a few hundred ore.. get only a bit over a stack of green, less than a stack of blue, and maybe a dozen purple, and only a few legendaries. The rarity of the material and difference in how often it drops needs to scale stat-wise with how much longer it takes to achieve that different rarity. I understand the nerf to common advanced, it was easy to achieve, but hopefully they get the stat scaling in a good place as rarity goes up. Not only the time it takes to farm those different rarity materials, but the amount of time it takes to get the required passive training is quite important too, especially when crafting discs are at an end. It's a damn shame I don't have access to the game and test at this moment, or I'd test all this out and see for myself. I would certainly be curious to know how it stands now, and I'm sure others would as well.
  7. Solid point indeed, but I still believe things should be discussed as they come about. Why else make changes if not for the players to express their opinions? You heard it here folks, we're all Guineceans!
  8. This is essentially what I was going for. Perhaps a little early, but I'm also curious about those that have been playing test. I believe the nerf will bring new needs, and these were the ones that I thought may arise. Thanks for the reply!
  9. This is true, and in my explanation I did entirely overlook contemplation of armor penetration, so my reasoning I think came out a bit wonky or not as concise as I hoped it'd be. I still however do not believe it changes my concern for leather wearers themselves, of course we'll still be able to stack armor penetration to well.. mitigate someone's mitigations but our damage will still go down while health pools stay the same, and leather wearers are limited in both regards: mitigation & health stacking.
  10. Mischaracterizing how? Perhaps I am, but that would still mean there is an issue, even if my opinions on it are lacking. That's an extremely one sided way of looking at things though.. one that promotes the current meta. Why should leather wearers not be viable in large fights? I understand assassins simply because of how they play, they're not a good group fight class period, but rangers and duelists... why? Simply because as of now they're not that good except in siege? I would also argue that Duelists are in fact quite helpful in large fights. They have solid AoE damage and stuns in the Slayer promotion. This game is in pre-alpha, it's open to and will continue to change. That is a mentality which does not promote change, which could potentially be good for a few classes that many enjoy. Leather should be viable, it's a major part of the game, and leather as it is now should be receiving help, not the opposite. That depends on how you define tanky. I believe even an assassin in mail with 50% mits and 10k+ life fits that definition quite well. I don't think you understand what I said about constitution, my suggestion was to reduce health stacking from gear, buff con itself, and require tanks/brawlers to spend attribute points into con to get that health back, so they will have to sacrifice base DPS to remain tanky.
  11. I know you can build high armor penetration, and I personally had med-crushing pen on my duelist, it works quite well. How else do you combat high mitigations? It still does not change the fact that everyone's damage is going to go down, and this will hurt leather wearers most of all. Yes, tanky classes' damage will go down as well, but that's negligible when their niche and the meta itself is being buffed.
  12. Thanks for the reply! I'm aware of this, obviously it won't be the last adjustments, and I did not say that. It's a major change, and so it should be discussed, and I wished to do so with what it might mean for the current meta. I believe strengthening that meta is a poor idea.
  13. Hey Crows! So, as the title says, this post will be about the upcoming nerf to advanced weapons in 5.8.1, a nerf which will drastically reduce the max damage advanced weapons can deal. While I no longer have access to the test environment, or even live for that matter, I have heard from those that do, that an example of a blue light weapon has 84 top damage, for perspective a well made common pistol caps out at around ~110 top dmg. This is cause for great concern in my opinion, especially for leather wearers and the game's current meta. I'm going to go right into it with specific points as to why I believe this nerf will do more harm than good. 1.) The current meta in the game is to wear mail or plate armor and stack as much health and mitigations as possible. Many players already have 50% mitigations, combined with how much health you get from plate (instead of con's poor 3 per 1 point yield), you can easily not only reduce an enemy's damage by half but have a health-pool of over 10k. This weapon nerf will have all player's damage naturally reduced by almost half, in a game setting where being tanky, regardless of class, is the best path. 2.) Leather wearers' main source of validity at the moment is their extreme DPS. They die in a few seconds if caught (even by tanks), but can kill just as fast. This nerf will reduce a leather wearer's damage by ~half, while their survivability remains the same. Leather gear needs a buff to offset this change, there is simply no reason as of now to want to use leather, even less now that this nerf is going to occur. Leather was just nerfed, and now this nerf is going to indirectly nerf leather again, strengthening even further the tank meta (apology for the repetition). 3.) This nerf will make healers magnitudes stronger, while weakening DPS classes/promos, and strengthening tank promotions. The removal of iframes is a good step in my opinion, but I am not alone in my concern of healers ending up being gods (like every other god forsaken RPG). 4.) Fights will now last much longer with not only every class outputting less damage, but healers not having to heal as much damage and burst. Isn't this the opposite of the reason Death Shroud was implemented into the game? I understand there's a difference between dying / not rejoining a fight and a sustained fight, but this will potentially make fights last an eternity. Healers may be vulnerable during their ults, but when they can spam heals with no worries of resource risks, not have to deal with up to half the regular damage? Everything about them strengthens besides their ult, including CC (especially MS Control which is already the strongest CC) of other classes to help peel for them on top of their natural utility / mobility. I'm posting this because not only am I concerned for the way this may steer the game, but I'd also like to hear other people's opinions. I'm especially interested in ways we could go about making this nerf better all around by, for example, buffing leather gear, or perhaps reducing the health bonus of plate / mail armor and making constitution more valid so that those going tanky have to sacrifice base DPS stats to become more tanky. Please keep in mind that I am posting about this without access to test. I would most certainly be on test to well, test this if I was able, but at the moment it is not possible for me. So here I am, on the forums! I plan to follow and play this game for a long time, as I truly enjoy it so far. If others that have played test to see how this implementation works when applied, I strongly welcome a reply! Thanks for reading, Puffs out!
  14. 3 campaigns ago is 8-9 days ago. Keep in mind, and this is important, that campaigns are supposed to and will eventually last as long as an entire month. You want to farm a set of legendary gear for it to be destroyed before a campaign is finished, having to farm two sets of legendary gear per campaign? I doubt it.
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