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  1. maybe 4 sq miles? I'm probably wrong.
  2. Just as dense as earlier I see. Obviously the account you're posting with isn't a tester account, duh. You saying you have an account that you use for testing is a lie. You're the one who cares about post count dude. Like IGAF.
  3. Make whatever excuses you want We all know you're a liar.
  4. Oh yea you played 1.1?? Too bad that's hogwash when you started the thread saying "Since I'm not a tester and only a voyeur (Twitch)". Lol good to know your full of poorly made socks.
  5. You are confused because you seem to think this is the beta already, it's a pre-alpha dude. They test a lot of different things to see if they work in a pre-alpha. So yea testing people fighting PvE is something that has to be tested and tested RIGHT NOW.
  6. We are talking about combat in general in this thread and you can't seem to grasp that it includes PvE elements which are clearly shown in the FAQ why they are included in the core game. So yes you are dense af.
  7. https://backers.crowfall.com/#/faq/general go look at #7, man you sure are dense.
  8. Good job on taking a single image and trying to pigeon hold the developers into using just that image to base the game around. Go read the FAQ again bro and maybe you'll figure out what the whole game is going to be like instead of a single image taken out of context.
  9. Lol you are not the developer, and just because YOU think a mob should be soloable does not mean it's right or makes sence for the game. The entire point when the seasons change is the PvE elements get stronger until winter where they get stupid hard and need multiple people to down. This is so that the world seems dangerous as it gets consumed by the hunger.
  10. Please realize that combat is combat regardless of it being PvP or PvE. They are testing how skills work in general.
  11. I guess you were not in the test because almost the same people each time were at the end of a match BECAUSE they had superior player skill and teamwork.
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