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  1. Sorry, a Bug from Yesterday. I tryed to kill 3 Major Thralls in Campagin and died. After respawn the Thralls stayed on around 50 % Live where i died und i killed them, but no one droped loot.
  2. Hello all, If i upgrade my account - do i lose the Rewards i got yet Badgets, Skulls, monthly rewarsds ?
  3. Block on the Templar feels broken. It has a short delay now and if you stop blocking and block again it has 1 - 2 sec before you block again. With the delay its terrible to play with Block / Parry (Counterstrike) Combo.
  4. Let them bring 6.4 on LIVE and make there two Campagine - one with Full Loot and one with No Loot. Then ACE can check the activity and see where more players are playing and where more PvP is happening.
  5. <QUESTION> What is more in line with Artcraft's vision for Crowfall? Where is more your focus for the Game? A game aimed at long-term conquering and defending castles / areas, where 1 hour can pass without PvP. A game where fast PvP is in the foreground. It's best to fight every 5 minutes and have short-term goals.
  6. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only) * Removal of “Mobile Banking * Revised Infected Map * Like the new Hard Choices by the Skills. Only tested a Templar/Paladin - but there are more skills/Stats i want, then Points i have to spend. * * Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? * Dregs Campaigns - Now have a 20% drop chance for items equipped to your character in a
  7. If you can't sell/can´t trade/can´t drop the rewards (you get for the skulls), it can't damage the economy ? Or let's exchange the skulls for longer god buffs, 1 hour extra per skull?
  8. Possible reward for a Skull Vendor: Healing potions for PvP, bandages which are not lost in the event of death, buff food for PvP, instead of a PvP rank - special skins for capes, helmets, armor. How could one prevent or reduce exploids? Players only lose one skull per hour, per 2 hours, per 4 hours. Or with RNG - after the first kill there is only a 50% chance of a skull, after the 2nd only 25% chance, etc.
  9. i dont like the new system "equipped item loot". here is another suggestion why don't you let us sacrifice the skulls to the gods shrines for a better buff or build a dealer where you can exchange the skulls for an item so there would be a reasonable drop in the kill and make pvp more interesting without putting players off because they lose their equipment
  10. Hello, if I understood yesterday's Q&A correctly, all systems are now in game for the start of the game. My concern now is, how can you get players excited about more than one or two campaigns after the game is released? At the moment all campaigns are the same. Minimal differences due to the winning cards, but they all play absolutely identically. Build Keep, run caravans, conquer forts, conquer outposts, farm / kill X for the winning cards Person
  11. <QUESTION> How could you justify (borrowed by Soulreaver) to give EU such a bad Campagine without a refinerie, to play during the vacation?
  12. The same Problem is on EU Side. KDS and NM have the same Siege Timer. First Fort Timer is to early, must of our Players miss it, because of work or family. And the fights for the Forts most time boring (because of 50 mins running or standing around and 10 mins PvP). The last few days i usually log out of Crowfall after around an hour because i´m bored and play another game. With 6.3 coming, farming thralls/runes doesn´t make sense either. Btw. give the Thrall Towns some differend spawn for the daytime. Its boring to wait 10 min for the next nighttime.
  13. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). The EU Times are too early - after some Days, the most of us. Don´t get ready for the first Fort Timer 18:30 - 19:30. Many Work till 17:00 or 18:00 and then they must drive home, eat, etc. Do you like the Campaigns combined or NA / EU separate and why? Both are okay - but think a EU separate Campaign would be nice for the smaller EU Guilds. What was your favorite Campaign and why? Long ago EU only Campaign - we could nearly control a Map be our Guild alone - hold the Map, try to fight everone who
  14. Hello, my suggestions after playing the last days. Changed siege times for Forts from 60 min to 30 min. Most of the time, the attack on a fort takes place 5 minutes before the end of the siege time. And as a defender you just stand around and get bored. Bring small villages/hamlets into play as the basis for small guilds. These could e.g. only build 3 buildings at rank 1, but have a resurrection point. That alone no longer spawns in the Temple, but in its own area could motivate many players/small guilds. The hamlets should be on the outer edge of the map and ideally only have smal
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