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  1. Shrine - Foundation went invis after placing the blueprint. If you run in the building area you get portet back for some range.
  2. why does the 5 pip of the second skill need over 22958 points - and the 5 pip of the 4 skill needs only 10781 points ?
  3. Today the game crashed 5 times in 2 hours - allways with this:
  4. Hello, i have some problems with the block from my Templar. The first two days of the new campaign Satayn was okay. But then it´s startet that it not blocking by right mouse button or the animation ist not working. The right click cost / reduse the Pips - but dont work ? Before this i could kill the Temple Chiefs/Kings with Brain-AFK. Now i die if im not 100 % watching the game. Or did the NPC Bosses get a new Skill ? But i heard from two Clerics of our Guild, that they had problems too, with her Block doesnt work. PS: Sorry for my bad english :)
  5. Found my old Screenshots from Shadowbane 😉 Guild: Herren der Ordnung (Germany) or Lords of Order City: Tanelorn
  6. Found it - first raffle it was a new answer at the end. Secound raffle we was looking for a new answer, who has won - but it was an comment on the winner post! No luck by my friends
  7. Guild criteria: Region: EU Atmosphere: Any Casual/Hardcore?: i´m 39 years old - so more casual Size: any size Play-Style: a bit of all Commitment: my normal playtime is form 20.00 - 23.00 CET Miscellaneous: 5.8 Live i´m playing Order Language: German, English (basics) Experience: Shadowbane, Darkfall, and many more Voice-Chat services: will i install whats needed
  8. And who has won the raffle ? Two friends of me take part - but no winner announced yet.
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