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  1. Hello, here a mix from some Fight´s on EU - Vanguard (and Allys) vs. KDS (and Allys). Hope you like it.
  2. * Please put "Respawn" and "Return to Hero Statue" to diffrent Keys - not both on "F".
  3. The Loading Time for changing a Zone got really high. Before the Patch it was fast around 10 sec for a new Map. Now with 6.530 its 30 - 45 sec.
  4. Okay, i zoned to The Aborium and could End the Quest there. But the Quest say "Make Your Way to Sky Point"
  5. I am a the Quest "Caravans" in Sky Point - but dont have a Quest Marker on the Radar to know where i should go. My Char is already lvl 30.
  6. Hi Maverick494, i have played Templar/Paladin a lot. What i can tell you - its a Tank/Healer and you will mostly lose any PvP fight solo. He is good if you play with friends in a Group. I play a lot with a friend and if you have a DD to team up, you can win fights The Templar has some great heals: Holy Warrior is a good heal for you and the lowest member of your Group. Healing-Burst (dont know the right name now, be at work) is a nice heal for the group. With light Domain you can pick Naiad (more AoE Heal), Firar (Chain-Heal), Pixie (Heal-Orb?) for more heal. I dont use Devotion to heal - but as paladin its a cleanses too. Use it to remove Debuffs! And with the block you are really tanky! But i thinks it is from all Heal-Classes the worest Damage.
  7. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.520 Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? bringen in a real 3-Faction World - i know many players where there guild stop playing and there is nothing you can much do in Dregs with out a guild. many of the Beta Player see only Gods Reach / Infected. And Infected is a bad 3-Faction World without any win condition. maybe make the complete NPE on Gods Reach and change Infected to a real 3-Faction World HungerDome Let's hear your top 5 likes about HungerDome on the Live Server and why HungerDome Let's hear your top 5 dislikes about HungerDome on the Live Server and why HD feels slow and boring at the beginning - why must we farm for gear mustly without PvP Only Fall/Winter looks intressing - there is where the players start realy figthing Maybe a change an let the players start with gear would make the pvp feeling faster or less forts/respawn on the map - so you have to fight early to surive Hunger Dome is NOT about fighting each other - Hunter Dome is about Hide and Survive. Change the Hunger Circle at the End that he stop an let the last players kill each other / or give the Players who fight earlyer a Buff for each Kill or something what Players drive to fight and not to hide.
  8. https://crowfall.com/en-US/beta-key-giveaway Can Players who allready buyed Crowfall the Razor Sigil too, if we use the Beta Code ?
  9. Sorry, a Bug from Yesterday. I tryed to kill 3 Major Thralls in Campagin and died. After respawn the Thralls stayed on around 50 % Live where i died und i killed them, but no one droped loot.
  10. Hello all, If i upgrade my account - do i lose the Rewards i got yet Badgets, Skulls, monthly rewarsds ?
  11. Block on the Templar feels broken. It has a short delay now and if you stop blocking and block again it has 1 - 2 sec before you block again. With the delay its terrible to play with Block / Parry (Counterstrike) Combo.
  12. Let them bring 6.4 on LIVE and make there two Campagine - one with Full Loot and one with No Loot. Then ACE can check the activity and see where more players are playing and where more PvP is happening.
  13. <QUESTION> What is more in line with Artcraft's vision for Crowfall? Where is more your focus for the Game? A game aimed at long-term conquering and defending castles / areas, where 1 hour can pass without PvP. A game where fast PvP is in the foreground. It's best to fight every 5 minutes and have short-term goals.
  14. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only) * Removal of “Mobile Banking * Revised Infected Map * Like the new Hard Choices by the Skills. Only tested a Templar/Paladin - but there are more skills/Stats i want, then Points i have to spend. * * Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? * Dregs Campaigns - Now have a 20% drop chance for items equipped to your character in addition to the 100% chance of items from your inventory dropping 1.) I don't like RNG - why 20% chance if you should lose an item makes 100% drop chance. So it's just unfair. 2.) I don't like it when you lose your equipment. It's okay if you lose your loot for 1 hour of Wartribe farming or collecting material. But if you lose an item for which you farmed the mats days / week and then lose with a 20% chance in PvP, that's a game breaker for me. One result of such a system will be that small groups only walk around with poor equipment because they expect their death. And large groups have the advantage that the majority of them also wear better equipment. I played Darkfall for some time, here it was exactly like that, that the good pieces of equipment from the rare ore were always on the bank and only dressed with Zerg the Ally. Each player / group will also try to avoid fights that look bad to them or to flee. So far we have tried (at least most of them) to take all fights, even if they meant certain death. * Loot Protections - Harvesting disciplines now have loot protections tied to the resources gained from harvesting. Example: Mining discipline will protect Ore and Gems in your inventory from dropping on death. Here, for me, it's exactly the opposite of losing equipment. Why is the ore / gems protected, if at all a% rate (20, 25, 50%) should be protected, but even that is actually too much. There should be the risk of losing the materials for 1 hour of farming, but not e.g. part of the farm armor. Here everyone should decide whether I will farm 10 minutes longer and if necessary I will be ganked and lose my Inventori or do I go to the bank quickly. * * *
  15. If you can't sell/can´t trade/can´t drop the rewards (you get for the skulls), it can't damage the economy ? Or let's exchange the skulls for longer god buffs, 1 hour extra per skull?
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