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  1. Hello, if I understood yesterday's Q&A correctly, all systems are now in game for the start of the game. My concern now is, how can you get players excited about more than one or two campaigns after the game is released? At the moment all campaigns are the same. Minimal differences due to the winning cards, but they all play absolutely identically. Build Keep, run caravans, conquer forts, conquer outposts, farm / kill X for the winning cards Person
  2. <QUESTION> How could you justify (borrowed by Soulreaver) to give EU such a bad Campagine without a refinerie, to play during the vacation?
  3. Can´t loot Guards who died near to the Campfire. Never found a Loot-Chest at this Tower - think they spawn in the basment of the house. And the best thing of the EU Yuletyden Campagine - No Refinerie
  4. Why has EU no Refinerie and US has one ? Or is the one on EU hidden on the Map?
  5. The same Problem is on EU Side. KDS and NM have the same Siege Timer. First Fort Timer is to early, must of our Players miss it, because of work or family. And the fights for the Forts most time boring (because of 50 mins running or standing around and 10 mins PvP). The last few days i usually log out of Crowfall after around an hour because i´m bored and play another game. With 6.3 coming, farming thralls/runes doesn´t make sense either. Btw. give the Thrall Towns some differend spawn for the daytime. Its boring to wait 10 min for the next nighttime.
  6. Since 22.11 i can´t play any bigger fight - allways Lag and Disconects. Before i had no Problem - played large KDS Keep fight last Campagine with 100+ People with only some lag and no Disconect. After this Day i can´t play any bigger fight, without Lags, Slideshow and Disconcet.
  7. The last Days some of us (German Players), have Problems with massiv Lags / Connection Problem - SVR: from 20 - 1000 ms. and disconcted from Servers. I had the Problem for 2 days.
  8. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). The EU Times are too early - after some Days, the most of us. Don´t get ready for the first Fort Timer 18:30 - 19:30. Many Work till 17:00 or 18:00 and then they must drive home, eat, etc. Do you like the Campaigns combined or NA / EU separate and why? Both are okay - but think a EU separate Campaign would be nice for the smaller EU Guilds. What was your favorite Campaign and why? Long ago EU only Campaign - we could nearly control a Map be our Guild alone - hold the Map, try to fight everone who
  9. After upgrading our Keep to R10 - most Guards despawned and do not spawn again.
  10. Found some "Herold of ..." in Wartribe Camp 11 - 20 - who is a King, i think. They drop Items like a lvl 30 King should, not a lvl around 15.
  11. Hello, my suggestions after playing the last days. Changed siege times for Forts from 60 min to 30 min. Most of the time, the attack on a fort takes place 5 minutes before the end of the siege time. And as a defender you just stand around and get bored. Bring small villages/hamlets into play as the basis for small guilds. These could e.g. only build 3 buildings at rank 1, but have a resurrection point. That alone no longer spawns in the Temple, but in its own area could motivate many players/small guilds. The hamlets should be on the outer edge of the map and ideally only have smal
  12. Hi, at moment in my feeling the game is boring around the siege window. Yesterday we are defending for 3 hours (EU Siegetime from 19:30 to 22:30) but no one attacked. After 2 hours we lost over 50 % of our Members, because there where no action and the changend to other Games/TV - whats more fun for them. We had a couple of new Players after the Beta starts, but my feeling is the 70 % of them play for 2 - 3 Days. Leveling some different Classes, have some PvP, get some Gear - but the most asked for more/other occupations. And then they leaving the Game because there is so little
  13. Shrine - Foundation went invis after placing the blueprint. If you run in the building area you get portet back for some range.
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