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  1. The rainbows were nutcupping shortly after server up on Mourning, well before UDL showed up.
  2. The farming required in Shadowbane was simplistic compared to Crowfall (And yes Mandalore, I had control of a city in SB pre-mine, Brother of Shadows-Mourning, with extensive use of offensive and defensive banes as well as playing with none of those responsibilities in OPP). For us, it was generally nothing more than a macro druid under the lizard temple which doubled as leveling the various classes we all had fun experimenting with. More importantly, the majority of farming in SB was what could be considered end game (even optional) while in CF it's required at the front end to be even remotely viable in pvp. That wide gulf didn't exist in SB. As someone who's been in a guild that went through a period of constantly being burnt to the ground, I agree, SB was good at what it did. Maybe it was missing a mechanic that could have smoothed out that kind of loss. But there is a balance. Losing a fort or campaign right now is meh. The little risk involved makes it as exciting as capping a point in WoW or losing a BG...
  3. They came closer to achieving this in Shadowbane.
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