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  1. Minos are just guineas who have killed enough to evolve to their final form.
  2. Actually, at this point I'd love it if they did a full wipe, so that all these new people will realize that it won't make a bit of a difference. It isn't passive training that is causing the bigger, veteran, organized guilds to lead their factions to success and win fights. It's the fact that they are big groups of organized veterans. How are you going to wipe these player's preference to group up, or their understanding of all game mechanics at a deep level, or their dedication to spend countless hours farming in well organized teams to accumulate mass resources as quickly as possible? You can't. Which is why begging for wipes and resets won't make the game any more fair for people who don't know every aspect of the game, don't run in a big team, and don't have hundreds of hours a week to devote to farming.
  3. Maybe these small guilds should start out in Faction warfare to get established. You're just setting up worst case scenarios to support your point, as if they are the exist in an environment without personal choice.
  4. Would be nice if you could just wipe and reset the thread, eh?
  5. Veteran players in guilds and organized groups are going to rollover new players anyway, even if passive skills were reset. It simply, does, not, matter. By far, the majority of player power comes from gear - and the veteran organized guilds will be back up to blue tier gear within days.
  6. Skulls, for the skull throne.
  7. Who cares, it's Faction, as soon as Dregs comes online Faction will be for all the people who complain in general chat about getting ganked by assassins and not knowing what to do after they reach level 10 on a vessel. If Faction worlds aren't mostly dead and lame, I'd be really surprised.
  8. This has finally been addressed apparently in the same version on test.
  9. Trust me, all of the meaningful testing is being done by the main organized guilds as part of their theory-crafting and innate competitiveness, as they have been doing continuously for years now. This game doesn't need more testers it needs more devs to fix all the bugs we've found.
  10. I keep seeing remarks about the game's population will suffer unless this perceived problem is fixed. I think the reality is that the population of players who wish the game mechanics to conform to their role-play preferences will in fact go extinct at some point in the future. Nothing about the game's design has ever suggested to me that sub-optimal gameplay choices/tactics will be rewarded with success. I was waiting for the video of Todd telling people to "get good" to be posted. I think that about sums it up. This thread was targeted at the same two guys in this video who essentially said don't blame the game for your losses, blame your poor tactics/choices/understanding-of-the-game, so I doubt you will get sympathy from them. There are hundreds of thousands of gamers out there that love PvP-focused team games that require proper team comp respective to the context of the current battle in order to win. Overwatch is an example of that. I believe that Crowfall stands to lose more players by watering down the PvP and catering to demands for a kiddie pool, there are already plenty of options for that kind of experience in the MMO market.
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