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  1. Looks like we'll be carrying forward quite a few new players from ArcheAge at this rate too. Should be interesting to see how many we end up having for any full phases of Crowfall.
  2. Pretty cool. Just waiting on a date where I can actually reserve a name.
  3. Give me tools anything similar to EQ Landmark style voxel manipulation and I'll have a ton of fun building our world.
  4. As long as I can dig holes to trap people in them, I'll be happy.
  5. Sitting here blowing up the server as I read this. Yeah, Archeage is going pretty well these days. numbers are growing so it should lasts us until Crowfall comes around with something of substance. Obviously, you can't determine everything about a game from Alpha 1, but you can at least get a good idea of the direction the game is going and how the developers respond to feedback being provided - and this will be critical to determining if the game is something which the vast majority of our potential players will be interested in crowdfunding - and how loudly we ring the bell to notify the organization that this game is something they should put money into, or how long they should wait before actually funding the title. I think we're all just waiting to see if they can develop a game that matches up to what they're saying they'll do - I'd be surprised if this game isn't well-received by our organization though. I expect a standard pvp-title showing from our guys.
  6. I'm imagining a `Cooking Mama` style forgemastery minigame. :3c
  7. The idea that multiple people can coordinate together to achieve a stronger combo is awesome. So maybe, Player 1 can self-combo his skills for `okay` effect but what if Player 1 uses Combo Starter 1, maybe Person B gets CrossCombo Skill 1 available to them for a `good` effect instead if Player 1 is coordinating with Player 2 and decides not to burn his own Combo Starter. Rewarding multiple players for coordination is something that I'd love to see in this game and not only in regards to CC type moves such as knockdowns. I'd like to see CC-effects rewarded by coordinated combos so they're not stupid easy to hose the field down with.
  8. No matter what people do to try and stop players from having multiple characters in a campaign, people will always have `roommates who play` or multiple computers/accounts in order to get multiple accounts into a single campaign. Trying to stop this from happening with a block of 1 character per account simply rewards people who bring multiple accounts to the table. I say that if a person wants to tie multiple characters into a single campaign and take the risk associated with that choice, let them. --- While we're on the topic: Don't limit the game client to `one instance of being opened`. Please allow us to run the client multiple times per computer so we're not forced to use 5 computers in the house if we have a computer sufficient for opening the game multiple times on it's own.
  9. This sounds like a variant of the whole `it is/isn't P2W` argument, people arguing that their `opinion` of what is or isn't `environment`. Not sure I see the value in even bothering to fuss over what is or isn't PvE. All that matters is that ACE has said that this is a PvP-focused game with player looting and sometimes full-loot and as such the PvE elements are sure to be nothing more than bait for PvP to occur over... not that it'll stop PvE oriented players from trying to isolate themselves away from the PvP as much as possible and then complaining that the PvP is driving them away from the game because they didn't want to PvP in the first place.
  10. Think they already covered the idea of time limits existing anyhow. They already stated that campaigns will operate under various pre-specified time frames for how rapidly the world decays/progresses toward winter and the hunger.
  11. Make some friends, find some people to play games with until Crowfall comes out! Always good to form some bonds and get to know how people are before PvP games that involve full loot.
  12. And this type of concept is exactly why people should relax. Having a `cycle/toggle` bind on the keyboard to switch between 3-5 different nameplate display modes would make it easy to attain more simplified/less cluttered modes. It is very unlikely that the game's UI will have a `single type only cluttered as hell interface`.
  13. The moment they allow me to dual wield trench spades is the moment I am satisfied. I will dig holes and fill them with the bodies of my enemies.
  14. Next time I see some martial artist from a movie hit all enemies surrounding them with a sweeping attack around them, I'm going to tell them to stop and redo the scene. At least it isn't a `shout` PBAoE which somehow does monstrous damage like some games have... or a `I hit the ground, so obviously all of that damage is hitting you around me` right?
  15. Make it happen! I need somebody to share my frustration at people's idiocy with.
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