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  1. State of the Knight 5.8

    I've tried the three different knights and still tend to main Templar. The Knight toolkit is much more fun then the Templar's, but zero sustain and a weak damage shield really make the Knight feel handcuffed without healing support on-hand. Ignoring pit fighters (known to be busted and soon to be changed), myrmidons seem to just be tankier, more self sufficient, do more damage, and have more mobility than either of the plate wearing classes. Templar's saving grace is the group heal functionality of Paladin spec, but it's entirely a one trick pony there. As you've all said before, Knights would feel pretty good if they were given some form of sustain or a greater innate tankiness (bigger hp pool, more damage shields, maybe heal over time or in-combat hp Regen?)
  2. Templar talk.

    I feel like fire damage should just be removed from the Templar kits in general, it seems to be stuck in a stage of incomplete development. Especially since all of the Templar specializations give 10% fire damage bonus but realistically only vindicators get much use from it (but still encounter the previously mentioned issues). Paladin gets the fire damage bonus but not the slashing damage bonus, which again seems misplaced. I'll take the 10% slashing damage instead, please.
  3. Templar talk.

    / Good to know! I haven't ran into many vindicators. On a related note, which abilities of the templar do fire damage besides Divine light (without being modified eg the vindicator tree)
  4. 5v5 Tournament

    Sounds fun, would this happen on a private EK or in a campaign?
  5. Templar talk.

    Agreed! Other 2 specs just lack an identity, period.
  6. Templar talk.

    Answering my own questions as an example: 1). I enjoy the tankiness, ability to do some damage while heading the group. This refers mainly to the paladin spec line. I have also tried Fury (CC) and it honestly feels like one of the most lacking specs in the game with lower damage, what I consider below-average CC ability, and also negligible healing output. One of those categories should be stronger for the Fury spec. 2). A suppress or "grapple" type of CC (immobilizing both yourself and Target) would be nice and fit into the zone control theme while also helping templar be more useful in open field/small scale fights.
  7. Templar talk.

    This forum has been very quiet, so I thought I'd make a post to get some discussion going amongst Templar enthusiasts. Some questions for the crowd: 1) What do you like about the current class (please add what spec(s) you are referring to) 2) If there was one single function you could add to the class beyond it's current "role" of a zone controller, what would it be. For the sake of a real discussion, let's keep this reasonable and try stray away from a functionality that another class clearly does better/more intentionally by design. This is subjective, so basically please put some thought into your reply. As an example, I really like the chain hook of knights, but if Templar had that ability it would be interfering with what knights bring to the table.
  8. What about two siege windows, one suitable for east, one suitable for West. Or one huge (2-3hr) siege window.
  9. I get what you're saying, but keep in mind that stat difference represents more than 10% overall damage increase AND 5% survivability (hp). That's using a very generic comparison of attack power ratio * crit increase ratio * crithit damage ratio, ( in lieu of more rigorous maths and damage equations). I would argue that is quite significant. As mandalore said, "vessels matter". In the context of a group fight these "small" differences lead to an utter defeat or easy victory when these bonuses are stacked on one side. It's part of the game, and people should be aware of it.
  10. Could my rig run Crowfall?

    Yes I run CF on an older gaming laptop with an i7-4k series CPU and mx965 GPU. Your gaming laptop will be just fine, probably be at 45+ fps or higher most of the time. Note that the game engine itself is the biggest cause of low fps and screen stutters at this time.
  11. Bug with inventory / Gear on character interaction: -I cannot remove gear or harvesting tools from my character. -There is an "Overflow 1" message above the inventory -I can move inventory items around in the inventory and use the spirit bank. -Character is a level 30 knight on NA server Dinasias / Balance This occurred after respawning (after fighting someone). When I was dying I was opening the spirit bank to transfer items prior to death. The spirit bank window was still open when I died (prior to releasing). EDIT: Fixed this issue by moving an item from inventory to spirit bank. Looks like my opponent placed a note on my corpse causing the overflow bug. Thanks Zybak!
  12. I'd have to agree with the OP's stances overall. My experiences are limited to only 5.8 but I have definitely spent more time gathering than I have spent PVPing. Part of that is because of the low population, pre-alpha stage, etc. However, I wish it was mostly spent PVPing. I look at it this way: I have a full-time job. I don't want an evening job. Been there, done that as far as MMO's go (haven't we all?). However, I do like the premise of having gathering and crafting be an important aspect in the game, as far as keeping a macro economy going and whatnot. But it needs to be more about the strategy and less about being the guy swinging the axe/pick/etc. [Action harvesting? Are you kidding me? If I want real action harvesting, I will go chop real firewood outside my house or shovel the snow off my driveway]. Incorporating these types of tedious actions funnel the game play towards one direction and one direction only: buy to play, microtransactions, or macro/third-party farmers selling in-game resources online and against the ToA. Because most people would rather spend 1 hour working their real job and skip 5 hours of clicking LMB over and over unless you somehow make it mentally engaging. My understanding of the importance of gathering in the game is to bring to life a real-world economy, and create incentive for area control, defense, and disruption by way of resource harvesting; to incorporate a sense of loss in the game when you die and your big haul is taken away. I think this can be achieved in a better way. I suggest something like this: I would prefer that players act more like foremen and deploy gathering teams (NPC's or devices etc.) that harvest resources for you, and you have to protect them. They can operate on their own but can be overtaken by enemies, thus creating local points of interest and control. Natural control points, if you will. Perhaps there are limited numbers of teams you can deploy per day unless you spec into gathering etc. Maybe gatherer specialists can build turrets or NPC guards for their harvesting teams. I haven't thought this out that much yet. Resources would be collected by players from their harvesting teams, thus maintaining the risk of dying and losing your stuff while transporting your goods back to the beachheads or the nearest fort. Fort and Keep ownership would also thus serve as a real advantage by providing a local safe-haven for banking resources, increasing universal player interest in actually owning keeps and forts. Crafting would remain pretty much as it is. This idea would (hopefully) mean more people in the fields engaged in combat and fewer people stuck doing work they don't want to do. To ensure that this semi-automated style of resource harvesting does not create an overabundance of resources the game already has resource-sinks that can be tweaked such as durability/item decay, and resource abundance on maps. Also, having to protect and/or attack other players' mining camps creates HUGE incentive for small-scale warfare, as zerging around to take one mining node of resources would be highly inefficient. Guilds would need to have raiding parties of their own for timely resource acquisition and disruption.