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  1. Pit fighter champions (centaur race generally regarded as best due to racial armor break debuff) fulfill a 2h-wielding, self-sustaining, tanky brawler type of role. Medium dps, lots of staying power in fights due to self sustain but they won't solo someone that is receiving heals. A Titan Myrmidon is not as tanky as a pit fighter but can dish serious damage and has powers that, when used carefully, can provide sustain/longevity in fights. Half Giants are good Myrmidon races. Minotaurs are also good. Myrmidons are a dual wield class. They also have a ranged root/pull similar to Death Knights in WOW. An Alpha Warrior champion is a high dps, low sustain, medium tankiness, 2h-wielding class.
  2. If you are stuck on going solo: I would play a more self-sufficient class, such as Pit Fighter Champion, Warden Ranger or Archer. This allows you to be overall more effective when adding in to fights solo. A Templar mainly aids allies in group and thus going solo greatly reduced your impact. That being said, a better vessel and gear will always greatly improve your impact and enjoyment of the game. I would try a couple more classes on white vessels and wartribe gear to get by a feel for what class feels good for you, and then work towards better gear. In general you will want to farm up gear and a new vessel regardless, but with some guidance and assistance from the community it won't be as daunting as it looks. Even if you don't feel like joining a guild right away you should try to talk to some of the guilds on your faction and get some rapport so that you can get some assistance (can't be a one-man Craftsman regardless and will need to work with your faction). Check out the CROWFALL community discord, too.
  3. Let us (clams, but I'm sure others agree) know if you want to scrim or duel, even numbers, etc., be it in sunday's finest or all white gear. We've all had the benefit of doing this amongst each other and it helps to give perspective on game mechanics when you know exactly what the enemy is wearing vs. what you have, and test combat tactics and class combos rapidly.
  4. Perhaps adding more range to ressurect spells and increasing the respawn timer would be a better solution, so that strong defence involves a more proactive risk/reward structure.
  5. Building off of what Duffy said, one of the best reasons to talk to longtime players/guilds is to learn which powers/mechanics/passives are either working incorrectly or have a vague description or an unlisted but the community has a clearer idea of the real function or value. This is exceedingly important for the theorycraft part of the game. Some builds, group comps, and even crafted stats can look strong in principle but are either significantly undertuned or outright non-functional.
  6. If you're looking to gear up some Crafters maybe the community can pitch in and get you some Crafters sets. This will hopefully get more Order players fit for combat and competitive on the battlefield and make the game more fun in the current build. I'm willing to help so let me know if you're interested. This doesn't fix the inherent issues in the game but it would be nice if there was a guild on Order to help lead and grow the faction.
  7. I applaud the positive changes to night capping and incentivizing localized violence. However, it's appalling to see that ACE has done little too reduce plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways. There's probably no turtle race is this game because ACE only believes in a world where there are no more oceans, only landfills and wartribes.
  8. Agreed, bring back general chat and keep cross-faction communication.
  9. "Crowfall is actually a Throne War MMO not a simulator." Just remember, for a throne war to happen people must care about the throne. There's very little of this with the current gameplay mechanics. There's also a distinct difference in the popularity between Game of Thrones and Dirty Jobs. If the game is to succeed it needs to be Game of Thrones, not Dirty Jobs with Armored Hamsters.
  10. Mando- Did you go full int with leveling stats or split int / con? Nice use of the stone born racial stats
  11. This will work fine. Expect 60-70fps ungrouped, 10 fps grouped in large fights. Those numbers will remain largely unchanged regardless of getting better PC parts. Until optimization goes in.
  12. Dern

    Templar talk.

    I think this would be appropriate as well. Also, change the Fury passive (max hp per CC). Just doesn't seem to fit that cc line, plus it doesn't heal up that hp. Rather it give like +200 support power per enemy CC'd recently.
  13. I've tried the three different knights and still tend to main Templar. The Knight toolkit is much more fun then the Templar's, but zero sustain and a weak damage shield really make the Knight feel handcuffed without healing support on-hand. Ignoring pit fighters (known to be busted and soon to be changed), myrmidons seem to just be tankier, more self sufficient, do more damage, and have more mobility than either of the plate wearing classes. Templar's saving grace is the group heal functionality of Paladin spec, but it's entirely a one trick pony there. As you've all said before, Knights would feel pretty good if they were given some form of sustain or a greater innate tankiness (bigger hp pool, more damage shields, maybe heal over time or in-combat hp Regen?)
  14. Dern

    Templar talk.

    I feel like fire damage should just be removed from the Templar kits in general, it seems to be stuck in a stage of incomplete development. Especially since all of the Templar specializations give 10% fire damage bonus but realistically only vindicators get much use from it (but still encounter the previously mentioned issues). Paladin gets the fire damage bonus but not the slashing damage bonus, which again seems misplaced. I'll take the 10% slashing damage instead, please.
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