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  1. The /eklistnobles function does not work. The function executes, but does not show any of the nobles in the list. All of the listing functions seem to be not working in this way. And there are nobles in my EK (the Nobles can launch your EK function is working, and it is great).
  2. "Rescue" mechanics seem to be not working. Rescue from Field Surgeon below. You can see that the Rescue activated, but it did not prevent death. (the can't be rescued debuff was not present). Screenshot The Fire of Life spell on inquisitor is functioning the same.
  3. We are currently testing many of the fun and exciting things on 6.2 on TEST SERVER. We're still recruiting, you just won't see us on the LIVE servers much.
  4. Templar's equipping the Thorny Warrior Major Disc are granted Dagger Spin. Cannot use Dagger Spin because it says "Not Enough Energy" Seems like it is looking for Energy resource, not Pips.
  5. Templar "Righteous Reflections" passive power from talent tree not working 100% of the time. Possibly seems to be triggered by being in a certain radius from the attacker initially? Not sure on that one. Paladin new Power - Healing Burst 1) The sound effect being the same as the old ultimate seems a bit excessive, given that it is a frequently used ability. EDIT 10/25: Someone showed my math to be in error. Please Ignore.
  6. We still looking for more see above. We have the best memes and a gigantic salt factory.
  7. Making higher quality Minor disciplines available from only bosses of war-tribes lends to an Uncle Bob mechanic. The rarity of bosses makes it easy for a large group of players to "own" the limited respawns of these bosses, which is anti-fun for pretty much everyone else. I suggest that green disciplines are once again dropped on the Elite wartribe members - perhaps with only a small chance, such as 3-5%. This will make people stay in the wartribe camps to farm the disciplines when the bosses are not available. As it is, only certain types of wartribe classes drop each specific discipl
  8. Getting some absurd craft Assembly Chances in practice. Example: 6 philosopher stones in a row (white materials -> white solutions) with these crafting stats. While it is not outside of the realm of possibility (chance of 6 consecutive flaws being [1-0.5953]^6 = ~0.4% --- I am pretty sure that the displayed assembly chances are wrong and this leads to great frustration.
  9. 1) Druid Life tray has all skills removed every time I log in. Death tray is fine. 2) Sometimes ballista are not taking damage from siege - it might require direct hits (no damage from aoe splash). The wall below the ballista will take damage, however. I have theory that it is linked to #3 - siege shots can pass through walls 3) Ballista and possibly other siege shots hit at the ground level from the target location. Similar to how a druid ball or frostweaver ice is cast - the shots "explode" on the ground below the "contact point" of the projectile. See video below 4) Mdonle
  10. TYPO D'Orion [is] one of the younger gods? Also, how do y'all feel about Oxford Commas?
  11. Thanks for your all your hard work! PS... Now you can say it, right? D E R G S
  12. Mctan, I don't think anyone is advocating for this. And let's be honest, there are still many, many ways for players to decrease their chances of winning on top of ignoring certain scoring cards - you have deliberately provided some examples yourself. A throne war is, by definition, a competition. Would you agree that a competition needs to have multiple competitors actively competing in order for the competition to succeed? If your answer is yes, (my own answer to the question is "yes"), then the rules for the competition need to incentivize participation in the competition
  13. From the responses of people in this thread, this quoted idea seems to be a good solution. Allowing guilds to choose how they want to compete allows everyone to enjoy the game more. You could say the choice is available now, except, as pointed out previously, if you do not participate in a category that is undesirable to you, your team will lose out and become noncompetitive. I don't see this taking away anything from the current game play, either. In a sandbox-esque game, aren't we all looking for the chance to compete by our own terms? All modes of scoring can still be influenced by
  14. Certainly an issue. We have seen a lot of issues with powers that interact with Sin stacks, for example.
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