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  1. Per Rhea's request on stream: For Pit Fighter - to help make it have more of a place in groups and differentiate it from the Barb/Alpha: Make the Aegis barrier and Insanity health and resource generation buff a group-wide effect per the Pit Fighter promotion.
  2. I just saw your previous post on this topic and linked it to my post since it has some cool ideas in it. I think upgrading of guards is a cool idea that would fit into the ideas I posted. It definitely is a tech that "exists" also - not to stay a method of upgrading outposts is an easy implementation but... maybe. Take the upgradable fort design, remove the walls keep it permanently vulnerable to attack and it is basically an outpost, right?
  3. Warning: Long post. Introduction - TLDR included below. I would like the territory game to be more active. I want guilds to be actively fighting to maintain their ownership of their areas of the map. Natural warfronts should materialize when two or more guild territories collide. This will create more frequent pvp action and an overall feel of player impact outside of siege windows. It will also pressure larger guilds to disperse their forces wisely in order to maintain control of their territory, which will become increasingly difficult as guild sizes grow. Currently there are
  4. The naming step is very important to me. I would be very displeased if it were removed. Other than naming items for your friends in a silly and/or debasing manner, it is essential for bulk order management. When you crank out 20 items at once you need to be able to label them so that they can be delivered to the right people.
  5. Hello and welcome to the Crowfall community! I see you used the word "execute" in your video and to be honest we don't really like harsh words like that in our community. This is mostly why your video has not been well received. We have lobbied for ACE to get violent verbs like these changed, but the game is still in beta so they said it is a low priority on their list. That being said, if you could remake your video and change the verbs "execute" to "finisher" and "kill" to "subdue" I think your otherwise interesting build would be better received. This will make the game come more in lin
  6. As a crafter, I would like this very much. I think this would make things so much easier and, like you said, lighten the "click" burden of crafting while preserving the customization currently available. If crafting inter dependencies are still desired by he that makes the crafting system, perhaps make the cosmetic effects something that comes from different crafts, but keep the core stat stuff within 1 craft, as you have posted here. I.E, different hilt or something might add a cosmetic change, and people can pursue that extra effort if they so desire, but it is optional. Just spitballi
  7. We are currently testing many of the fun and exciting things on 6.2 on TEST SERVER. We're still recruiting, you just won't see us on the LIVE servers much.
  8. We still looking for more see above. We have the best memes and a gigantic salt factory.
  9. Making higher quality Minor disciplines available from only bosses of war-tribes lends to an Uncle Bob mechanic. The rarity of bosses makes it easy for a large group of players to "own" the limited respawns of these bosses, which is anti-fun for pretty much everyone else. I suggest that green disciplines are once again dropped on the Elite wartribe members - perhaps with only a small chance, such as 3-5%. This will make people stay in the wartribe camps to farm the disciplines when the bosses are not available. As it is, only certain types of wartribe classes drop each specific discipl
  10. Getting some absurd craft Assembly Chances in practice. Example: 6 philosopher stones in a row (white materials -> white solutions) with these crafting stats. While it is not outside of the realm of possibility (chance of 6 consecutive flaws being [1-0.5953]^6 = ~0.4% --- I am pretty sure that the displayed assembly chances are wrong and this leads to great frustration.
  11. 1) Druid Life tray has all skills removed every time I log in. Death tray is fine. 2) Sometimes ballista are not taking damage from siege - it might require direct hits (no damage from aoe splash). The wall below the ballista will take damage, however. I have theory that it is linked to #3 - siege shots can pass through walls 3) Ballista and possibly other siege shots hit at the ground level from the target location. Similar to how a druid ball or frostweaver ice is cast - the shots "explode" on the ground below the "contact point" of the projectile. See video below 4) Mdonle
  12. TYPO D'Orion [is] one of the younger gods? Also, how do y'all feel about Oxford Commas?
  13. Thanks for your all your hard work! PS... Now you can say it, right? D E R G S
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