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  1. Albion online has a decent take of the siege scheduling. Basically, different zones have different vulnerability windows to fit different time zones, and you can then choose which zone is best to build your hideout in to suit your guild's play times. It's still scheduled siege windows but at least there's an element of control and regularity. On the flip side, this method works better when you can have various holdings in different zones, rather than one big keep.
  2. Dearest Zatch, I am sorry for my poor behavior today during our tussle in the Pit at the End of the World. I realize now that my actions were unwarranted and crossed a heretofore unparalleled level of disrespect. You were willing to show me mercy, despite my attempts slap you into the grave with my sword. Ultimately, my actions cost you a bit of durability, an apple, and an epic maestro hand, and potentially our friendship. I hope that we can mend this sudden rift betwixt us, and, ultimately, bask in the warm glow of friendship once again. May your lawns be lush and green, -Dern
  3. There's been times where stealthers were quite strong, and the reverse. Stealth itself is still quite useful, as information gathering in this game is important. The ganking scene is limited right now due to missing some major game features/loops not yet implemented, but intended to be released in the next patch.
  4. First you must consult the Oracle to determine your rightful path. Next, you must level a vessel in Joveth. Then you must join the campaign, and choose a faction in doing so. This faction choice is set in stone for the duration of the campaign, but applies only to that specific campaign (Infected server of God's Reach is separate and also requires a faction choice. This choice lasts much, much longer). Fight using the gear drops you get from Wartribes and from player vendors selling good wartribe gear. Good blues and greens are a good enough to start out. Eventually you'll want to get crafted gear. More on that later. Once in the campaign, join up with other people to fight the enemy factions. Get victory points for your faction by taking and holding outposts, forts, and keeps. Killing other players also generates some points for you. There's a scoreboard and siege schedule in the map screen of the UI. Nastiest class? The context matters too much. Don't make an assassin. They're cannon fodder at the moment. Trying to gear up and be competitive in combat fast? Do the following: I would pick the following passive trees to level: Combat. Level armor type before weapon type because it applies to many more classes, in general. Exploration. Get all the stuff relating to Ethereal Dust and wood in the first and second tier (Reaping) exploration trees. With your newfound wood harvesting and dust finding abilities, clear-cut knotwood in any location, preferably God's Reach, and collect a large quantity of Ethereal Dust and Chaos Embers. Save the knotwood and apples, you'll have a lot, but there's uses for these. Use the dust and embers to pay established Crafters for Blue quality crafted armor and Blue or Purple (epic) quality weapons and jewelry. You will need approximately 1000 dust for armor and another 1000 for weapons + Jewellery. Plus additional for tipping your Crafters and/or buying crafting materials. Spam General Chat with any other questions.
  5. Dern

    Templar Suggestions

    Quick FYI on CC: Attack Controls: Suppress, blind, cooldown increase Movement controls: Root, slow, includes daze Hard controls Stun, knockdown. -------- Templar gets aoe knockdown from the castigate combo, aoe blind from ultimate, stun from censure. Fury spec also gets the knockdown and daze on Divine Light, and a root on the execute chain. I agree with MrErad that Templars overall are not in a bad spot. I don't think Templars are meant to get much mobility by design, but, as Erad said, there's workarounds. You could choose nethari race for the long distance Dodge, or Elken for the racial Elken charge ability. MrErad and I both play human Templars. We're also the first players in our respective groups to leap into the fray and anchor our Frontline groups, so mobility is a choice we relinquish in lieu of other perks. The Key is to know what role you will be fighting in often and in what environment (Sieges, open field, etc). I actually like that Divine Light stays put. It would be interesting if there was an optional talent to transform the ability to do as you described, to adjust playstyle according to personal preference.
  6. While there is room for more creativity in the disciplines available, the "meta" has been shifting around quite a bit in the last several campaigns. Debuff and buff and CC roles meant to enable specific angles of attack are starting to appear. It's becoming fairly diverse and interesting, imo. People just have to be unafraid to break the mold and have a group of people willing to assist your idea. There's been interesting uses of class combos for fire damage trains, "fire bomb" groups, piercing damage trains, anti-Frontline comps with shieldbreaker+troubadour, full ranged fallback/kite comps, pull-into-bomb comps, and more. There are for sure some core abilities discs you'll see everywhere, like pixie and elementalist, but there's still plenty of room for different builds right now and people are starting to get quite creative. Most of these builds surround a group strategy of how to get kills, rather then a single player with a specific build enabling an entire style of play.
  7. We're looking for more people leading up to the big Dregs patch. We have a small active crew currently, drop in to our discord and say hello if you're interested. We're currently in Order during the Freyron campaign.
  8. I suggest adding a "stackability" rating, as in, how many of this class could you bring per 10 people. I think this may be helpful for newer players. As example, you can bring 3-4 crusader clerics in a group of 10 but bringing more than 2 knights per 10 people is probably less advised. The rating depends on your own biases and play styles but that goes without saying here.
  9. "Contact NW. Focus on Guinecean cleric"
  10. This game provides entertainment for the entire family.
  11. Pit fighter champions (centaur race generally regarded as best due to racial armor break debuff) fulfill a 2h-wielding, self-sustaining, tanky brawler type of role. Medium dps, lots of staying power in fights due to self sustain but they won't solo someone that is receiving heals. A Titan Myrmidon is not as tanky as a pit fighter but can dish serious damage and has powers that, when used carefully, can provide sustain/longevity in fights. Half Giants are good Myrmidon races. Minotaurs are also good. Myrmidons are a dual wield class. They also have a ranged root/pull similar to Death Knights in WOW. An Alpha Warrior champion is a high dps, low sustain, medium tankiness, 2h-wielding class.
  12. If you are stuck on going solo: I would play a more self-sufficient class, such as Pit Fighter Champion, Warden Ranger or Archer. This allows you to be overall more effective when adding in to fights solo. A Templar mainly aids allies in group and thus going solo greatly reduced your impact. That being said, a better vessel and gear will always greatly improve your impact and enjoyment of the game. I would try a couple more classes on white vessels and wartribe gear to get by a feel for what class feels good for you, and then work towards better gear. In general you will want to farm up gear and a new vessel regardless, but with some guidance and assistance from the community it won't be as daunting as it looks. Even if you don't feel like joining a guild right away you should try to talk to some of the guilds on your faction and get some rapport so that you can get some assistance (can't be a one-man Craftsman regardless and will need to work with your faction). Check out the CROWFALL community discord, too.
  13. Let us (clams, but I'm sure others agree) know if you want to scrim or duel, even numbers, etc., be it in sunday's finest or all white gear. We've all had the benefit of doing this amongst each other and it helps to give perspective on game mechanics when you know exactly what the enemy is wearing vs. what you have, and test combat tactics and class combos rapidly.
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