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    naturejoe got a reaction from Tofyzer in 5.8 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/26/18   
    While playing the Ranger (stealth bomb spec), I found my bombs dropping through the floor occasionally. It happened most of the time when on outpost archer towers and frequently in spider cavern type areas. Also, sometimes I would lure a mob over a patch of bombs and the vfx and sfx would play but the mobs would be unscathed. Also if I place bombs from the melee tray with the bomb passive on that turns them into severe dots with additional effects, then open the ranged tray which does not have that passive and something triggers my bombs, the bombs act as the base version not the improved version which is kinda core to the specs identity. This may be intentional, but even if so I believe it should be changed.
    Champions leap is very inconsistent, sometimes it jumps nowhere, sometimes I jump down a small hill bounce up in the air and almost die to fall damage. Sometimes the ability feels great though. My rage bar occasionally quits accurately displaying my rage and will show me with a full bar but I won't be able to use my powers. 
    Minotaur charge does not drag enemies with it and then knock them down at the end like the tooltip states. It launches enemies away if you manage to hit them with the very end of the animation. However, I frequently can do a 180 after running past them and have them take the dmg and be knocked down without launching them. But I have never dragged a mob.
    Please teach monsters how to walk more better and do other things good too.
    This next part is crafting and I am not sure if it's bug or functioning as intended or if the system is not fully implemented.
    While attempting to craft rare or epic runetools I had problems with experimentation. What I have read about how re-rolls did not match up with what happened. A small re-roll on a 7pip experimentation on a rare tool cost 20 dust (whereas I'm hearing 10dust is the proper cost) and the large re-roll just would not work even though I had 200+ dust in my inventory which I assume should have been enough? 
    It would be very helpful if it told us in the crafting menu how much dust each re-roll type cost, especially if it varies. Also, if possible it would be cool to see the chance% of the different outcomes a combine could create. For instance I used 2 rare and 1 uncommon piece, one time I got a rare combine the other times I got an uncommon combine but I was able to experiment on both so neither was a fail? As you continue to add more information in-game on how systems should be working we will be able to give better feedback on them.
    Overall im enjoying my experience and am very excited to keep testing!
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