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  1. Please remove the rez timer when reviving after recalling to the temple. There's no reason to have a timer at that point.
  2. As a woodworker, having the crafting menu auto-select the basic axe recipe when opened from the woodworking bench occasionally results in accidentally making axes I don't want instead of the wood planks I intended to make, since both are the same recipe. Could the crafting benches instead open up to a recipe under their specific craft instead of the general crafting section? Or not default to any recipe? Or maybe even not have the general crafting recipes display at all when using a craft-specific bench.
  3. Feel like a broken wheel bringing this up with each update, but woodworking still has some broken parts: Runic staff recipe is available with no recipe scroll equipped Runic bow recipe doesn't work (the riser takes a polished spherical gemstone, making a "jeweled bow riser" which then does not work in the final assembly where a "runic bow riser" is required - the bow rest made by a blacksmith is the "runic" part and goes into the bow riser recipe) Less bug and more feedback: In addition to the bugs, woodworking recipes also take far more components from other crafts (espec
  4. I definitely think the updated schedules are a big improvement. Not having nightly keep sieges is much better, and the reduced fort schedule gives the forts more value. Having them available primarily when most of the player base is online is the right direction. As mentioned by others, two sieges on Saturday is a bit much. I'd say keep the earlier one and either drop the late one or move it to Sunday night. I'd also like to see the timer on forts increased to give defenders time to rally, as well as some changes so last-second sniping to avoid PVP when capturing them isn't the default.
  5. Nope, shields don't show up under armor either - the only ways to find them are to hope searching for "shield" works or to scroll through the list.
  6. 100% agree here - archers/rangers are WAY overtuned at the moment. As they are now, they can take a player wearing full plate from 10K to 2K health in one volley from almost 70 meters. There is no counter to that.
  7. Account vault: Shields do not show up under the "Weapons" category, even though they are classified as weapons.
  8. If there's *one* thing that desperately needs to be improved right now, it's the inventory situation. I find myself no longer wanting to play, because roughly 2/3 of my time ends up being no more than shuffling items between vessels and storage rather than actually playing the game. Things that are causing this: Removal of local storage Reduction of world bank size when the spirit bank was split int vault/world bank Excessive number of items we now have to collect and are dropped - junk war tribe items, disciplines, etc Unstackable items / small stack sizes on item
  9. Another woodworking / staff construction bug: the runic staff recipe is available without any recipe scroll equipped.
  10. Staff head crafting appears to have an error in it. With only Support Power + Critical Healing Amount components, the resulting staff head adds Critical Hit Damage to the list of stats. That in turn pushes Support Power off the list of stats the crafter can improve during experimentation.
  11. Hunger crystals can drop their items on top of the crystal where it's not possible to reach them, even with double-jump.
  12. In-campaign storage: now even worse than before. Storage is a *massive* struggle now for gatherers, even ignoring the added space that war tribe drops might take. The world bank is substantially smaller than the old spirit bank, which was already pretty limited, plus you've removed local banks. This means there is no longer space to hold the quantities and variety required for crafting. Previously I could keep my working materials for a current request in my crafter inventory, a small stockpile of commonly needed items and food in the keep local storage, and then my spirit bank fille
  13. IF you have crafted bread in your bank and gathered (from trade chest) bread in your inventory or vice-versa, right-clicking the stack of bread in the bank swaps places with the bread in inventory instead of moving the stack to inventory. Really since they're both common-quality bread they should probably stack with each-other.
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