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  1. Equipping the Codex of Mystical Power (runic Tome of Arkon / Mystical Staff scroll) adds the Runestone: Esoteric slot to shield bases and the polished spherical gemstone slot to the bow riser recipes as well as adding those slots to book binding / staff head / staff limb. While that appears to be intended, it seemed odd. It also adds a second normal book recipe, "recipe_woodworking_weapon_book_00" under "Woodworking Weapons"
  2. Furious and Prickly Skin minors showing up on the minor discipline vendor in the temple seems like a bug, unless that's working around those not being added to loot tables yet. Patch notes mention an "Exploration Discipline Vendor" but those don't seem to be placed in the world anywhere.
  3. Not sure if anyone has brought this up yet: The Blacksmithing Techniques minor discipline is still craftable on live under crafting test recipes.
  4. Original post content, specifically mentioning aurochs: On being a leather-wearing class: I went back with a different vessel (level 30 epic ranger with advanced weapons) to see if I had a different experience with another class and slightly better specced character and gear (hint: it wasn't substantially different). I also tried other ranks of aurochs and other creatures for comparison. In no case did I suggest all mobs of a similar rank should be of similar power - though that would be what new players are going to expect. Since mobs have rarely if ever used powers prior to this update, my suggestion was that a tuning pass on their difficulty might be a good idea. You, on the other hand, seem to have taken that feedback rather personally and instead of providing any sort of reasoning for your opinion decided to make your post an attack, because apparently that's your idea of "feedback" or something.
  5. I love this idea. At some level, the high-end part of the named POI caverns are starting to get there with the mix of motherlodes and monsters - but need more than the single resource type and more of a challenge than the zombies and spiders, which don’t currently come close to the low-rank aurochs in terms of threat.
  6. Nice troll. Level 30 fully-specced epic vessel. White advanced weapons (early on day 1 of a new campaign). Leather-wearing class, so skinning aurochs is necessary for decent armor. A pair of R3 aurochs weren’t much different - blind and 5K damage in about 3 seconds. The difference between no armor and intermediate is negligible at those numbers. by way of comparison, killing a group of 5 R5 risen warriors or a pack of R5 pack pigs barely hurts.
  7. Oh, I'm not talking about the top-level animals. The low-to-mid-level aurochs (R5 and below) are doing way too much damage for their ranks right now with their abilities. It's almost like the abilities aren't distributed with or scaling with rank at the moment.
  8. Found some "Bruised Apple" in chests in the world (in an adventure zone). They say "Food Restore: 5" just like apples, but they do not appear to work. Eating them does not change your hunger level.
  9. I'm more concerned that these are effectively the harvest nodes for skinning, and the danger level is infinitely higher than it is for other harvest nodes with how hard the abilities hit, especially relative to rank. It's not like iron nodes fight back.
  10. Spider "Cocoon Bomb" ability needs more of an effect when it does damage. There's no real visual indication that it is doing a lot of damage. It just kind of goes away when it "detonates".
  11. Now that the NPCs are using abilities, you may want to look into tuning them down a bit, especially the ones that need to be farmed for resources. As an example, R5 aurochs can be pretty brutal against a poorly-equipped character. My templar (at level 24 on an epic vessel, with intermediate sword and no armor,because 0 imports) was hit for 1300 damage in a single attack, and they are stacking severe bleeds at 300-500/tick. Their main attack also moves you around, which regularly breaks the templar's righteous parry.
  12. Playing with a Vindicator Templar for the first time tonight, and the math in the talent tree is broken. Here's how: Fiery Perdition: +9% Damage Bonus: Fire Blazing Judgement: +9% Damage Bonus: Fire Vindicator: +10% Damage Bonus: Fire Vindicator: +10% Damage Bonus: Fire cap That gives you a base Damage Bonus: Fire of 28% with a cap increased to 40%. But then Fiery Devotion buffs Damage Bonus: Fire by 15% - bringing it to 43%, which gets capped at 40%. And then the other benefit of the capstone is the passive, which adds Damage Bonus: Fire to your Damage Bonus: Slashing. It also gives +10% Damage Bonus Slashing and increases the cap by 10% (to 40%). So you have: Damage Bonus: Slashing 10% + Damage Bonus: Fire 28% = 38% total - barely under the cap, as long as you're ignoring Fiery Devotion. Then Warrior of Vengeance change Holy Warrior to buff Damage Bonus: Fire by 30%. Only with the other talents that only results in 2% instead of 30% due to the cap. Even with *JUST* the Vindicator capstone and Warrior of Vengeance, the numbers are broken. Vindicator: 10% Damage Bonus: Slashing + 10% Damage Bonus Fire = 20% ... which only leaves 20% to buff with Warrior of Vengeance, making 10% of that buff pointless. (Really 13-19% since at least 1 point of Blazing Judgement is required to open Warrior of Vengeance).
  13. The game loses all audio on occasion if you alt-tab out and back in. Exiting to the EK/God's Reach/Campaign menu gets it back when this happens. This isn't new with this build - it happened with previous versions as well.
  14. Vendor purchasing interfaces could use a way to make bulk purchases. Right now when purchasing potatoes (necessary because they don’t appear to be included in the trade chest loot tables), you have to buy 1 at a time with a confirmation button to click on each individual potato. And you need them in bulk for cooking.
  15. AFK kick could use an advance warning before kicking you, preferably with a timer so we have a minute or two to stop it.
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