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  1. Another hole in the world, this time in Roetham. These are the single biggest killer this campaign.
  2. This is in NA live, Iversidre. View from 2478, 0, 2792
  3. A couple observations on the locations where you can fall through the world: 1. these appear to all be on parcel boundaries. 2. Sometimes there is an invisible hard wall nearby, also along the parcel boundary.
  4. What this results in is a small number of people (3-5) generating the bulk of a faction's score by avoiding any PVP when the total server population is around 10. I'll also add that keep sieges occurring every single night continues to be a problem that is burning out your players.
  5. Got disconnected and dropped to the main menu for being idle. At the main screen, I picked a different character to log back in. When I logged in, I was on the original character who had been disconnected instead of the one I had selected.
  6. Creating a staff head, and the roll options are duplicated. I think with the rename of the crit stats, this got screwed up.
  7. Hunger crystals seem to be protecting each-other from being harvested. An example on NA live is a pair of crystals in Lemmer's Wilds at 1872, 2767 and 1867, 2719.
  8. Stuck location - knocked into it by elk with the charge bug mentioned above: NA Vine-Vredd 2099, 2868. Middle of the elk stand. Can't jump, can't fight, can get attacked at that location. Possibly you can get out if the elk that knocks you in there doesn't immediately jump on top of you. Also, that elk charge *really* needs to be toned down a lot. They have repeatedly pushed me so far with no ability to stop it until they got so far from their spawn that they leashed.
  9. Feature request: At character selection, when viewing characters that are in a campaign, show the name of the zone they are in. Would also be nice if it would show their location on the map when viewing that campaign's map.
  10. Skinning animations are slower than other harvesting animations. This results in not being able to do some of the harvest pip combos that are possible with other forms of harvesting. For example, others can do a 4-1-3 / 4-3-1 combo in the time given with the 7 second 4-pip heightened harvest while that's not possible with the slower skinning animation. Yet another thing making skinning more painful than other harvesting.
  11. Sometimes the elk get stuck in their "Charge" special attack, repeating it over and over. Each time they charge, they knock you back about 30m. Because they're stuck in this loop and it's a movement CC, there is no retaliate and they interrupt all abilities and attempts to dodge out of the next one. They'll often repeat their charge 10-15 times in a row like this.
  12. Skinning is a bonus, when you can actually target the monster you killed to skin it. But frequently the monsters with stands fall into their stand to a spot where you can't target them, like this.
  13. First entry in the list in the "bank recovery" chest is blank. This would be the temple bank.
  14. Fighting a spider queen on a brigand. The queen cocooned on top of the traps, which then exploded killing me with the reflected damage. My sustain healed me *after* I was dead. The cleric in my group could then not resurrect me because I had health.
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