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  1. Logged in a vessel in a keep that had been claimed by another faction (in Yorazia). It teleported me to a "safe location" - inside a rock at 2684, 8, 4098.
  2. New variant on "Loading Zone": Was able to log in a vessel (in the Balance temple on NA). Took about 20-30 steps, then got dropped to "Loading Zone". It looked like this might have been right around the time someone else nearby entered the runegate to leave the temple. Maybe just a coincidence, but it wouldn't be the first time another person's action was duplicated on nearby players.
  3. I didn't see it in the update notes, but brigand spec of ranger can no longer use quivers. This now makes it the only spec in the game with a consumable resource (other than via durability) needed for its combat abilities.
  4. There appears to be one specific ranger who is abusing the hell out of this. I haven't seen it happen when fighting any other rangers.
  5. Campaign is 100% broken. At first, I thought it was just my vessel that had logged out in the keep, which can no longer log in - but whatever that bug is also seems to be preventing two other vessels that are in the campaign from logging in - a second one in the keep and one in the temple. I *can* still log in vessels that are on my EK and on God's Reach. Already sent logs in to support.
  6. Here's another 5.9 animation bug I've hit several times. I haven't narrowed this one down yet. Frequently my centaur on my EK doesn't animate when harvesting. Swapping to another vessel and back often fixes this temporarily. I haven't spent a lot of time yet trying to reproduce this on other vessels / races. At first I thought it was related to using a crafting table - but I've also encountered this when harvesting right after logging in without doing anything else in the interim. When I notice this happening, most combat abilities also do not play animations. It's frequent enough, I hit it probably 95% of the times I enter my EK.
  7. Let's throw heartwood in that list too, since it comes in 5 types (ash, birch, oak, spruce, yew) x 5 qualities (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary), while there is only a single use (quivers) and the type of heartwood doesn't matter - and the sacrifice value is negligible at best.
  8. Was playing around with the keep pieces in an EK. After a while, several things stopped working: After placing some keep pieces in temporary locations to make inventory space, they could no longer be moved / picked up. The bar fills to full but then nothing happens. Crafting tables in the EK stopped responding. Switching characters did not fix this. I had to log out of my EK long enough for it to shut down and re-launch it for things to start working again.
  9. I found it was about as efficient if not more to loot trade chests on God's Reach for high-quality leather. Paraphrasing a guild member, "I click F and get 4 epic and 8 rare hides."
  10. That seems roughly on par with what I saw in my hunger crystal farming, though I think I hit somewhat fewer total crystals. I focused heavily (but not entirely) on R9s, which resulted in 3 legendary hunger shards, 7 epics, a dozen or so rares, and stacks of around 5-6 of each type of uncommon. Also one woodworking tool and one blacksmithing tool. That farming also resulted in somewhere around 500 common sacrifice shards (which effectively have zero value, and mostly were destroyed as junk), one stack of uncommons (of limited value), and maybe 75 total XP in blue+ sacrifice shards that had any use for sacrifice value on decent (blue) vessels.
  11. The stonemasonry discipline tooltip says it grants alchemy recipes instead of stonemasonry recipes. It does appear to grant the jewelcrafting-related recipes. Cannot verify the other components (geomancy / architecture), as EKs aren't working.
  12. Can't get gold from the test vendor. Drag to inventory, it pops up the "purchase" confirmation. After clicking confirm it makes the purchase sound, but no gold shows up in my inventory. [Nevermind: had missed the "overflow 1" from the God's Reach free weapon. Had slots available, but no 1x2 space. That should probably have a notification that the purchase failed.]
  13. The bow rest is a component of the bow riser instead of the runic bow recipe. The bow riser is asking for a bow rest and a polished spherical gemstone, and not a runic bow rest. In that case is it possible to craft an invalid bow riser or waste a gemstone by using a non-runic bow rest with a spherical gemstone in the riser recipe? That inconsistency seems like it’s making the recipe prone to errors.
  14. The only reason I didn't suggest one of the parts that go into the riser (grip, sight, rest), is that seems like it'd take a larger rework of the recipe - either the riser itself would have to have a separate runic recipe, or one of those parts would have to move to the final assembly on the runic bow recipe. I wouldn't want to see that requirement on the limbs, because that would make the runic bow more expensive than other weapons and allow for double the additional stats from the runestones by including two of them.
  15. It is intentional that runic bows, unlike all other runic weapons, do not require a Runestone: Esoteric in their construction? If so, that's yet another point against the ranger class, since the runestone is what adds Final Damage Modifier to the weapon. As it stands, the recipe is: 2x Bow Stave Limb 1x Runic Bow Riser 1x Bow String 10 Ethereal Dust Maybe the Runestone: Esoteric should be added to the bow string (and the final assembly would then require a runic bow string), as that's the only other singular component involved. Bonus: it gets leatherworkers involved in the runic weapon crafting tree.
  16. I’ve had a few of those drop from R8+ hunger crystals. Have not seen them drop from anything lower yet.
  17. I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but the war tribe artifact binds are absolutely garbage. By the time one gathers enough artifact items to bind from farming war tribes, they've far out-leveled the ability to sacrifice them. Or on a decent vessel, you've out-leveled their value before you even start on war tribes - so they're just a whole lot of junk filling limited inventory space. Example: a level 15 rare (blue) vessel cannot sacrifice common (white) or uncommon (green) items. Across three blue vessels, I have yet to see enough rare/epic artifact component drops to assemble even one rare+ artifact bind - but I have *many* common/uncommons. Attempting to mix a small number of higher rank pieces in a bind almost always results in a lower result, meaning that's a waste of the higher rank components, so that's not really an option.
  18. [Removed, wrong tab = wrong thread] As another skinner, my experience is very similar to Phroot's. This system is not currently good or fun in the slightest.
  19. Equipping the Codex of Mystical Power (runic Tome of Arkon / Mystical Staff scroll) adds the Runestone: Esoteric slot to shield bases and the polished spherical gemstone slot to the bow riser recipes as well as adding those slots to book binding / staff head / staff limb. While that appears to be intended, it seemed odd. It also adds a second normal book recipe, "recipe_woodworking_weapon_book_00" under "Woodworking Weapons"
  20. Furious and Prickly Skin minors showing up on the minor discipline vendor in the temple seems like a bug, unless that's working around those not being added to loot tables yet. Patch notes mention an "Exploration Discipline Vendor" but those don't seem to be placed in the world anywhere.
  21. Not sure if anyone has brought this up yet: The Blacksmithing Techniques minor discipline is still craftable on live under crafting test recipes.
  22. Original post content, specifically mentioning aurochs: On being a leather-wearing class: I went back with a different vessel (level 30 epic ranger with advanced weapons) to see if I had a different experience with another class and slightly better specced character and gear (hint: it wasn't substantially different). I also tried other ranks of aurochs and other creatures for comparison. In no case did I suggest all mobs of a similar rank should be of similar power - though that would be what new players are going to expect. Since mobs have rarely if ever used powers prior to this update, my suggestion was that a tuning pass on their difficulty might be a good idea. You, on the other hand, seem to have taken that feedback rather personally and instead of providing any sort of reasoning for your opinion decided to make your post an attack, because apparently that's your idea of "feedback" or something.
  23. I love this idea. At some level, the high-end part of the named POI caverns are starting to get there with the mix of motherlodes and monsters - but need more than the single resource type and more of a challenge than the zombies and spiders, which don’t currently come close to the low-rank aurochs in terms of threat.
  24. Nice troll. Level 30 fully-specced epic vessel. White advanced weapons (early on day 1 of a new campaign). Leather-wearing class, so skinning aurochs is necessary for decent armor. A pair of R3 aurochs weren’t much different - blind and 5K damage in about 3 seconds. The difference between no armor and intermediate is negligible at those numbers. by way of comparison, killing a group of 5 R5 risen warriors or a pack of R5 pack pigs barely hurts.
  25. Oh, I'm not talking about the top-level animals. The low-to-mid-level aurochs (R5 and below) are doing way too much damage for their ranks right now with their abilities. It's almost like the abilities aren't distributed with or scaling with rank at the moment.
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