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  1. Another woodworking / staff construction bug: the runic staff recipe is available without any recipe scroll equipped.
  2. Staff head crafting appears to have an error in it. With only Support Power + Critical Healing Amount components, the resulting staff head adds Critical Hit Damage to the list of stats. That in turn pushes Support Power off the list of stats the crafter can improve during experimentation.
  3. Hunger crystals can drop their items on top of the crystal where it's not possible to reach them, even with double-jump.
  4. In-campaign storage: now even worse than before. Storage is a *massive* struggle now for gatherers, even ignoring the added space that war tribe drops might take. The world bank is substantially smaller than the old spirit bank, which was already pretty limited, plus you've removed local banks. This means there is no longer space to hold the quantities and variety required for crafting. Previously I could keep my working materials for a current request in my crafter inventory, a small stockpile of commonly needed items and food in the keep local storage, and then my spirit bank filled with stacks of resources of various type/quality (it takes 25 slots per resource type for one stack of each quality/type, plus more for the secondary resource types). This has added to degenerate gameplay like vendors as additional banks, extra vessels and accounts just for more storage. We keep hearing promises about how storage is going to be addressed "soon" only to have it be made worse and worse, with each update either increasing the variety of items or now also reducing the space we have to store that increased variety.
  5. IF you have crafted bread in your bank and gathered (from trade chest) bread in your inventory or vice-versa, right-clicking the stack of bread in the bank swaps places with the bread in inventory instead of moving the stack to inventory. Really since they're both common-quality bread they should probably stack with each-other.
  6. Since this topic is hot right now, let's talk about how the current implementation of "kills" and "assists" are bad metrics to use for scoring and some ideas to make it better. First, for those new to the topic, "kills" on the scoreboard are granted for doing the last bit of damage to an opponent. That could be 1 damage or 1000, as long as it brings their health to 0. That encourages sniping the last hit on an already-low target. Assists are granted for doing any damage to a target. A lot of proposals suggest weighting those values so kills are worth more than assists. I would argue that kills, as implemented, shouldn't weigh more than assists. A more appropriate metric for tracking a player's contribution in a fight would be the portion of damage done to a target, either within a fairly short time before death, or since the last time that target was at full health, or some combination of those, such as resetting the scores after a target is at full health for a minute or so. A system like that could continue to include deaths as subtracting from the score (as opposed to K/D). That might even count deaths in a similar manner - the value is the proportion of damage that came from players, since PvE damage also wouldn't be counted in the positive score, unless "R10 Guard" gets an entry on the scoreboard.
  7. Soothing Winds from the Pixie Dust discipline has a bad tooltip:
  8. This combination of buff/debuff feels really odd. Maybe you shouldn't lose chicken legs while in a "dined" state.
  9. Sound effect when right-clicking to remove an item from account vault is REALLY LOUD relative to other sound volumes.
  10. I'm finding that on duelist, I fail to land basic attacks frequently, even when in the new shorter melee range. I'll land one hit and then miss several in a row (no damage, no pips gained). Also, enemies want to be completely on top of me - so close that it's nearly impossible to be sure they're still considered "in front" of me. Edit: watching this more closely, it appears to be trying to attack a target other than the one directly under my reticle. I can have my crosshair directly on the close target with an enemy a few steps back and off to the left but still within the circle, and it picks the distant enemy instead of the one more directly targeted.
  11. Another death-related bug: when reviving at the dragon statue if you have to wait for the timer, it goes into negative time remaining until you move away and back into contact with the statue.
  12. After trying for a couple hours today, 5.100 is way too bug-filled to have been pushed to live. When is 5.101 coming?
  13. Free-for-all cairn looting in God's Reach: needs to go away. There's no recourse possible against the other players who do so.
  14. When respawning at the dragon statue, you have to almost intersect the statue to be close enough. You can't get close enough if you're all the way at ground level - you have to be a half meter off the ground and pushing into the statue for the option to show up. The dragon statue needs a larger radius.
  15. Got killed by an Urgu Champion that appeared to be 100% invulnerable to all damage for the duration of the fight. It was behaving like his actual position was not where I was seeing him. After returning to the temple in crow form, no input worked and I had to Alt-F4 the client. Edit: logged back in after alt-F4 as crow in the temple. Was a crow at a war tribe location nowhere near where I died.
  16. Found some missing doobers and other effects... off the edge of the world
  17. The new Account Vault UI needs a sort by "type" option, so harvested resources are grouped together. None of the existing options can do that - For example, "Durable Hide" and "Soft Hide" have anything with a first letter between E and R between them if sorted by name. If sorted by value, it appears to be sorting by the value of the stack, and sorting by size is (mostly) pointless.
  18. Possibly related to above stuck harvesting effects: sometimes harvesting (seen on R5 iron so far) produces doobers that are invisible. I still hear the sound effect when I pick them up. Edit: I just noticed that harvest ultimate effects aren't playing anymore either. Edit 2: it looks like ethereal dust and chaos embers aren't showing up - even after a client restart. They do exist and you do pick them up if you run over the spot, but they're not visible.
  19. Small trade chests incorrectly bring up the "Building materials are needed to repair forts" tutorial message.
  20. Doober effects get stuck on-screen during harvesting. I imagine with more than the 30 seconds it took to get this many, this will rapidly be a big problem for bulk harvesters.
  21. Another hole in the world, this time in Roetham. These are the single biggest killer this campaign.
  22. This is in NA live, Iversidre. View from 2478, 0, 2792
  23. A couple observations on the locations where you can fall through the world: 1. these appear to all be on parcel boundaries. 2. Sometimes there is an invisible hard wall nearby, also along the parcel boundary.
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