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  1. 31.12.18 Things ive noticed while playing: The guild finder has no eu or na choice and barely any space for the guilds to write things ive joined about 4 that are all na which is not what i want. Crafting menu buggs if you open your bank during it and get something out you have to manually place the item in the crafting recipe instead of clicking it. crafting in general is very long winded quite hard for a solo player to achieve everything quickly so you can actually pvp not everyone wants to play in a massive trading zerg. Mount: hard to get it to turn off i have to hold the mount button down for a second to stop the mount speed letting me do things after that. Lag can be pretty bad on eu with constant jumps and stops. Spirit bank is very slow to take in new items and sometimes doesnt at all Items do not automatically stack its really annoying. You cant open your inventory while moving this is the first game in a long time that ive seen this really unproductive mobs sometimes when they get stunned or charged they disapear into the air landing in very random places sometimes never landing at all or just resetting there aggro. Trying out the beserker finally at lvl 30 will give feedback at a later date.
  2. Looking for active guild-EU-chaos prefered Gmt 0 timezone Active player i have a job 50-60 hour weeks and responsibilites so i play as much as i can usually on sunday's,mondays,tuesday and wednesday then the rest of the days a quick log in now and then. Wealth of mmo experiance mainly played pvp games but i do like to craft on the downtimes,As soon as crowfall fully releases it will be my main and only game. Looking for a more mature guild English speaking aswell.
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