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  1. Bug: While leveling my assassin, damage from behind seemed to be fine. After joining someone else to grind, I noticed I was doing 0 damage from behind. Nothing in the logs indicating 0 damage, but it is clear the health isnt moving at all. Basic attacks and backstab do not work, but diffusion does. Still gain pips from the attacks.
  2. I would like to know if there are any plans to balance/limit player numbers per faction prior to the first sanctioned campaign. This type of thing might not be very popular, but as it stands now theoretically every active guild could join one faction and stomp anyone unfortunate enough to not be on that side. Right now, not a big deal but 'when it counts', winning will matter and it is a real potential outcome. It would be a real waste of time for every siege to end up being 100v10 as nothing would be gained testing wise.
  3. I think the Fae Dash (combat wise) is the best, along with Wood Elf, for the topic of racial abilities. Double Jump + dash gets some serious spacing, plus disengage jumps. I do think they are strong, but not OP. Once there is more population, harvesters will go out together which will make them less effective. On the flip side, once you can't just swap disciplines it will be harder to just slot anti-stealth. In the game's current state (i know minors will be baked into talent tree) I think it is unreasonable to have a harvester have to sacrifice a major disc for detection. Mole hunter/illusionist could be examined and put into a minor disc maybe. Something that is annoying for harvesters to use, but increases their chances of detecting a stalking assassin. Obviously not viable considering the future of minors, but you get the concept. For group combat (5v5+), I've seen a mixed bag. But it all boils down to the basic "have someone protect your healers". When they do, I go in and get melted in seconds. But in smaller 3v3-ish size fights, the healer has to run or die. They ARE niche and I think look stronger than they actually are right now because of a lot of new players that don't know how to deal with them on a day-to-day basis. Once things normalize and the average player skill increases, they may very well be underpowered. There are so many mechanics in the game to counter them. Every single DoT, plus detection can totally neutralize an assassin. It's a cool class right now but might just be the flavor of the test.
  4. Devs posted in general chat, they are aware and on it.
  5. Great video as always! Banshee is a interesting choice. I will give that a shot for sure. Ive been running Agent Provo because IMO it gives you some more opening options. A) the caltrops also give the snare. b ) the stun can sometimes bait out their retaliate and you just follow up with kidney shot and they are just stuck. Also it can close the gap if someone is just out of reach. Not to mention every fight starts with full pips. But I am very curious to try Banshee to do more damage when they are low to finish the kills. A good tip for me is the poison. I use Nature because it chunks so much, but it is horrible with Diffusion, which I don't use because of it. I didn't know it had the potential to do that much damage, even if randomly. I also have a problem with "too many abilities" where after opening, once I get through KS, backstab, In the zone, Call darkness, they are either dead or its time for me to restealth and just restart with the burst. Thanks for the tips!
  6. My crosshair permanently turned into the "weak spot" marker while skinning spiders. Skinned about 3-4 spiders after it started, and did not get any weak spots to show on any of them either. Relogging did fix.
  7. I posted in the bug im having in the previous build. The short version is once I ate higher quality food that gave me the ore buff (meat + apples + garlic) I couldn't use harvesting disciplines. That is still ongoing. I have no buff in my skill tree to equip but now it is worse, as I cannot equip a secondary major discipline at all. At first try, it consumed the rune but did not go in the slot and said "you cannot equip this item". I cant unequip anything as nothing is there, but also cannot put anything in that slot. So long and short of it is, cannot use any harvesting major disciplines but combat ones do work in one slot and the second slot is totally bugged. Even with the one harvesting discipline equipped, still no actual buff. Relogging doesn't help, the campaign resetting didn't help and got worse since. Edit: relogging did fix my second discipline to be available to toss out replace, but still no harvesting disciplines can be used.
  8. Earlier today I had a bug with my major disciplines, in particular harvesting ones. Sadly I did not notice the order or anything like that so I cannot be overly specific. The second thing I am not sure if a bug or not, but will mention. I had Miner/Skinner equipped when I noticed I was not getting the bonuses from the pips from Mining. For some reason it was showing the logging buff, even though that was not equipped. Even when I unequipped both Mining/skinning disciplines, I still received the bonuses from the pips. The only thing out of the ordinary I did was craft the Big Cat food.. Meat + Apples + garlic. That was when I noticed because that is supposed to give a bonus to Ore gathering. I tried to change my disciplines many times and the buffs never changed. In the end I recalled, and relogged and the buffs were both gone, even though I still had the skinning discipline one equipped. So it seems I could no longer get the harvesting buffs after this point from disciplines. The second 'bug' may be intended. I made a Wood Elf Ranger who took the Brigand talent tree. I did enjoy the Wood Elf racial of Camo, which by the way let me mount up without being revealed and zip around the map. However once I unlocked the Stealth Tray, the racial ability to Camo was now gone. So this might be two fold, in losing the racial ability when earning the Stealth tray. And also being able to mount/zip around the map while relatively stealthed could also be.. not intended. Even without the mount part though the racial ability was better than the talented Stealth because of the speed even just walking.
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