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  1. No flexing in front of the mirrors, its just weird.
  2. This right here is the is the core of Crowfall. The rest of the OPs post lists out some of the many supporting arguments towards this truth. One that I would like to add, as a fellow "affinity for MMO PvP" guy: You cannot sustain a game based on "features", there has to be a solid foundation. If this is a role playing game, that needs to come in depth and lore, emotes and interaction, housing and clothing etc. For a combat game it requires an acceptable combat experience where each player has the ability, through skill and progression, to outclass their opponent and effectuate victory. I won't even say "balance" because I believe that to be a horizon in a MMO combat game, not something that you actually arrive at, but there needs to be that acceptable opportunity to cause your own victory. This game just doesn't have it. They have knobs and features and 18 new lamps in the temple zones. If you release the game and then re-apply the last 5 years of development progress to the game, where are we 5 years from now? We're pretty much right here. Even so, I have hopium, I'm very willing to be proven wrong and have to apologize for this post. Please make that a reality.
  3. This post was worth reestablishing my login credentials. It's timeless and complete. See you in another year.
  4. Unless you pay me all the dollars I will come back to this game and re-destroy this guild.
  5. I used BlairMath(tm) to come to the following conclusion: It's not confusing because the root of confusion is not knowing and if you don't know that you are confused then you don't know and if you don't know how do you even recognize that you are confused thereby making you not confused by said failure to recognize your confusion.
  6. Does the BotG activatable racial no longer give you 5% healing mod? It used to give you 5% for stage 1 plus 1800 point barrier (3 min duration) then an additional (stacking) 5% for stage 2 (30 sec duration) with another 1800 point barrier. Those combined with Makin' Me Angry, high CON, block etc were the crux of a tanky cleric. Your BOTG only states barriers. The stage 1 uptime of 5% healing mod is what really helped you overcome the fact that you were a relatively unintelligent race.
  7. I agree totally. Changing the group size would help the current iteration of healer gameplay - BUT - healer gameplay is horrible, so even though it would flow better, it still would not be a fun overall experience, IMO. But yeah, I'm all for making horrible things somewhat less horrible, so I'm with you there. Over the years I've seen nearly every prominent healer main give multiple healer experience breakdowns and suggestions - probably >100 suggestions on how to make it better. Even if you think that every single one of those suggestions is wrong/bad, you at least have to recognize the number of healer mains that are effectively saying "healing needs work". If we had a follow command people would just bot healers, its that bad.
  8. I mean he's right. Activity needs to happen to keep people interested in playing. However you manage it, it needs to happen. And it would really help if that activity is actually enjoyable.
  9. When I play this game it feels like I'm playing a 10 year old browser game. It's just not fun. Two things that make this game not worth it to me are: The combat is so clunky and imbalanced. No balancing efforts they've ever implemented have made sense. They've only ever been able to react to things that people say are OP on the forums (regardless if those people are correct or to what degree they are correct/incorrect). As a subsection to bad combat is healer combat experience. Healer-play specifically (which is what I always play) is just horrid. Healer gameplay is by faaaaaaaaaaaaar the worst that I've ever experienced since starting online gaming in 1995. There's no depth, there's no difficulty, there's no way to excel, there's no impact, there's no decisions to make - tbh, it should just be removed. Second would be performance. I understand what they are up against in trying to fit so much information and objects into a large space with a large amount of people. But even with that, there is a minimum standard of performance that people expect - more than expect, require. If FPS sometimes dipped down to 30 and averaged 45-60, the game would be barely playable. Anything less is 100% a dead game. Harvesting and crafting are also not fun. Blair makes things so god damned tedious I don't even want to touch it. But if I did, I'd have to add those to the list. And well, that list is just about everything the game has to offer. Yikes.
  10. If I'm being honest, those dev diaries were ok the first couple, then it seemed like a chore that no one wanted to do and was fast-typed by the intern 30 mins before it went up. With the game in this state, really update they post besides "we're working on performance" is a straight L.
  11. I think we’ve found another internet guy who is going to try and out-argue Jah. Little does he know, Jah brings his #playtocrush mentality to the forums as well. Let’s pop the corn and see where this one ends up.
  12. ACE devs are boomerbads. They don't play their game. They are also listening to other boomerbads ask for game to be made so they can play it with two mouse buttons and two keyboard buttons. When that doesn't help boomerbads win, they'll be back at the teet with another epic complaint.
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