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  1. Thats not feedback, thats a bug report. Please use the proper thread.
  2. Kombine added to HVT kill order. Tnx for the intel.
  3. This sounds like someone who doesnt play the game - could be wrong. Its the "It's just not good enough for me" rhetoric. EVERY game develops a meta, its up the the devs to keep things fresh and cycle the metas with balance changes. But there simply isn't some magical balance where all things are equal. And this doesn't limit creativity unless you are a meta follower. Finding the new meta takes alot of creativity and a very sound general knowledge of a games base mechanics. This game has had its meta change even without changes from the devs. As the compositions change, the (consistently) losing teams will change their comp to give them a bigger chance at winning. If this works, the meta now changes until the other team can find a way to counter what they are doing. It keeps going. This game has VERY customizable charcters with discs. You can be a defensive support with runecaster, or maybe an offensive support with plague lord. The basic structure of how all this fits together is pretty nice. We'll see how they develop it.
  4. The forts that come up before Siege will be like that, and there seems to be one thats consistently drawing attention, I like this design. "Bunker Comp" is juvenile IMO. You see them get pushed out sitting on top of EIGHT freaking circles. Systematic aggressive focus should regularly win over that - even without a bomb druid. The only time you should see success vs even numbers is when they attackers are spreading damage, which plays into the bunker comps strength. As long as you play knowing this, templars and paladins are pretty worthless until someone gets into execute range vs other damage/tank options. They don't have to be played with any thought. Circle off cooldown? Yes, k, place circle. Circle off cooldown? No, k see if theres something to execute. yes? Execute, no? parry/riposte. It's too transparent and they are sooooo slow during the parry phase. And then that one time a bunker comp has to fight outside of an enclosed space and the melee ball just keeps them corralled while ranged/pits take out their backline - yeah, no thanks. You're coming into every battle giving full control immediately to your enemy and hoping they don't know how to respond.
  5. Play literally any other game, candy crush, doesn't matter, and it quickly illuminates just what a chore playing or play-testing or pushing buttons on this game is. Needs another 10 years of development. And while, sure, its a "testing" environment, no one is interested in a chore for their limited free time.
  6. This is all wrong. JK, I luh u
  7. 3 different (4 if you count EK) game modes, massive maps with slow invisible non-jumping mounts, all for 100 people? Or is it down to 50 now? Might as well be single-player.
  8. Ble

    Paladin (healing) Templar

    Feel free to use it and get poorly made socks on by proper comps.
  9. There needs to be an option of 3) completely delete this system and implement something exponentially less tedious, with monumentally less time to master. God I hate this skill system. It’s a complete turn-off for new players. 1) they start playing 2) start to enjoy the game 3) start to understand the game and the importance of passive training, 4) see that they are months behind, 5) go play WoW classic.
  10. The most important thing is composition, having the right classes is paramount. The more disciplined your group and the more coordinated and communicated your allies, the better you’ll do. Add on top of that better gear and vessels, per capita, and overcoming numbers starts to happen. Then, after the above foundation is achieved, maneuvers like you described will become effective. Mostly I see that if my opponent doesn’t have sheer numbers advantage, in an open field fight, they cave to no foundational discipline.
  11. The bads will like this change until they realize the people they were trying so hard to beat are gone from the game and not likely to return. So the drive to accomplish gone, what next? Craft stuff untouched, harvest stuff untouched, now without pvp, the need to replace or improve gear is removed. The need for crafters diminishes. They leave. Gatherers and people trying the game out will be the final players, 10-25 max I’d say. Game is dead. Dreggs might bring some back but that’s probably years down the road. And even if you come back for dregs format, the same broken interactions and abilities will slap you in the face. Well job ACE.
  12. I would queue/play hunger dome non stop out of siege time if it was available. Think of all the combat data they could record! but tbh, things seem to be going the opposite way of logic and fun. They’re too busy thinking up more place holders and needless tedium, and if they get caught up on that I suspect the first thing they’d do is hold a round table on making things more grindy and how they could better ignore broken abilities. Bad Chaos will continue hiding in safe zones and sneaking around capping while cowardly avoiding fights. That’s the future of Crowfall.
  13. The new map on test WILL NOT promote PvP. The adventure zone needs to incentivize people to come there with high resources, and increase risk of farming there due to others coming there to patrol. This creates PvP. Having sporadic, but mostly lower, resources as compared to GR Rank8 is highly ineffective. And no, changing GR rank will also not promote PvP. There has to be a reason for people to bring their machine to the adventure zone. Their combat comes to protect their harvesters, others combatants come to find/challlenge the harvesting machine. Is anyone going to go and farm R7-8 nodes, especially when you're not guaranteed a cluster of R8 large enough to satisfy a route? Please adjust.
  14. wow classic wanes CF right in the wane
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