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  1. I'd like to see PvP, I know I know, this is a PvE game, but one can hope.
  2. I’ve nit seen anything but just wanted to check if there’s been a fix to loading zone bug? That 100% determines if I participate in today’s CW or not as I don’t want to get locked off my char and have my gear disappear at CW end.
  3. Testing is a partnership. We need direction and information (whats being changed, what they'd like tested) from the development team. We get no change notes and nothing outside of "test this game" for direction. The development team gets test results unlike any canned testing environment can provide (limited access test servers, bot testing, script testing). The Development team also has accountability to provide progress, not just change. There have been definite moments of progress, so I'd not give them a bad grade for that one, but the level of communication around what and why they are changing is crippling to my own testing experience. I am not motivated about testing, and neither is anyone else apparently, since no one is testing, even when you turn Live server into Test 2.0. I have no idea whats going on. I am faced with a reduction in access to materials, bugs around gathering, bugs with crafting, increased tedium in leveling, greater durability loss, inability to use my class in combat, skills of my class not working - and all this from a new patch, not just ambient testing environment frustrations. You say "they need people actually testing" and I'd say they would have it, if they'd hold up their end of the partnership. If they don't, the numbers will continue to dwindle until each new major release and smaller portions of the population will return each time to try it out. Ghostland testing in between major release milestones doesn't seem productive to me.
  4. You're assuming it wasnt ACe who did it...
  5. Also try logging into GR. That helped me finally get past loading zone. I was able to bank my gear, thought I’d lose it. Tried getting in campaign >15 times and only came back dead once. Banked my gear and promptly logged out of that mess until they fix some stuff.
  6. They need to role back to the previous version and spend another weeks/months on 5.90.
  7. Couple of things here. I don't think that alpha players are "hardcore 12 hour a day players" in fact, NONE of my guild is that way. If you had to categorize or generalize this population it would be "people who played shadowbane" and "people who played shadowbane and then recruited other people" and the smallest portion "people who found the game on their own". I would not expect the demegraphic for this game to change much, so I would not expect the play characteristics, which is largely determined by someones demographic, to change much either. What I would see happening is larger, more organized hardcore guilds and gaming communities trying out this game... so it might in fact, be the opposite of what you say. The reason that we are progressing to "end game" as fast as we are is that we've maxed out all passive skill training in all fields and that has given us access to the highest level of materials and gear. It would be slower in a "release" game since the rate at which you gain skills is going to be slower. It's possible they are just testing the 'knobs' that control the drop rates, but ACEs dereliction in the area of change notes is the highest I've experienced in any pre-beta setting and it creates a negative experience whenever access to portions of the game are reduced. The reduction doesnt necessarily cause the negative experience, but the exposure to the reduction and the fact that we don't know if it was on purpose or is some bug - because again, change notes. We're here to test, and testing is great, but testing is a partnership. Information and progress are what they should be giving to the testers. In turn, we provide play testing and feedback. If we are not given information, we're testing from a position of ignorance and that diminishes our effectiveness, and in turn, their productivity and progress. But the fact that >10 people were ever on the test server at one time, even after being asked to test 5.90, shows you that tester/development relationship is also built on the ability to play, have fun and be competitive. If they do not maintain those, they will not have testers. Want further proof of this? Well lets look at this latest horrid release of 5.90 on live: Middle of the day on a Saturday and only 35 people online... I can snip it again at siege time if you're not convinced. TL;DR: You want the game tested? We need a stable environment to play and the opportunity for competitive play and reasonable access to gearing/advancement.
  8. Not a fan, sounds like you want to some way to avoid fighting in a siege by going wide around the fight and standing in some circle to protect your keep? Or maybe extend the siege window by a time factor of 100% made up by circle standing? There's already a larger portion of points available to circle standing than what is given by the 1 hour siege window. What feels like a "ZERG RUSH" to you is a coordinated planned aggressive and systematic display of domination on the part of your opponents. Do you have any ideas that bring people together for continuous PvP and make it where the attackers cannot avoid being in a fight and still win (example: Your faction openly exploiting zone caps last CW, and still getting wrekt)? I like those kind of ideas.
  9. Game is not playable atm, even if you get logged in you cannot take a step without numerous crippling bugs.
  10. This is not even playable enough to test and give feed back. First things first, please create a stable environment so that we can log in without hindrance. Then we can start to detail the many bugs were encountering. lemme know
  11. It's going to be a legendary body that looks to put points in something besides SPR, and even then, we're talking about a 160 chaos ember rerolled max vessel, not some of these legendary knockoffs that people are making. If you can hit cap without running fashion statement, you can pick up another defensive minor.
  12. If anything, the siege window should have gone the other way #knowyouraudience?
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