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  1. If I'm being honest, those dev diaries were ok the first couple, then it seemed like a chore that no one wanted to do and was fast-typed by the intern 30 mins before it went up. With the game in this state, really update they post besides "we're working on performance" is a straight L.
  2. I think we’ve found another internet guy who is going to try and out-argue Jah. Little does he know, Jah brings his #playtocrush mentality to the forums as well. Let’s pop the corn and see where this one ends up.
  3. ACE devs are boomerbads. They don't play their game. They are also listening to other boomerbads ask for game to be made so they can play it with two mouse buttons and two keyboard buttons. When that doesn't help boomerbads win, they'll be back at the teet with another epic complaint.
  4. Try again in 6.2.
  5. I can only speak for myself, but I'm really not interested in the "greater community" other than whats provided to me via forums and discord. Counldn't GAF about seeing someones character walk around in temple zone. Smaller guilds get whatever they want, as long as what they want is to not actually win the whole thing. P simple. It's thrown war, not everyone gets a blue ribbon for participating war. They'll stick around as long as they are happy with the manner in which they contribute. They'll not be afforded special protection or consideration because they choose to be smaller. If
  6. I agree that you need some balance and for all sizes of guilds to have a way for them to participate or collect some other "win" condition, but this statement is false. A community is not tied to a piece of pixelated dirt. It must be larger than that. The massive guilds don't only care about themselves, I've seen many times over the years, my guild and other large guild offering quality (unreachable for the smaller guild/player) crafted vessels and items for sale or simply giving them away. They also care about their alliances and mostly their status (winning). Large guilds also have
  7. I really hope the druid sphere is round and forest green, bouncy would be nice too.
  8. So a full Myrm guide, and what about the rest, those are half guides? wtf, I want my money back please.
  9. Lemme put it this way. There is assuredly and absolutely zero ways that this game can keep our alliance from working together outside of keeping us from playing at all. We have a system that runs very smoothly without alliance features as I'm sure [very] few other alliances do as well. If I was against the existing alliances you might put on your PMA shirt and think to yourself: Our net gain with this new alliance is greater than the net gain of the existing alliances who do not require these features to function properly.
  10. Icecaller has a place in ZvZ, 1 or 2x, das about it. Ranking just healers vs other healers its Crusader A, Druid B, Icecaller C and Paladin D
  11. Yeah, for the other guy (read: as long as he's an assassin):
  12. Does anyone want to rage with me a lil bit about how arch druid advanced class icons have duelist stuff, didn't we just decide that racist or something?
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