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  1. Watching some of you blame other players/guilds for the endless abyss of problems and shortcomings this game continually fails to address is a wasted exercise. V is an incredible guild, lead by an incredible individual. I've enjoyed every interaction I've ever had with them. Wish you guys the best. Hope JBlaird wakes up.
  2. Shameless sell-out aside, I would think Clams might have minted, engraved, stamped, struck, inscribed, carved, pressed, chiseled, scored, punched, etched, marked, imprinted, forged, manufactured or cast gold, but I don't see it being "printed". I'm here to help. Love, Ble
  3. What I want to know is why -W- crashed the zone with their CSR commands?
  4. NOTHING beats HG female plate. The end. Pop n lock this thread asap.
  5. Two things: 1) great write-up, but greater is the crying of the losers posted thereafter 2) DIS in basically a week > Death alliance has ever been hahahahahahahahaha.
  6. I come back for the comic relief. Thanks bubba.
  7. Ble

    My puppy

    He's gonna be under that fence in about 3.389 seconds.
  8. I have that same feeling at level 30, maybe ur jus smartur thin me.
  9. Alliance was plenty beatable. You guys just completely failed at the most basic organization. Still mad cuz bad I see. Couldn’t ask for a better send off. Meme you later bro.
  10. There will be a dregs and a live and a beta.
  11. Never happened In the beginning of WHoA we largely kept our two forces apart and just coordinated at the officer level towards the overall win, just not so much "together". This was one of the first things we did together. Our alliance definitely has been my favorite part of the game. Alliances and political ramifications. Love it. Throne war is the greatness this game should be wholly focused on.
  12. you take those Enya lyrics back right now or else we're gonna fight
  13. Notice how he didnt deny the Russian angle. There's a good conspiracy forming here. Putin said "let my people play" I bet.
  14. Feels like investor pressure to hit milestone dates. We have a recent "hey we're calling this alpha" and now "hey alpha is on live" within a couple days of each other and no logic from any of it.
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