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    If you know anything about vessels you'd quickly spot that the vessels you see for sale in the free city are junk. If, by chance, you are wanting to get your hands on a properly crafted vessel made by a crafter in full legendary jewelry and max training, hit me up in game. I'm Ble, Balance on NA. Play most CST evenings. We accept payment in dust, chaos embers, purple ore or a combination. Price depends on what you want, but quality will be unmatched.
  2. Top notch group of peoples rite here!
  3. Thats a good idea Mandalore, lets submit it to Tark for approval.
  4. It's happy to see you, this is a common occurrence in the morning. Nothing to be concerned about.
  5. Show me a picture of your stats, healing modifier and support power. Like this: Also, Arch druid will never feel that great healing, especially with incomplete gear because you get 100 support power x 3 from your first Archdruid ability vs the 225 that an Earthkeeper gets. You have to blight yourself to get your healing orbs to do what an Earthkeeper does normally. You're not getting Healing Rain from Earthkeeper line, You don't get soothing winds (although this can be remedied) either. The loss of support power isn't the biggest deal once you're geared. If you went double necklace (Epic+) and a Blue staff with legendary support power shard, you might even get close to cap or be at cap... but that means you don't have AP necklaces etc. I'm just not seeing Archdruid as a great healer. They are a one-trick pony, setting up blight bombs. To make your heals not feel horrible you simply need more stats.
  6. How is the next one going to be any different? What if they mercy killed it and you didn’t have time to bank?
  7. EU is where we send Balathan to run Templar tests because it’s important and relevant, like Tark.
  8. I’d highly recommend Commune, Noble Purpose, Ironwood Body and Sturdy for passives. At least try it.
  9. If you are essence burning you're doing something wrong. Make sure you have the capstone ability (Commune with Nature) and Nobel Purpose from Field Surgeon in your Life Tray passives and you'll be fine. You can switch to death tray and use your FF, stun/slow and basic attack to drop essence if need be. Sometimes I knowingly build into essence burn when I feel that I'm going to use my Ultimate ability soon, as you can also see somewhere in that video.
  10. Given that you are level 30, and a woodelf druid (best dodge ability, hard to follow/chase you), I'd run the following set-up until I get geared: Majors: Field Surgeon (Rescue and Purgative only, Rehabilitation is trash), Pixie (Pixie Dust and Wee One <- Debuff ability we can slot on life bar!!). Before you can afford two necklaces (best support power armor option), run Minors: Demons Pact, Sturdy and Your Choice of 3rd. When you can afford two necklaces, run Fashion Statement so you can wear a second. Then at some point you will Support Power cap, and you can remove that 2nd necklace and go back to "your choice" on the third minor. I used to run overwhelming odds or dig in for that last minor spot, but we're plenty tanky enough now with Ironwood body slotted. The healing Majors give you 6.25% Healing Modifier. Rings and armor also give you this. Once you drop that 2nd neck from maxing support power (requires weapon with a support power hunger shard baked in), you can pick up the "Hand of Glory" minor so that you can wear a 3rd healing modifier ring. This will allow you to drop Pixie (if you want, it's still good at any level of the game), and take a major that doesnt give Healing Modifier and still be capped. Depends on your group composition.
  11. In every game I've ever played, and this one is no exception, healers need levels and gear to be effective (rather than simply equip a good weapon on a melee, for example). Get level 30, get 1000 support power, get 50 healing modifier. You'll see strong dividends.
  12. You cannot hear in the comms but look at this video where I've linked it at 1:54, I have directed Mjayed to a line of orbs by telling him the cardinal direction of those orbs from his position, I then start building orbs for Salamar, and I guide him right to them by telling him my position and to come to me. This is what I was talking about working together with your DPS. Edit: Then notice Mjayed return to the fight and get 1 shot by druid orbs. We can only do so much. 😃
  13. It simply depends on what the dev's feel they want healing to be able to accomplish. It's true, the numbers put out by our healing spells are a joke. The meta responds to this by putting two healers in every group. The best interaction in healing is the Rescue ability given by Field Surgeon. Also, I don't see Willow Wisp on your bar. One of the better burst healing (outside of Rescue) available to any healers. Lastly, for Druid, the right click heal orb > most other heals. As of right now, your damaged target and the healer need to work together to gain a positional advantage. In other words, during the time when you your heals are on cooldown, you should be smartly stacking a group of 3-6 orbs. When your target reaches half life you need to communicate your/the orbs location so that they can retreat to be healed. My impact is fairly low as a healer. I'm not going to "save" people consistently like I have done in many other games. This is not exactly "fun". I'm a participant in combat and I want my skills to weigh proportionately to that of the other participants. That being said, I do not think the fix is more/bigger green numbers. I think instead, healers need heal combos like melee have melee combos, and these combinations lead us down different paths offering different strategy abilities. Example: Ability 4 is a 200 point instant heal, press 4 again, get an absorb shield or press E to get a 6 sec damage reduction, if you pressed 4 previously, press 4 again for a Heal over Time, had you pressed E, press 4 again for a friendly target pull. In this example, one path is directed at small amount immediate burst dmg response whereas the other is an escalating response to sustained multi-enemy focus of your target. They could also create rotational synergy for weaker spells in the healing tree "When Soothing Winds is on cooldown, Willow Wisp will also knock enemies back from its point of impact" 45 second cooldown. As a healer, I hope to be more interactive and be offered decisions to make to successfully respond to different scenarios. I want the my ability set to give me the 2 things, 1) the opportunity to be impactful in combat and 2) the opportunity, through my decisions, to elevate me against my peer healers.
  14. That juke at 1:30 haha. Great vid, well job.
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