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  1. Not worth playing, sadly
  2. Ble

    CF covid-19 impact?

    So they need to go to work and risk their own wellbeing so you aren’t bored on double spring break? Completely agree, masks on and get to work, ACE.
  3. It’s a snowflake brand, made specifically for Chaos
  4. @soulein ur the boss of HoA not the whole internet, gosh. soulein: INTERNET, CLEAR COMMS
  5. I have no idea what you're talking about. You are over-analyzing us in your frustration in trying to define your continual losses, which I get... but it's really not what you think. People just log on what they have gear for, maybe its lots of healing people tonight, maybe its not.
  6. Nononono you don’t, sir. That goes against the narrative we’re trying to push.
  7. Is there any real difference to order and chaos? Equally bad turning out night after night with the same worn out toothless comp.
  8. I would call playing playing and not playing not playing.
  9. You'd have to play to see anything in dregs.
  10. How many times has chaos posted threads stating "we need this to [make us not lose]?" It doesnt matter how they change the game. We've shown a greater ability to adapt and overcome anything. Chaos just picks something and thats it. This time they've chosen bunker-comp Templars/Clerics. I'm not sure why, maybe for winning forts? It clearly is not good for keeps, since much of a keep fight is not done in the ToL room. But even after multiple campaigns getting their face mashed in, they still hop into the next one with the bunker comp again. They could have been using this time to reroll/recraft/rework their comp. Over half of our guild is now in wartribe gear. There could easily be a very large gear gap between us and Chaos, but no, same ol' stale bunker comp. We were running (more testing) druids at the beginning of one of the recent the CWs, they don't fair well vs. bunker comps inside a fort TR, so guess what? We adapted, we got back on the clerics. We also made sure our heavy hitting melee always had reveal weakness running, we built armor pen into weapons as a priority etc, we have block punish, we have plaguelord. We'd love a new challenge, we've been implementing "ignore the templars, kill everything else" strat for months on end now. Friendly fire is one of the absolute worst ideas I've seen from the Help Me Not Lose crew in a while, but hell, I wish they'd do it, quickly. For one CW, just so we could illustrate, again, how we would overcome that and win. I already know how we'd do it. I'd love to see that happen, even though its a horrible idea.
  11. I think it should send me an email notification every time the buff is active.
  12. Never knew how accurate my roadmap was going to be
  13. There needs to be some measure of equality in the risk of loss as compared to the cost of attack. The winner of the scenario should definitely reap in some of those rewards.
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