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  1. This vid is one of my faves, its oozing style.
  2. Ble

    Gaea's Wail

    I've been holding down the button for this entire CW, wonder if i can 1shot a ToL
  3. If you stop feeding the troll, he'll stop dancing.
  4. This is a very good low level intro to the class and some current options on how to build it. Should work just fine for anyone trying the class/game out for the first time. Well done.
  5. LOTS of this on the forums, my dude.
  6. He’s long gone from this game
  7. Your ad hominem is showing. Just saying...
  8. Works about as often as death comes.
  9. Chaos pretends it’s not a big deal to win/lose but they try so hard while trying so hard to look they aren’t trying so hard. And then we crush them. That’s enough for me. Exports and baubles and trophies and EKlol stuff and achievements and whatever else couldn’t matter less to me. @Jecht getting mouthy on the forums then finding him in the CW and turning him into a meme. That’s fun. @TowB saying he doesn’t cliff jump then hopping right off a cliff after losing to monchiezz harvester. That’s fun. Chaos zone locking out 76 of 100 spots in our keep zone only to get shut down anyways. That’s fun. uXa, the best ally any guild not in their faction could have, single-handedly motivating all of Balance playing CB to come back because they were trying to manipulate the score with cross faction exploitation. That’s fun. Three-shoting @yianni with balanced ranger. That’s fun. Why do we win? Because we can.
  10. @ConstantineX you seem to be confusing being campaign ready with being campaign optimized. youre not going to be truly competitive until you are campaign optimized. For me, this means blue vessel, blue jewelry and either drop gear or blue crafted. None of this should be available on the GR. The King dropping a blue item would be fine. The rest is white and green. GRs should have graveyards that drop white and green as well. Some sort of crafted gear and a white crafted (miles better than basic) or green vessel, some green warrribe gear and a weapon of some sort. That’s campaign ready, because it’s the top of GR. Its not a solo game. In a guild that would be perfectly fine to come to CW and get suited out. I’d take that person to siege as a recruit.
  11. I fully expect rampant inflation during single CW but if they get imports right, gold will likely not be something you bring over. Only stacks to 99999 so you’re talking about 1 import for something you can get in just a few hours. I’m not a fan of having to click all those discs, I wish they’d just put other merchants with the upgraded rarity discs on them at the same price it takes to so the combines, but as long as buying discs is a thing, gold will have some relevance. Buying white materials could also have great value early in Dregs when you need to build a castle, we’ll see how that goes. Not very long ago gold was not used for anything at all and that was absolutely horrible.
  12. Costs more to translate the game from US English to English English. Like “butter” for example, becomes “buh uh”
  13. B nice if you could flag items in your vault and then had a tag for “flagged”
  14. If they don’t have the ability to understand good feedback and poorly made socksty feedback from the one backer they seem to listen to, Mr. B, then not much can be done. And that’s on them, not everyone else. Player feedback should be taken in as information, processes and then acted on once tested, if applicable. This player feedback is priceless at this stage. You’re able to do things at a formative stage that will have cascading effects on your alpha, beta and release that every other game has to walk back and restructure. Lastly, pouty comments from the leadership aside, you made the decision, now make it work. This is only a disaster if they allow it to be one.
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