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  1. Never knew how accurate my roadmap was going to be
  2. There needs to be some measure of equality in the risk of loss as compared to the cost of attack. The winner of the scenario should definitely reap in some of those rewards.
  3. Ble

    DPS Templar build?

    @Pann I promise to stop that which I stopped over 6 months ago. #stopception There are some desperate people around here.
  4. If you enjoy winning, you can join Hy'shen Avari (HoA) or Winterblades (-W-). If you enjoy an "uphill battle", join the other guys. Ble#5916 on discord for more info or https://discord.gg/eU3zwe
  5. I'm personally not a fan of "structures" in an open world pvp setting. I perfer "events" such as the resource caravans that could possibly be in our future. If structures are a smaller part of an event, then ya, do it. If done correctly, open world pvp will have some sort of attraction going on during peak times (or multiple attractions) where in your chances of winning can be increased by participation. Bring us together, make us want/need to fight. Do that alot, and often, and make it feel different from fight to fight.
  6. But then, directly after before and throughout, you weren't realistic. I also wish they'd hurry up, but they won't. It takes 5+ years to make a game, this process has been very transparent because of the fact that they have let us play it. And, if we were actually going to be realistic, we'd also need to mention the fact that resources that could have been put towards development have been put towards production and community management. So, as slow as they are going, and yes, it's slow, its even slower because we are here. The upside to this is, if done correctly, they should be able to have a very solid release. The content should be very rich and deep, bug free and well-tested. This should allow them to devote resources immediately (and starting even before release) towards additional content. If the past few years have shown me anything about the gaming community, it's that games that have regular content releases keep their players, games that don't, don't. This is where I worry. Regardless of how much time they take or don't take, I'm not seeing the progress that I thought we would have seen. I'm not seeing that they have a grasp on their design and implementation (due to lingering wide-spread critical issues). And they've just touted a $12m infusion but if you look at what they are hiring, it makes one think that money is going somewhere besides CF. The cool thing about it all is that 2020 will definitely show everyone, one way or another, if CF is going to be successful or not. I'm rooting for them, it has the potential to be great.
  7. It was a good hammer/anvil - got us good, definitely decided the battle. We should do it again sometime. GGs (and thanks for the keep last nite 😘 )
  8. Agreed. Reasoning: I think this game is looking to a wider (and more boomery) market for its players and doesn't want people to need FPS reflexes. Hell, I have a knight in my guild who cannot complete a chain pull to save his life (literally the only thing I need from him), we aren't even considering skill in this game - I'd say a different "feel" or "playstyle" possibly. Problem with massive hitboxes is that they overlap and targets in close camera range (or even right directly behind your char model, but in view make "aiming" around them very difficult.
  9. Ble

    Healing Testing

    I've tested dumping INT which leaves SP around 1200-1300 and a few other stat sets, all inferior to 2000 SP.
  10. No one look at the changes New World is making... just don't do it!
  11. My experience says otherwise: Fessors have a bugged knockdown that is not able to be retaliated - very powerful. They do great damage and have a fantastic ult. Sure, if you just stand there as a leather wearer, you will die.
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