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  1. Someone is still salty about losing in a duel after big talking.
  2. So you’re saying that spy accounts (which the devs have mentioned are part of the game) are the same as exploitive behavior meant to subvert the games structure and manipulate an unintended outcome? K, yeah, done with you.
  3. Yes we make spy accounts. It’s a necessary and prudent part of the game. Info is important but spies are easily worked around and marginalized if you’re not bad.
  4. The only claim you can make is that your faction stacks horrible strategic decisions on top of horrible composition and then gets salty about it. Or that we hack heal ToLs.
  5. HoA stragglers offered Bzra assistance of a full meta group. Nuk was part of that effort but he committed too early. The only thing he did was hunt and kill Kitem.
  6. That’s completely normal. Ask Leather Master
  7. Can you search public EKs with PvP turned on checked somehow? That would be fun.
  8. Only if you want to accuse someone of said activity. But then you did... Accusations without proof are as laughable as heal hacking ToLs.
  9. So you guys profusely accused us of hacking and healing a tree. Ended up, you're just not very good at the game and didn't know Balistas healed. Now you make another accusation, again unfounded. Jah asks you to back that up. Set aside common decency requiring there to be proof behind allegations, but your own track record of haccusations based out of ignorance justifies the request as well. You've got no credibility. At this point, anything you say needs to be backed up with proof, otherwise you're in agreement that its not to be taken seriously.
  10. Take your time and get it right. No one wants to play a busted patch, especially in a competitive environment.
  11. I did, at one time, thought Zybak was really accomplishing something great till I started playing and realized it was just naked farmer bots.
  12. From my perspective it just look like boys throwing a fit because they didn't win. Hense the troll response (which I removed for feelings). I think you should watch those videos and think "is this something that tells a story, that someone who does not play crowfall could follow and would cause them be interested in the game?" instead of "is it my turn to win?".
  13. A well-edited video takes a good bit of time. I think alot of people here are working professionals and might not have the amount of time necessary to take a good peice of content and produce it into a better story-like product over night. I think that some current stories are great, but the stories should be timeless if they are going to be valuable. They are mostly to communicate this game and how fun it can be from a slightly less rigid experience than someone gets from watching a VoD or dry recording. Personally, if a warstory cannot stand outside of its current trial, to me, it looses value. And if it can stand outside of its current campaign, then why require it to be submitted during that campaign? At least, thats how the stories that have been chosen seem to communicate when I watch them. As if anyone, at any time, could watch that and get a feel for the brilliance of this game. Edit: Neither of those two videos above are even stories, the first has music dropping Fbombs in.... The second one has a banner promoting someones stream across the top of it. ??
  14. Nope sry. He took your mic and through it to the ground, regardless of your addition of double smiley face.
  15. ApplejackDcross was pretty good at circle standing. But they don’t have a chance against Luke Bunbun’s father.
  16. Can you also ask the network to drop my will o wisp object where I place the target, like in the good ol days?
  17. Yeah, I logged in and was going to do some testing... but the very most basic things are now broken, I refuse to go further. This is just silly.
  18. I understand them. But Yumx was saying we should help each other. I opened up the HoA Necro to everyone, I reached out and offered help. I just wanted him to know that efforts have been made. Allowing access to our guild comms will not happen. For a few reasons, but mostly because it won't help. How to call a siege is secondary to many things, foremost being composition. If you bring a bunch of mishaped groups, calling targets won't much make a difference. What was offered was much more important than saying "kill bob".
  19. These are three on a long list of thousands of needed QoL changes. I agree that they are important, but these guys cannot even handle the very basic structure of the changes they are implementing. More and more mounting breaking interactions with each new patch and broken ones getting ignored. The best hope is that some day they'll work through all these issues and get to the QoL stuff. Who knows.
  20. No graphics for anything. The healing orbs are going on the ground and if you happen to remember where you casted them you can get healed from them, although you cannot see them at any time (casting, placement or pick up). Well job.
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