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  1. Would you please form any size group or any comp and let me know when you’d like to meet up. I’ll bring the same exact group, or lower numbers if you prefer and we’ll put this “we’re good cuz out numbered” thing to rest (and on the youtubez).
  2. Because it’s so easy to harvest?
  3. I appreciate you letting us know who the shot callers are.
  4. I wonder if you knobs want to talk about the fact that you are using the log/out log/in method to get into keeps. I also wonder if balance has video of you doing it...
  5. You guys had absolutely no chance in killing me, like zero. So lets not pretend it was about immunity. As soon as I entered life tray and beamed, it was removed. I sat there with your entire group on me beaming @Dedolin and you got me to half by the time he killed 4 of 5, no one bothering to stun/knock down to stop the beam. Immunity wears off the moment you make an offensive action, which it did, soon as I loaded in and pressed beam.
  6. It’s too much once it’s not helping him win (or lose less badly).
  7. Is there any chance at restitution of points lost due to this bug?
  8. I have never seen any version of your name on purpley skinned elf rogues or rangers on every game I’ve ever played.
  9. I would recommend sending that pic and a link to this thread to support@crowfall.com
  10. take your link, put it in a browser, right click the picture and click "view image" then copy that address into your post and it will embed it.
  11. Ble


    This may or may not be official:
  12. The only thing we know for sure is that outposts and forts that have changed hands after the "bug fix" patch are scoring correctly and that keeps are not. Outposts and forts that were held before the "bug fix" and are still held now are not able to be confirmed to be giving the right points.
  13. Lots of interesting information here.
  14. Due to bugged points, its even closer. Blairmath at its best.
  15. These are the latest points figures we've been given, and how every CW has worked until this bug: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/5-8-2-territory-capture-bonus-system-update
  16. Misappropriated points are now over 300,000.
  17. I'm estimating around 140,000 misappropriated points so far.
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