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  1. Spider meat is still not dropping while skinning in God's Reach
  2. Yes, higher frames are possible, and normal on high-end system. It sounds like you have Vsync enabled, either in-game, or at the global level.
  3. Ice Armory was changed to stack too tight. Its nearly impossible to actually distribute ice armor to others in this way, as one person ends up touching all of it.
  4. As an Earth Faction player, approaching the Sky Point Solarium gate at T11 does not activate a Sanctuary/Wrath of the Gods effect. Approaching the Sky Point Lunarium gate at f22 does correctly activate a Sanctuary/Wrath of the Gods effect.
  5. Sky Point - No Griffons spawned at roost in Q15 Map Generation - Sky Point 6530 contained a human gravesite at b14. In Sky Point 6540, the gravesites expectedly shuffled their type, but the gravesite at b14 despawned entirely. Unsure whether the node entirely despawning was an intentional part of the map re-generation RNG.
  6. The map for the gates in Arborium arborium -> solarium arborium -> lunarium Have markers for Sun Territory and Moon Territory, will invoke wrath of the gods. This is not correct. The gates in Sky Point are the gates that should be marked as territory that will invoke wrath of the gods.
  7. Skinning is not producing meat. green skinning discipline, green belt, wolf meat kebab consumed (3-plentiful harvest). Skinned Spiders R4-R6 throughout Moon Temple, Arborium, Solarium, Skypoint.
  8. Sky Point at Tainted Hills N17 on the map there is an outpost flag, but there is no visible outpost.
  9. The removal of the SHOW GRID option on the Map is a GROSS ATROCITY. Bring it back!
  10. After patch, login to Dregs on my Brigand. Stuck in stealth tray, can not tray swap, can not move, can not perform any actions.
  11. Confused? Need clarification? Impale: stabs to the vitals inflicting 67 damage and causing your target to bleed for 73 damage until the target is either fully healed or they drop below a certain health threshold. Effects scale with pips spent. I fight and defeat a Duelist, before they die, they hit me with an Impale. I'm at 90% health, and continue to take periodic Impale damage. I use a bandage to heal to full. Impale is not removed.
  12. Hungerdome being scheduled during the fort/siege window is bad. Hungerdome splitting population from campaign is bad. I greatly loathe MMOs that split off pvp population into instances. HD better as a between campaign downtime activity. Outpost capture timer sound is anxiety inducing. Undiminished chain CC. It's possible to be chain CC'd, to where one has about 1 GCD of action before another CC. Recycled campaign maps, where only the resources nodes might be shuffled a bit. Gets boring to explore.
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