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  1. Vindicator Fire & Slashing damage caps are only +10%. They are +30% on LIVE. On TEST they run into the same problem they used to, that is, they cap out way too early.
  2. In addition to what UnPhoqueSauvage & Warbladez reported Templar's Holy Warrior does not convert: Elken Headbutt -> remains Slashing damage Divine Light -> remains Fire damage Barbed Stake -> remains Bleed damage Soul Steal -> remains nature damage
  3. The Minor "All Clear" does not grant a passive
  4. Adjudicator Major Discipline is granted to [Templar], but Adjudicate still requires a Blunt weapon, which afaik, Templar does not have access to.
  5. Icecaller Cool Ice Weave Totems (w/ Harmonius Weaving Talent) do not critically heal. (still)
  6. Icecaller Cool Ice Weave Totems (w/ Harmonius Weaving Talent) do not critically heal.
  7. Basic Attacking on an Icecaller causes the FX counter to climb infinitely
  8. Artifact & Sacrifice XP values are horrible. I knew I would be leveling a crafted healer vessel at some point, and leveling a healer is always hateful. I had hoarded 2 inventories worth of common/uncommon artifacts and hours worth of elder farming sacrifice rare/epic items (800 durability of combat) All said and done, sacrificing for XP, it only took the vessel from level 1 to 25.
  9. Possible FPS uplift by enabling these settings in Crowfall\Download\CrowfallClient_Data\boot.config gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=1 gfx-enable-gfx-jobs=1 gfx-disable-mt-rendering=1 These are Unity engine settings, documented here https://docs.unity3d.com/2020.2/Documentation/ScriptReference/Rendering.RenderingThreadingMode.NativeGraphicsJobsWithoutRenderThread.html In a nutshell, it allows some processing to be offloaded from the main thread to other threads that can run on your multi-core cpu. If you search about these settings, you will find discussion about enabling these
  10. I'm sure ACE is aware of this, they have better profiling tools built into Unity, but at least a coarse explanation for others The FPS drop is a CPU bound problem Eliminating GPU bound by Set "Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling" to "AA_MODE_REPLAY_MODE_ALL" Set "Texture filtering - LOD Bias (DX) to: 0x00000078 Run perfmon to see what the CF threads are doing. This was observed in God's Reach just prior to Dregs launching, where there were 50 or so players crowding vendor alley. Standing near the center of the temple and facing the alley, the CPU bottlenecks proc
  11. In the Spring land rush of building up a Fort or Keep, gatherers are forced to make a hard choice between the invaluable time where they can have maximum Plentiful Harvest, or investing the time into running Caravans building up a Fort or Keep. From what I recall in the last Dregs, the harvesting buffs granted by buildings in Forts are +5% critical harvest. In my opinion, the buildings in Forts should also grant a +1 Plentiful Harvest buff so as to not punish gatherers for essentially giving up Spring time, and giving further incentive to defending their assets through the seasons.
  12. The frame time hitching problem is vastly improved in very recent patches. It was very bad particularly with loading models & anims. What is still likely to cause a hitch is running with less than 16GB ram, where the game is likely to page out assets. Seems to take up to 10GB on my system. There may still be some edge cases where you enter a new parcel and certain assets load. What you can do on your end is cap your frame rate and vsync, so Unity doesn't try to run up max cpu trying to render as many frames as it can. This will also help with frame times. The frame drop
  13. A fairly consistent problem in the rendering pipeline still exists when loading anims (or models + anims) that cause long frame times (hitching). Anecdotally, players notice this while roaming due to loading npc anims that are popping in view range, and note that the problem is less severe during night time when view range is reduced. This is also at least one of the problems related to freezing up immediately on engaging with an enemy group, as they are just coming into view and loading these resources. The anims are loading all the way from disk, according to Windows resource monitor,
  14. Naiad's Water Spirits power does not appear to fire, and leaves the character stuck in the channeling animation pose until another animation is executed.
  15. The Cleric talent Purity reads Purity improves Maximum Stamina by 5% and Power Efficiency by 8% per point spent. With 1 pip spent, The details panel shows only a 5% Power Efficiency improvement. Human Cleric, crafted vessel
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