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  1. RIP Nuk... but for real I appreciate the offer. You have to understand the politics of the situation. W and Clams have helped my guild advance. I sincerely appreciate the help, enemies or not. There's a few people from each guild I talk to regularly and most of the time we have great conversations about the game and put all BS aside.
  2. This campaign: (This isn't entirely accurate (don't meme my meme), Clams defiantly kept it together for the balance though.) You won, I can't hate on that. All memes aside, good fights, see you next campaign.
  3. As someone who's died to ballistas around 100 times, I consider myself somewhat of an expert. Here are the problems with the current state of ballistas: 1) The Graphics - There is no indication that you are about to die... just the pain of death. Before you realize you're being spam fired by ballistas, YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD! I don't see this as a huge problem. I think people need to "git gud" and learn to dodge the invisible fire @ 800+ Damage a tick. 2) The Different Types - It's really frustrating to have all these different types of ballistas. Some go WHOOOOOOOSH BOOM and some go WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM *CRACKLE*(firesound). Ouchie. Again, it's not that bad, we really need to work on derp gitgud de derping. 3) My face - When they dun get pointed and fired at me my face hurtz. The trajectory of the missles when fired 4 degrees north of my beer belly at the tree room dun derp diddly made my face hurt. Derk dar derp. Derp.
  4. Facts: We outnumbered them. Damebix and a few others melted our faces. Still had fun. Good fights.
  5. Not sure if you're still looking, I have goggles looking to trade for embers. I have multiple pairs for trade. Respond/Message or Bzra#4951 with serious offers only.
  6. Can I fight you too? Bzra#4951
  7. I don't think the Balance is unstoppable. I think the coordination between HOA, Winterblades and crew is fantastic (in a sense of preparation). I feel their characters are strong but their comp is complete and thorough. I agree with some of these balance guys, we need to get our act together (Chaos and Order) collectively or separate. I know Balance hate's the Z word, but it's all about perspective. When you see 30-50 Balance coming VS a 10-20 man guild it can feel like a zergling army is coming. Back to one of the main points though, coordination is key. What would happen if Chaos and Order started working together either in their own faction or collectively? Then our 10-15 man groups, doubled and tripped with each alliance would be more than enough to bring them down. Let's play smarter. Let's comp better. Less pointing fingers, more shaking hands.
  8. Ditto. Trebuchets aren't working correctly. You can place them, buff them with skill #2 but #1 doesn't fire. It let's you line up the shot but doesn't fire. I press 1, I hold down 1, I smash 1, my efforts are futile. I tried both at a fort and a keep.
  9. I was flying around recording a clip, when I rezzed in first person... this happened. I was able to log in and out to fix the problem. Funny looking though!
  10. Because this pillar is broken, it's rope no longer connects. It would be really cool if this whole tapestry sagged because of it and that would add to the "damaged" temple theme.
  11. I heard at 30 subs, @Rufio will actually die his hair red and black.
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