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  1. This bug happened when two accounts were in the EK. One account moved the building. The other account could no longer see the chests, they were there but could not be see until the client was relaunched.
  2. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). The NA Times are perfect! How do you like the variance with the Campaign cards is there anything you'd like to see different with them? Card for Crafting More than R3 Building cards. How about a "Bane Trees Killed" card? So people don't want you to defend Keeps. Make more kill cards. Do you like the Campaigns combined or NA / EU separate and why? I do like it. I brings PVP to the game all day. In a larger population it might not work. What was your favorite Campaign and why? I enjo
  3. Temple didn't load right when this instance of the game was minimized and I was dual boxing while loading.
  4. First Wind Minor's heal doesn't always seem to proc for some reason, even after waiting for it's internal cooldown.
  5. Frostguard: Ice Block - Sometimes doesn't trigger invulnerable still. The slow is a nice addition to it though, thank you.
  6. Exactly... or pray to RNJTodd for one to proc... Yeah no thanks.
  7. If you got 4-5 solo and I found 0 with a guild and crafting, there's an issue there.
  8. The recruitment requirements for rewards are too high with the current player base. I would love to recruit 50 people, but that's not going to happen. @ACE-Tiggs
  9. Example #1: I slammed 30+ pieces of armor and didn't get one Armorsmith Disc. THOUSANDS of ore. Example #2: Our guild farmed maybe 40+ hours on discs. There were 15ish that we didn't get. If I want a Purple vessel, how is that going to be probable with this drop rate? I don't mind difficult, I don't mind rare, this system just needs tuning.
  10. The disc grind is real right now. Takes way to much time away from PVP. Drops are not consistent and crafting procs are too infrequent. Someone suggested having discipline tokens for each Domain, then we could buy what we want. Can this be a thing? Banks would love you.
  11. THERE IS NO CHEST MIGHTY ENOUGH FOR THE MAJOR DISCIPLINES OF GREEN! (We need more storage, already, I'm sorry.)
  12. One accounts can see the chests, one account cant in my EK.
  13. Half the duration, half the cost and remove the cooldown (patch the broken invulnerability) and it would be much better. IMO
  14. The Frostweaver talent that gives you Free Weaving and your focus is mandatory. You have to take the talent to get a focus or you're screwed. It should be moved to the 1st talent or adjusted.
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