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  1. I leveled when dead and received full health but became bugged and couldn't be rez'd by my friends. Lots of monsters are spawning in the ground. Infected and GR. A druid's bark skin triggers a visual bug where the whole group shows full shield in the group UI. Flying baskets:
  2. Having new players hit a motherload solo in the NPE is kinda of misleading and confusing. It might lead a new player to think he can hit them solo.
  3. Some large objects (like statues) are culling while still on the screen, it looks like they are blinking/bugging out hard.
  4. Archmage: Frigid Ice is triggering the root but it seems the Ice Buildup is not knocking the target down once the debuff is applied and the target hits another Frigid Ice.
  5. East gate at the Keep of Furio Merlok in Azeliish teleports me on the wall when I use it.
  6. The friendly practice dummy (for healing) is full health, making him un-healable. The neutral practice dummies (at the mini-keep) seem to be stacked, it shows two but there are many more.
  7. I have the bandage animation (forever) while not bandaging. My bank items also vanished.
  8. I was able to drag the bank around from my vault window and my ingots seem to have hidden themselves where I can't get them. The window will not scroll down.
  9. This game NEEDS guild banks.
  10. I was fighting around the trees outside the enemy keep and it teleported me to the gate. I had been fighting at the gate a moment before, so I am not sure if it super rubber banded or something.
  11. Archmage - -Frigid Ice doesn't always knock down enemy targets. -Freezing Blast doesn't always hit targets that are on a different Z axis than I am, even if that difference seems like it would be in the acceptable range of the spell.
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