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  1. I have been doing that, the "spin your camera like a psycho" and the "jump fast over the loot" methods BUT - sometimes you still can't loot it. If the terrain is slightly slanted you can't get the loot. To edit: It is better this patch than last but it might just be my improved looting methods. Double edit video of my dismay:
  2. I am getting really frustrated when my logging treasure falls through the world. I can't get it and it makes me sad.
  3. Health bars are bugging again and inheriting text: This animal teleported into temple:
  4. Harvesting eventually will crash your sound. Resources from some Trees and Stone Motherloads are falling in the ground under the direct center of where the node was and you can't get them.
  5. It almost feels like there are 2ish seconds where the ultimate isn't working. Like there's a delay when most other ults are instant.
  6. Adjustable group sizes in EKs. Let me pick as the EK owner.
  7. Logging doobers are dropping in the ground under where the tree was so you can't loot them.
  8. When I used my Icy Veins ultimate on my Frostweaver: Frostguard it didn't trigger the Invulnerability. This only has happened randomly.
  9. At some point in my duels last night I was attacked by this black cloud. This lingered on me until I closed the game and restarted it.
  10. When my guild mate walked by it showed him as guildless until I clicked "Settings - UI".
  11. Chat is having a hard time. From the EK world:
  12. The Mail Nethari Female Helmet is super ugly. It looks like a brown shower cap. The cloth helmet model looks like it matches with the rest of the Mail set. This should be swapped or the mail helm should be changed if at all possible. I appreciate what you guys do, I mean no offense! - Example: Edit: or let us hide the helm.
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