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  1. What about for Hunger crystals? What will the game chose to whack it with? If I am trained in stone and want to use a hammer instead of a pick but the game wants me to use a pick, that's problematic. Right now we have the choice to use a hammer or a pick.
  2. This looks fantastic! Nice work. I hope it feels as sexy as it looks. Please keep in mind how these changes to in combat/ out of combat stances effect durability loss.
  3. I was coming back to you BB don't worry. I would never leave you. I would never let go Jack.
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/DifficultAbstrusePorpoiseDeIlluminati
  5. Go to YouTube, type; "Obie Trice - Cry Now" or "Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River" or "Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry" Then... let it all out.
  6. https://crowfall.com/join/YOURNAMEHERE
  7. That's a negative ghost rider. I do endorse this guild though.
  8. Right now for this population and in these circumstances, I think the maps are too big. I think for Dregs it would be fun to have a big map so we have to scout out other guilds. Then they could just limit the number of resources so finding world fights isn't hard. I am super excited to start testing/giving feedback on Dregs worlds fo sho.
  9. I agree with the OP. It's hard to find random world PVP/ Roaming PVP because the world is too big. I do think we need 3 keeps (one for each faction, respectively) to keep Siege interesting. When the new map system came online in Decemberish, each adventure zone was given only 2 named areas, the maps were much smaller. To put it into perspective adventure zones now have 6 named areas and 6 war tribe areas and the maps are yuge. TLDR: Map too big. Give us all the Forts/Keeps/Outposts we currently have but only 2 farming locations and 2 war tribes per zone. #shrinkthemap
  10. I would love to see a /who command work in-guild. Not all guildies like to chat but it would be nice to know they're on/alive. A full fledged guild window would be great that would show who's online, their level and maybe their passive training?... but for now /who just in-guild would be fantastic. (/who for the public channels was toxic, don't bring that back.)
  11. Hey the "Tweet" button when you try to share a news post from the website directs to @crowfall instead of @crowfallgame. I didn't realize and had to delete my tweet.
  12. @Pann I have yet to receive my glorious crowns for this tale. (I am saving for a Relic Statue!!)
  13. You can walk up to ladders and push F really fast during fights to avoid a quick death... It doesn't change the fact you're going to die... It just prolongs the inevitable death looming at the top or bottom of the ladder.
  14. Heart and Lung drop rates for Necromancy still feels low. It would be sweet if they could be added to guards loot table or the dial be turned up from current sources. Thanks!
  15. Outpost cap zones need love. You have to stand in very specific locations (in some environments) to count towards the cap. If you move around it will change from contested to captured while still standing in the circle. Also, you can avoid all archer damage by standing behind the pole.
  16. When the campaign started, I spawned outside the west wall, by the pigs, without a starter weapon.
  17. After logging out of a character, my screen will get stuck on the "Enter-Enter-Enter" screen and wont let me click any options. The animations on the Crow keep going. If I push tab, chat will still cycle through. It just will not let me select anything with my mouse (not even the three lines in the top right).
  18. After death it wouldn't let me do anything, I was physically stuck in bird form. Alt+F4 fixed it.
  19. Is it possible to make ancient monsters bigger than regular ones? That way we could see them from far away. Not sure if that's possible but I think it would help!
  20. If you time a Hellfire Blast at the exact perfect moment you get... Rocket Man: (best viewed at .25 speed) Right as he jumps, my fire launches him into the stratosphere. This is also possible VS jumping NPC Monsters.
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