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Everything posted by Bzra

  1. One of the hottest guilds in the world right now. Coming off a HUGE NA victory last campaign! Join us for NIGHTLY PVP!
  2. The castle's zone feels really barren and un-alive. Maybe it's because there are no caravans, no forts and not a lot of outposts. It's boring.
  3. Looking for more DPS and Healers! Will accept new players with past PVP experience.
  4. -You can't put campaign rewards into EK: Noble Chests. -When you die, siege equipment that you won as a reward in previous campaigns does not drop on your corpse. You can keep them, forever.
  5. Nerf the damage, keep the sustain.
  6. We just wanted to take a minute and wish the community a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It's been a fun year in Crowfall, we look forward to making more memories. Thank you for the fights and thank you for the fun! If you're looking for a guild be sure to check us out: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/24895-us-hax-looking-for-more/
  7. Frostguard: -Stable ice is invisible. -Ice Block doesn't always trigger invulnerability.
  8. https://crowfall.com/en-US/warstories/hax-fort-hobart
  9. I don't think this does anything: I can't see it change my stats anywhere. Maybe I am wrong but I don't see it.
  10. When I am trying to combine Fief Parcels into a City Parcel (using backer parcels) it spits the parcels out and doesn't let me craft it. In the EK @ a crafted Stonemason Table.
  11. I'm not getting the option to experiment on vessels with a white disc equip, it just skips the page. Edit: First 2 didn't work - 3rd did. Not sure what's up.
  12. You are able to put Forbidden Knowledge coins into belts that don't actually recieve the buffs that the coins give. Example: I put a Forbidden Knowledge into a Blue belt and it did nothing.
  13. Domination Dust needs to drop from monsters or something. The gold sink is too much currently. Edit: Also, after spending 243 green discs to make my legendary crafting belt, it felt really crappy having to chose between Helper Monkey and Risk Management. After all this work, I should have both. Give me a choice for the blue/purple belt, give me both on the Legendary version. Double Edit: Come to think of it, this is pretty crappy for the harvesting belts as well. Get rid of the coins IMO.
  14. Give components a chance to proc crafting discs.
  15. Add more invulnerable guards! No blind spots in any fort/keep!
  16. I don't know if removing /help is a good idea. It's helpful and it should work in all channels. I think adding /roll would be a huge QOL upgrade, so while we're bored we can at least gamble.
  17. If there were more guilds/people, Forts would be fought over the whole hour. That's how it was in the past anyways, guilds would bounce from fort-to-fort for the whole hour, fighting along the way. I think Fort timers should be shorter IMO. The way the system works now, if you made guards vulnerable at any time- you could run through my keep an hour before siege and kill all the guards before my guys even log in. When the siege goes live, you would smash the wards and tree in minutes without guards there to assist. Guards have a higher impact in siege then then do in forts when the keep i
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