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  1. Druid's everywhere are rioting because we no longer have grasping roots. We're about to light this bish on fire. Unforgivable.
  2. Most of the players agree, the basic sections take too damn long for a lot of pointless talents. Make it faster to train through or clean it up.
  3. Druid Orbs are working correctly in the EK - Thanks! Frostweaver heals are not visible by group members in EKs.
  4. With the changes to the UI, it would be nice to see tool durability right on the screen. Maybe use this same pattern from the Character Screen (i). Put it anywhere. Maybe above the chat? Maybe have it only show when you're harvesting to reduce screen clutter? It would look something like this (my amazing Photoshop skillz):
  5. Guild Logos aren't always displaying for myself and others.
  6. If you try and withdraw EK items from your vault, you get this message... FOREVER!
  7. Monsters in other zones are acting up as well. Not attacking back, running into walls... they are broken fo sho.
  8. Aracoix outside the Earth Temple are attacking and then running into walls. Something's not right.
  9. Druid balls are not vanishing on collection.
  10. With passive training this slow and a catch-up mechanic in the works, it seems the only people that will suffer are the people that play the game on day one. I understand the player base will suffer together but I still think it's demotivating. I don't know if speeding up passive training is the right thing to do or if it would be a better idea to reduce the cost of the nodes in the basic trees. TLDR: I don't think spending weeks, time locked weeks, to complete these basic passive trees is fun or engaging.
  11. I would love to see guild banks and possibly an in-game guild online/offline player list.
  12. When you take the Archdruid promo and equip a staff for the first time, the game doesn't let you go into your life tray until you restart/zone.
  13. Join me tomorrow @ 1pm EST as I premier my new video: "Crowfall - Defense of the Russians" on YouTube @
  14. What about for Hunger crystals? What will the game chose to whack it with? If I am trained in stone and want to use a hammer instead of a pick but the game wants me to use a pick, that's problematic. Right now we have the choice to use a hammer or a pick.
  15. This looks fantastic! Nice work. I hope it feels as sexy as it looks. Please keep in mind how these changes to in combat/ out of combat stances effect durability loss.
  16. I was coming back to you BB don't worry. I would never leave you. I would never let go Jack.
  17. https://clips.twitch.tv/DifficultAbstrusePorpoiseDeIlluminati
  18. Go to YouTube, type; "Obie Trice - Cry Now" or "Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River" or "Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry" Then... let it all out.
  19. https://crowfall.com/join/YOURNAMEHERE
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