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  1. As a known MMOer, I've never actually heard of you either.
  2. Where is the Battle Royale I signed up for? All I want to do is play HungerDome and clap cheeks. I came to Crowfall with the sole intention of being a BR LEGEND. A known mmoer. An MMR master. I just don't know where the BR went?
  3. Trade window will freak out when trying to trade and will say item can't be traded when it has no restrictions.
  4. About: Hax is all about organized PVP, focused leadership, strong econ, teamwork and having a good time. We take pride in being the first guild to charge into battle, outnumbered or not. We fight with a passion that has grown through many years of PVP/MMO experience. We constantly push our players and our team to be better through constructive feedback and fight recaps. This guild was created to build a community where people share, do what's best for the guild and where everyone is focused on the guild's success. Recruiting: We are looking for active players interested in making a large-scale META PVP group with a team of supporting crafters and gatherers. We will accept new players ONLY on a case-by-case basis. Our trial period for recruits may take up to 30 days. During this time we ask that you are as active as you can be so we can see if you'll be a good fit for the guild. PVP Players- Currently, sieges are 8:30pm EST-12:30 PM EST. The day of the week and time will depend on the location(s) we own. All non-healer mains will be required to have a healer alt and switch as needed. Mic and Headset are required. Gatherers- All Gatherers Welcome! Crafters - We are currently not recruiting people only interested in crafting. Serious players looking for this type of guild should apply, regardless of our current needs. Message: Bzra in-game, Bzra#4951 on discord or here on the forums for more info or to set up an interview. Apply: Crowfall.com/guild and search for Hax. - I will message you on the forums to setup an interview.
  5. Can we meet in a discord? This sounds like fun!
  6. I really love the day/night toggle in EKs but can you please add an "Editor Toggle" so the EK owner can see his EK without all the edit options.
  7. 100% this, 6 player groups allow me to put in a buff bot or that guy that wants to be a hybrid player. Now with changes from 6 to 5 man groups in Dregs I need MORE healers, when it's already super hard to get people to want to play and enjoy playing a support class.
  8. When using the Minor Discipline "Take Root" the "Planted Buff" has a bug. If you move normally with WASD it works fine. If you jump to move, for example jump forward to get on something and immediately stop moving forward as you land, you will not get the planted buff. Walk around normal, you get the buff every time. Push Forward+Jump and immediately let go, it will not give you the buff when you land. Here's a video:
  9. Frostweaver: Frostguard's Ice Block Ultimate still bugs out 6 out of 10 times for me. You will not go invulnerable. It is super frickin' random. Here's a video: This clip is from TEST on 6/24/21. Here's another clip from a few weeks ago: This clip is from LIVE a few weeks ago. Same Issue. Two Ice Blocks didn't make me invulnerable in this fight and I got MURDERED. I hope this helps! #SaveTheFrostguards!
  10. Recruiting people with PVP experience that LOVE to PVP. Need all- healers the most. PST Bzra#4951 for more info! (Mic/Discord Required)
  11. Guild UI is showing 56 people online, including all of my alts. I know I am not logged in them currently. I was just logged into Test and it was working correctly and showed 3 people online.
  12. If a person is removed from the guild while online, they can still see the guild until they re-log.
  13. When I guild kick someone in game it doesn't show that I removed them in the guild notifications on the website. When I join the guild, it doesn't show in the notifications either.
  14. Yes! there are a bunch of different chests: EK Chest: Anyone in the EK can open it. Noble Chest: Only people with Noble access in the EK can open it. Vassal Chest: Only people assigned vassal rights on that parcel can open it. Personal Chest: Only you can open it.
  15. Still looking for more for launch and beyond! Message me on Discord: Bzra#4951
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