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    Bzra reacted to mdonley in TEST is down until 11am CST Saturday.   
    The EKs are up, no campaign or God's Reach is available.  See you tomorrow morning!
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    Bzra reacted to Pann in A little something   
    We know everyone is waiting with baited breath for the War of the Gods to be released on TEST. In lieu of that, we wanted to share a couple of things with you for theorycrafting and discussion. 

    As you explore the Crowfall worlds, you’ll spot these intriguing podiums here and there. When you spot one, the “F to Interact” option appears. Interacting with them will give you a buff of some kind. 
    This particular one is next to the Tree of Life in the Sun Temple. When you interact with it, your food meter (aka “chicken ticker”) will be completely filled. This is a wonderful quality of life benefit!

    Someone recently asked me how saddles slot into the new power bar, so I wanted to give you a peek at the slick revisions were made. On the right end, you’ll see the Mount icon (hit O to summon) and the Recall icon (Alt+P will take you back to the temple). 
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience!
  3. Sad
    Bzra reacted to Pann in Dev diary?   
    I'm sorry, but there's no Dev Diary/article this week. Lemme see if I can at least snag a little morsel of something to make the waiting slightly less painful.
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    Bzra reacted to jtoddcoleman in Update on getting 5.110 to Test Server   
    Yeah, I know.  It's frustrating.  It's frustrating for us, too.
    Here's the deal: we have a build, and it hung at the 99.99% bar.  There is one issue that has proven to be incredibly elusive, and it's causing a massive lag on the server.  Overall, the game feels pretty good.  We're still working through power-related bugs -- all the underlying system changes we made this milestone have caused a crop of them, but frankly that's expected and we're working them through at a good clip -- but I'd be OK with putting those in front of you.  Overall, I think combat is in a much better shape than 5.100, even with these new issues.
    But the server performance issue is a killer.  Any kind of reasonable player load (and I have reason to suspect we'll hit that) causes this problem to emerge, and it makes the game unplayable.  Which would be even more frustrating.
    As to "when", the truth is, we don't know.  We have top men working on it.  ("Top. Men.")  We continue to be in a day-for-day hold pattern until we get this issue resolved.
    Thanks for your patience.  Hopefully it'll be soon.

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    Bzra reacted to Yumx in [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]   
    We've had a great campaign (Endaryn) on EU.
    Thank you to the chaos faction for providing great fights every siege!

    We got a lot of great practice, fighting double our own numbers most of the time.

    Also congrats to Nordic Marauders on Balance for winning the campaign!

    We've made some changes and are now looking for one more support player!
    Look us up at https://vanguardcrowfall.com/howtoapply !
  6. Thanks
    Bzra reacted to Pann in Today is not the day. :(   
    Back on topic, please.
    Thanks for making this announcement, Todd ACE has transitioned the team to WFH Progress on 5.110 has not stopped Friday was close but not "da dae" We will tell you when it is "da dae Anything else will be removed. Thanks. 
  7. Haha
    Bzra reacted to thomasblair in Today is not the day. :(   
    At least 1! 😉
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    Bzra reacted to jtoddcoleman in Today is not the day. :(   
    Hey folks,
    Unfortunately, as the title says, today is not the day that 5.110 goes to Test.  
    We hoped it would be. We wanted it to be. We pushed really hard to make it the day. 
    This was a crazy week. On Tuesday, Gordon and I decided to institute a mandatory work-from-home policy for the entire team. That meant a quick scramble to get everyone equipped with machines and webcams and microphones and, in some cases, even desks at home. We started sending people home in waves.  By Friday, the entire team was up and running in sixty different locations, with access to slack and email and source code and bug tracking and server monitoring and everything else. This morning we were even able to do company stand-ups like normal, only via webcam. so, really, not like normal at all.
    In spite of that, we made a valiant run to get you a build, because we know you guys are chomping at the bit to test 5.110 (and believe me, we are, too!) But after our end-of-the-day playtest, we took a hard look at the remaining critical issues and decided it just wasn't ready.
    So: we're not quite there, but we are so, so close. Thanks again for your patience, but -- as always -- quality is paramount.  We appreciate your understanding.
    Todd & Gordon & the (widely scattered) team at ACE
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    Bzra reacted to xBoneDaddyx in [EVD] Ebola Wants You!!!   
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    Bzra reacted to Pann in "Towel-snapping" War Stories   
    [NOTE: This was originally posted in the Saga forum. After thinking about it further, I thought moving it here was a better idea. So, here we are. ~P~]
    I received this question in a private message and thought it would be better to answer it publicly. 
    The Rules of Conduct are clear about what's allowed on the forum, and how those rules differ from the in-game rules.  
    War Stories sort of bridge the two in that they are based on in-game action - where rules are far more flexible - and the forum rules where the stories (or links to videos) are posted. I get where this could lead to confusion.
    It is okay to call out a player or group in a War Story video so long as: 
    It is a reference to the character, not the actual person behind the character (e.g. no personal attacks). There is no hate speech*. We have a zero tolerance for any manner of hate speech whether it's on the forums, in-game or in a War Stories video.  There are no real-world threats. Those threats are another bullet point on our "zero tolerance" list.  No private communications are shared. Clipping something said in an open chat channel is fine. Blasting something said in a private message isn't.  Do not accuse others of cheating/exploiting. If you suspect someone is cheating, contact support@crowfall.com. Don't post about it on the forum or spout off about it in-game.  Crowfall is all about conflict and conquest. Not all rivalries are going to be friendly, and there's going to be some smacktalk. And that's okay, so long as people don't take it too far and keep it in the proper place. 
    HMU with questions. 
    * From the Rules of Conduct: Hate speech, including the degrading or vilifying of a particular race, religion, ethnic group, gender, sexual preference or sexual identity, as well as any members of these groups.
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    Bzra reacted to Pann in ArtCraft Entertainment Closes Series-A Funding Round   
    We are not blindly unaware of the Crowfaithful's desire for information about War of the Gods, but I would ask you to bear some things in mind - and I'm being candid because you are the Crowfaithful. I've known so many of you from my very first day at ArtCraft. 
    We are a small yet determined start-up that looks for every possible way to get the most out of the limited funds we have. While the dollar figure in this press release sounds like a king's ransom, every cent of it has to be measured out and used carefully. We're not spending any Marketing money at this point; that's being reserved for a big push at launch. 
    This means that in order to spread the word about Crowfall, we have to leverage what we can to get press coverage. In addition to my background as a journalist, I was the Sr. Director of Public Relations and Community at CCP before I came here, so I have a solid understanding of what it takes to get the media's attention and I understand the plans that DebySue and Todd have in place for us. The bottom line is that we need that coverage to draw attention to the game now, ahead of our big Marketing push. In order to get that coverage, we need to give the press information that hasn't already been released.  
    You're going to start seeing more juicy morsels being parceled out over time, but we aren't quite there yet. In the meanwhile, we have been trying to communicate more with the new Founders Blogs and Dev Diaries. Granted, some of that may be mostly old news to those of you who follow us super-closely. I see the comments, and I promise I never lightly dismiss them. I never lightly dismiss anything said by members of our community. It all matters. 
    All I can say is this: You've been with us this long. Please don't give up on us now. We are soooo freaking close to getting 5.110 into your hands. It's our passionate obsession, no one wants that more than this team does. 
    I appreciate you. Thanks for reading this. 
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    Bzra reacted to ZombieGandhi in The Phantom Feint   
    With Scarlett's brains, and my beefy brawn, the two of us found a way to infiltrate into a Balance keep with them none the wiser. The stage was set; all we needed was for Chaos to apply good pressure elsewhere to ensure the keep we were in, would receive no support--after all, what could two Order folks do? Sadly, the Cinderella story did not end the way we wish, but our craftiness did culminate in a fun video.
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    Bzra got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Dev Diary: The Power Bar   
    What about for Hunger crystals? What will the game chose to whack it with? If I am trained in stone and want to use a hammer instead of a pick but the game wants me to use a pick, that's problematic. Right now we have the choice to use a hammer or a pick.
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    Bzra got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Dev Diary: The Power Bar   
    This looks fantastic! Nice work. I hope it feels as sexy as it looks. Please keep in mind how these changes to in combat/ out of combat stances effect durability loss.
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    Bzra got a reaction from Groovin in Dev Diary: The Power Bar   
    What about for Hunger crystals? What will the game chose to whack it with? If I am trained in stone and want to use a hammer instead of a pick but the game wants me to use a pick, that's problematic. Right now we have the choice to use a hammer or a pick.
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    Bzra got a reaction from Spunky in Dev Diary: The Power Bar   
    What about for Hunger crystals? What will the game chose to whack it with? If I am trained in stone and want to use a hammer instead of a pick but the game wants me to use a pick, that's problematic. Right now we have the choice to use a hammer or a pick.
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    Bzra reacted to soulein in An Irekei comes home~   
    Tuel et manda'gul, Irekei! Ish uhrothnohil! Gurth Gothrim Avari!
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    Bzra got a reaction from Spunky in Warstory: Bzrekt   
    I was coming back to you BB don't worry. I would never leave you. I would never let go Jack.
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    Bzra reacted to Ble in Warstory: Bzrekt   
    I said I'd post it @Bzra, so I did, there you go sweet pea:
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    Bzra got a reaction from Pann in "Only in Crowfall" contributions wanted   
    Meeting in a guard tower for siege!

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    Bzra reacted to Pann in Gold for glory, crowns for stories   
    The spoils of war aren't always about gold (though gold is generally a very good incentive). For many, securing a prestigious place in history is equally important.
    The history of Crowfall is your story. We want to help preserve it through War Stories. There are a number of ways to tell your story: through videos, gifs, screenshots and battle reports. You can then share them on Twitter (with the hashtags #CrowfallGame and #WarStories) or the Crowfall forums.
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    Bzra got a reaction from JamesGoblin in "Only in Crowfall" contributions wanted   
    Meeting in a guard tower for siege!

  23. Haha
    Bzra reacted to Medicaid in "Only in Crowfall" contributions wanted   
    after making Vanguard wait 40 min? for a fort fight, this happened.
    does this qualify as "only in crowfall" ?
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    Bzra reacted to Staff in What It's Like to Play NA Order in 5.100   
    What the average balance player feels like when fighting chaos

  25. Sad
    Bzra reacted to Deioth in What It's Like to Play NA Order in 5.100   
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