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  1. I would pay 100 Euro for an alpha.
  2. @Wizbuiz Reading what you write, it seems to me you're looking to the game more as a player killer old school. Now these players are important, they represent a point of reference for many other less skilled players, usually are the strongest players in the server and with a lot of skill in the fingers, make videos on youtube and help to advertise the game but....but they limit their actions primarily looking victims to kill and looting. I'd like more than this I said the same thing in a different form. PvE is basically a form of gathering resources from monster useful to employ the players out of time dedicated to pvp and sieges. PvE is a content in the content, but must be moderated otherwise invades the space of the other important professions as gathering resources on the territory and crafting. The pve should be thought to get skins for leather armor, reagents for alchemy, ingredients for cooking, or enchanting, but not weapons and metal armors. Look here: http://community.crowfall.com/public/Crowfall_PreAlphaCraftingInterface.jpg In the center there is the option "Salvage". Probably there will be the possibility to decompose existing weapons and armor. What I don't like to see is a game where the main source of raw materials for crafting consist in the pve based on systematic killing of monsters to get weapons and armor to decompose later. This is bad for crafting, for the economy, and above all takes away importance and value to the territories. Would like to see a game where the territory and its resources (veins of different metal, different types of wood, rocks, bushes etc etc) are really important, much more than PvE. Gathering is essential in order to create a regionalization of resources and in this way to give a different value to each area, so that the territory and its resources become the main reason to declare war against other guilds/alliances. This should be the real engine of a pvp game. Conquer the territory and the city of another guild, as the primary way to sustain myself and my guild.
  3. For the athmospheric fell Dragons are welcome. Ok also for a series of mob spawn useful to enhance a territory or a city nearby, but with great moderation and especially a big NO to hundreds of different monsters that release tons of armor, weapons and objects of all kinds...is this what you want?
  4. Not necessarily. Please guys read well the main premise of the game. Here: This does not mean that in the game there will not be pve. They didn't say that in the game there is no pve, but they said that the game will be focused on sieges, conquest, territorial control, politics, wars between great guild alliances, actions and abilities of the players against other players. I think that usually the "games" with pve monsters in any portion of the map and with dozens of istances with huge bosses that release phosphorescent items, are those who have a system for gathering resources very very poor, and a crafting system repetitive and not very detailed. If the devs will be able to create a rich a variegated system of regionalized gathering resources over the entire map, and a crafting system very deep and detailed with a large number of items, you will not need a pve as what you see in the other theme parks. If instead things are as you say, that the pve is a necessary evil, I'd like to see a pve limited to kill wild animals implemented in the game as if they were a real dynamic content in order to satisfy the players who enjoy PvE when they are not engaged in pvp and in sieges. For example wandering animals that increase their dangerousness and size according to how long they stay alive. .....26 days remaining
  5. I think the graphics should be directed to the target of the player base to which the developers are looking at. The game has been presented with these prerogatives: here and here Moreover, recently has been made a reference about the full loot, not a statement but just a reference. All this is enough to understand that the player base to which they are watching is not the player base of games like wow or the other tons of Chinese/Koreans clones, all colored effects born in the wake of the blizzard game. I played Shadowbane first and after I played with MO and DFO. For my part (and also on the part of most of the people I know and I have known in the online game), at the end of the countdown I expect to have a presentation of the game with an immersive and real environment. I expect to see metallic armours, to see the effects of the blood after shots, to hear the screams of the characters when they are hit and when they die as in DFO. Something of REALLY different from the mass of games all stupids and unplayable that there are on the market, not only in terms of game-play but also in terms of graphics. Differently, if I will find a game with environments and bright colors like in Pirate101 or Wizard101, I'm sorry but my hipe will decrease by a good 90%. Just my thoughts, and sry for my terrible english.
  6. Think that no one expects a perfect and complete game quickly. But quickly I wish I could play an alpha, also paying.....are three years that I don't touch a game, and an alpha of this game full of bugs attracts me much more than any other game out there. For example, I have no problem with a crowdfunding plan in order to end the game in a time x, and in the meantime give the opportunity to play an alpha. Better this than the deadly boredom of reading a forum for another one or two years.
  7. nocturne


    Hi, add something like this to crafting or enchanting: http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/runes.shtml http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/cube.shtml http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/runewords-110.shtml http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/gems.shtml you could get tons and tons of nostalgic D2 fans disappointed by the third version.
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