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  1. I agree with you as well, I went with those numbers because it seemed small enough to get people thinking but not large enough to simply just be put off. Now the stealth for Archer is just camo which means you must stand still and not in combat. It is a lot harder to get into stealth as an archer which I'm perfectly ok with. You definitely could up the numbers I mentioned to 5% each passive auto stack 3 times which would equal 15% less charge time per auto with your bow as Archer. I feel the attack power shouldn't change though, to much attack power and it will just get nerfed, however I do feel this passive would be a game changer compared to its current passive.
  2. I have been playing Archer for about two weeks now, I love the class, it feels great however the passive of standing still landing 2 shots to gain a buff seems very useless. Yes standing still in certain areas ( I.E Keeps/Forts ) doesn't seem like a bad idea. However as squishy as the archer is standing still almost always means death in a very quick time. I'm always finding myself blinking ( wood elf movement ability I think also needs a very slight CD reduction... very slight ). Which means I can almost never get my passive to start kicking in considering once your standing still and fire 2 arrows then the passive turns on, however once you move the passive is lost. There lies the problem, if we cannot stand still then whats the point of that particular passive? I would suggest possibly changing that passive to something slightly more helpful to the Archer without absolutely breaking the Archer. I was thinking instead of standing still why not make the passive give a slight buff to draw time on your auto's and slight attack power. Now I'm not saying give Archers 100 attack power added per shot because I know there will be some people who take that to a new height lol. However what i'm talking about is simple. With every landed auto the Archer will get a stack of Precision Aiming. Precision aiming ( or name it to whatever you'd like lol ) would give 3% less draw time and 1.5% attack power stacking up to three times lasting 15secs. If you do not land an auto within 15secs the passive is lost, and yes which means the archer can move and shoot and gain this buff. Now stacking this buff 3 times means that at the 3rd stack the Archer would get 9% less draw time on the auto's and only 4.5% added attack power, which isn't a lot but I feel this would help the Archer more than the current passive. Please let me know what you think about this!
  3. Ok awesome, the Devs are working on it I love how fast they are
  4. Is anyone having the issue of the launcher not having any info on it at all besides the game name and launch game? Plus if the game does load I do not have any characters where as I do actually have 4 toons made. Is anyone else having this issue? Also seems like we all got booted from game then everything else followed
  5. Lets just see what the devs do/fix/change and see how it turns out. I've been watching champion class and its so cheesy, not saying there aren't more classes similar to this in terms of being OP but maybe the class isn't even the problem, its most likely the combination of the class mixed with the discs. I know ultimate warrior is stupidly good and should get a nerf as well. Just so many things but this is an alpha
  6. How long have you honestly been playing MMORpg's? lol
  7. doesn't matter if he out gears lmao, the entire point is if 1 class can solo a fort plus players whats the entire point of factions? no class should be able to solo a fort sorry. If you can solo take forts with 1 class then this game wont last
  8. A fair balance needs to be in place where forts do need 3-6 people to take ( i.e the point of faction based gaming ) and also the balance that classes can counter eachother.
  9. no he was tanking the archers plus 4 players, needs to get fixed. No player should be able to solo take a fort
  10. Personally in 5.8 when a champion can fight myself and 4 others plus the Fort Rank 6 archers and kill us all, is a problem. This isn't balanced at all. No one character/toon should be able to tank those arches plus 4 players and deal enough damage to win. In no way shape or form is this balanced. Those who say this is balanced obviously play the class and don't want it to be nerfed.
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