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  1. Lies, damned lies and statistics.... Bro, i played with you guys... you want to play this game... Anyone playing now, that's worth their salt and honest knows how "you people" operate, and the numbers you bring. I get it, we don't have an army of "try hards", geared to the teeth,,,GG! But unless poorly made dergs changes, you'll be sitting upon an empty poorly made dergs heap.. Hopefully I'll see you guys on MOII, which is where I'm waiting to go when this poorly made dergs flames. EDIT: Just post on Sock Puppet... at least then people could realize you don't really believe the poorly made dergs you post..
  2. Quote the biggest zerg currently ruining the game..
  3. ACE spent time on this poorly made dergs......GG!
  4. I cannot play for more than 20 minutes at times, sometimes I'm lucky to get an hour. I will be playing, and it seems at the most inopportune time, that my powers will stop working and shortly after I am not able to move.... This of course often ends in death to either players or mobs. I have an AMD Radeon 6800XT card and an AMD 5800X processor. 32 gb ram, on a 1.2 gig fiber connection. I do not have this problem in other games.
  5. Is there anyone else with a 5 or 6 series Radeon card that are having any isssues? I have a 6800XT as well (AMD 5800X cpu), though I will not get home for a few more hours.
  6. We're "undead" bitches!!.... That being said..looking forward to how this is going to land...great community. Open table, without the political litmus test (like some guilds). If you're interested, jump in to discord. Great base of people with great leadership,
  7. You sir, either spent one day at at it , or, as I said, you suck at it. I Promise you, I'd probably school you in combat there. And ShadowDisciple (Guild Mate) absolutlely kills me in it. And he, as one of the best players on the srever loses to people that he can't beat.. so sorry sir.. talk out of your ass less. It's better to say I do not like that PvP style, or.. "I suck at it" than to just cast dispersions from lack of skill '
  8. I would disagree.. I'm not that great at it, but it takes much more skill than Crowfall. If you've fought really good people, you learn your difficiencies. Don't call combat horrendous because you suck at it..
  9. MO2 is in a pretty good state, as long as they keep up with the update shedule... If you could see how far the game has come just since December, you'd be impressed. Its appears more polished than crowfall and is a much more beautiful game. Once Housing, Territory Control(yes.. real territory control), and the rest of the magic schools are in, it'll be win. I played the first one for close to 3 years. First person took getting used to, but now I think it adds to combat. It is truly "easy come, easy go". Gear is easy. There is one gigantic, and I mean "GIGANTIC" mapset ... and the other continents aren't in yet. There is no map other than an online player map (though cartography is supposed to be coming. You can actually "get lost" in the forests. If you want fights, you will get them. Sieges take real effort (in Mortal 1 at least). They will be adding Naval Combat If they deliver, and add new features, this game is a win for me.
  10. Well if they are forced to open, say 25 servers... there goes the whole "Throne War" aspect... We'll see what the plans are.
  11. To accomodate that number ACE would have to open dozens of "worlds".. can you even imagine trying to gold grind belts with that pop?
  12. We'll see, i'd be surprised if they hit that number. You think there is enough content/infastructure/resources in game, as it's currently, to support 100k?
  13. Not enough content, worlds are TOO SMALL, no "real ownership". I'll be optimistic.... What would happen if 25k people logged into this game? Resources? Mob Camps? Keeps? Forts? Gotta feeling this will end badly.
  14. I have two accounts. The game is very well polished at this state of development, pvp is easy to find and the map is immense. I also played Mortal 1. Once they have all the features in, to eventually include naval combat, it will be amazing.
  15. Unless they actually create player bulit cities, or "free building" on a large map, or map network, I (as wel as many in my guild) will not be revisiting this game.... We are having a blast in Mortal II Online though...
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