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  1. Haha
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to weaponsx in Dregs Wyvenar Campaign erupts on CROWFALL’S TEST Server!   
    I can only assume that this map of the test dregs is not the one you will be using when you go live.. I know there is no way in hell you would put out yet ANOTHER supersized small map. I know you  have heard the pop of thy head coming outta thy  ass and made a large map to test this stuff out right ??? If not, then I will give you another bullet so you can shoot your other foot. Waiting to see where you go with this one ACE...
  2. Thanks
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to Sloppy in New Territory control system   
    Perfectly willing to help for free!  We need to fix this game, alot of people invested alot of money.  For a game!  Not for a grind simulator!
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    Charlie_Bronson got a reaction from dentaer in New Territory control system   
    @Sloppy.. you need to be on the Dev Team...
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    Charlie_Bronson got a reaction from KoKaineKid in New Territory control system   
    @Sloppy.. you need to be on the Dev Team...
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    Charlie_Bronson got a reaction from Devestate in New Territory control system   
    Waiting for the zerg echochamber to come piling to defend the status quo..
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    Charlie_Bronson got a reaction from Sloppy in New Territory control system   
    @Sloppy.. you need to be on the Dev Team...
  7. Haha
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to MacDeath in New Territory control system   
    Nah, they won't bother. It's not like this was posted in the Suggestion forums AND someone from ACE responded to it.
    IF we had a sandbox game where players got to make the rules, then these ideas would scare some white knights, as it is, they don't expect ACE to take any action based on this thread, so ne need to come piling in to defend the status quo.
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    Charlie_Bronson got a reaction from Sloppy in Campaign Feedback 11/24/2020   
    This is starting to feel like a custarded over MOBA..

    Have free building placement for the love of god...even if it's a token system per tile/zone... cookie cutter sucks it.
    Eliminate encampments/guard posts...Make them fewer and make them return resources to a keep on a distance/return vector...(Old Shadowbane Mine System).. Forts and Keeps shouldn't just spawn resouirces for simply being there.
  9. Thanks
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to Durenthal in 6.300 TEST Feedback for 12/8/2020   
    The removal of cutting grit from slag (yay, well done, good decision) means that slag and cobblestone are now effectively useless.  Should we expect to see them removed from the maps so there are fewer garbage harvesting nodes impacting server performance?   Knotwood trees provide bandages and apples, so they pretty much need to stay, but slag and cobblestone have no value.
    The gold grind for discipline upgrades seems... steep to me.  It doesn't feel like a gold sink, it feels like a grind.  Gold sinks should use up my surplus gold, not be the focus of my in-game activity.   For those of us without an overabundant gold fort, the grind is real.  This is another case of forts providing way too much of their resource (remove gold and dust forts entirely!) causing pain elsewhere in the game.
    Needlin' Haystack still feels super strong.  It's the source of a very large percentage of my knight's damage on test in group fights.  I don't object to my knight being stronger (compared to Myrm and Champion (and to some degree templar) it's still the red-headed stepchild of the melee world.  But it's a no-brainer power.  I activate it and anyone who hits me hurts themselves fairly badly.  That's poor design (not just for needlin' haystack - it applies to thorns too, to a lesser degree).   A damage shield is a good idea, but it shouldn't be universal, and it should have counters.
    There's still not enough for small groups to do in game.  Solo play is unpleasant unless you're a ganker (either stealth or stupidly unkillable like a pitfighter).  Small group play is generally fun but really hard to find.  Large group play is hampered by  poor performance and ground target AE heals affecting people outside the caster's group causing people to clump in healing puddles, and removing the concept of front line and back line characters entirely.  There's only the blob.
    Balance really needs a thorough pass.  Champions are stupidly strong, and Myrms are probably a little too strong too (they, at least, have a modicum of player skill involved in their survivability).  Paladins are massively OP for fort fights - there's no real counter to them in that environment.  Classes that used to be quite strong have almost vanished from the field.  And some classes have always been pretty weak comparatively, and that still needs to change.
  10. Haha
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to weaponsx in New Territory control system   
    Pretty much how the PP alliance plays.
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    Charlie_Bronson reacted to Undead_uda in New Territory control system   
    Great work Sloppy!
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    Charlie_Bronson reacted to tallblokeuk in New Territory control system   
    This sounds great!
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    Charlie_Bronson reacted to Fefner in New Territory control system   
    This is what i thought dregs was going to be, like the board game Risk but what we got was just a mashed up version of factions.
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    Charlie_Bronson reacted to MacDeath in New Territory control system   
    And we would fight like madmen to protect a guild city that has value over more than just one campaign.
  15. Haha
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to MacDeath in New Territory control system   
    Dude! That's totally crazy! That would give a purpose to building up your EK!
    I love it!
  16. Thanks
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to Sloppy in New Territory control system   
    Because this post is mainly an overview as to what this game could be I will also flush out some ideas daily!
    An example of Conquering and taxing a war camp!
    So it’s a fresh dregs and you notice there is a Centaur war camp just 3 territory connections away from your starter city.
    All territories on the map are currently neutral so you can take them right away.
    But your allies have their own cities so they are nowhere to be seen!
    Your guild city was randomly placed at the south of your island.

    You grab a few guild mates and take the mining valley just north.  You stand in a circle where the ore pigs used to spawn. And the territory is yours.  There is still a cool down of 30 minutes placed on your guild for taking territory. 
    Every hour 1-3 pigs will spawn there for leading back to the guild city.
    Your guild’s gatherers are hard at work, building the caravanasary.  It takes 1000 white stone, 1000 white metal, 1000 white wood and 1000 white leather to build. So it may not be built right away.
    Your guild finished 6th in the last campaign and only the top 5 guilds got free caravanasary tokens.
    Back to the March to the war camp!
    You are now only 2 territory captures from being able to capture the war camp.  You could take the forest or the stone pig mountain, but there’s a Baba Yaga outpost between you and the warcamp, and you are racing your neighbours to capture that camp.  Your guild needs the gold those taxes will provide.
    So your guys capture the outpost.  It provides a 25% bonus to all sacrifices made at this outpost for any centaur sacrifice parts.  The camp and the outpost will go well together.
    You look at the map and see neighbours on both sides are doing exactly what you are doing.  Trying to push their territory to be the first the grab that war camp.  The 2 guilds on the far side of the map are too far away, and there another war camp right between them that they are pushing too.
    The third territory you grab is a special limestone node.  Yay, now any limestone in your territory will be rank 6.  It’s actually 5 limestone mothernodes and 7 single slate nodes. (These are already in game in spots)
    Warcamp Time!
    You sent a squad to your west neighbours to try to slow them down from being first to have a chance to claim that camp.  They were successful in slowing them down 15 minutes.  The east clan had some extra territory to grab to connect to the camp so they were already delayed 30 minutes.  But you’ve been fighting them off as they try to delay you.
    Your cool down is up and you are ready to begin the assault on the war camp!  You have a 15 minute lead on one guild and a 30 minute lead on the other.
    But when you get to the camp it’s a 3 way battle.  You prevail and manage to hold the circle for 5 minutes.  But war camps are different and when they are live a big boss spawns.  Killing the boss actually just enslaves him.  Now he is basically a pack pig that you must lead back to your town, to put in your jail building that your gatherers just finished erecting.
    As you are leading the boss back to your guild city you fend off 2 more attacks.  But the camp is yours.  With it you get a 5% gold tax to any gold produced in that camp.
    Your first defence window is in 3 hours.  So  you get back to work trying to conquer territory around the camp and you city to act as a buffer.
    fast forward to your defence window!
    the guild east of you is strong and they are coming for your warcamp.
    During your defence window your jailers freed the centaur boss in promise that he could help defend his people.  If he is alive after the 3 hours he will return to jail.
    if the guild east of you manages to knock him out and lead him to their jail the territory will become theirs.
  17. Thanks
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to Sloppy in New Territory control system   
    Why the current game loop needs changing.
    We can hit some forts or keeps during certain times.  But since only 2 or 3 go live at the same time only the bigger guilds usually win them.  That leaves the rest of time time to do grinding.
    How can we change territory control support small, medium and large battles.
    Imagine a map where you can capture territory, and expand your borders from there.  As you gain more territory your borders expand.  As your borders expand you are forced to spend more time defending and less time conquering.
    Starting a new world!
    1. Remove the temples from the dregs map.
    2. The top 20 clans in the previous campaign received a land token.  Or they are available for purchase for 200k gold.  No land token, no dregs.  Go play on infected. (Another option listed at end)
    3.  25 land spots are available for each campaign. 5 on each of 5 islands, around the perimeter.  The 5 islands surround the centre island with your new super castle in the middle.  A portal from the centre of the 5 islands go to the middle island, to portals around the perimeter of the middle island.
    Building on your land spot
    1.  The land spots start with a resurrection statue, starter work stations, a local bank and a local guild bank with 1000 slots.
    2.  Remember your guilds starting land spot was around the perimeter of the island and the portal to the next island is in the middle.  Because most of the interactions with other clans will take place on the guild’s borders, the maps can be bigger because pvp will happen organically.  But people can still wander deep into your territory to gank your people.
    3.  Poi’s are spread out all around the map. But each city should have a nearby forest, mining valley and Stone Mountain.  All the resource nodes in these areas should start at rank 5.
    4.  As you capture one these 3 areas (using the current circle mechanic), your guild has conquered it’s first territory.  If you capture the forest, your towns lumber building appears.  You also get the mining building and stone building if you take those other 2 areas.
    Expanding your empire
    As you spread out into the world there are many more POI’s to capture.  But all of the little POI areas are connected to only 2 or 3 other POI’s.  You can only capture POI’s that border yours.
    If your territory expands enough and you capture the centre portal, any land captured on the other island by the previous owners goes neutral and live.  Also any territory that is cutoff from your starting point goes neutral.
    The centre castle
    This will be incredibly hard to hold, as you will need to hold your own islands’s centre portal and the centre castle.  You’ve conquered a ton of territory so you need to protect way more war fronts.  There are POI’s and territory on the centre map as well, all around that big castle.
    War windows
    We all understand that during off hours when your clan is asleep or at work, it’s incredibly frustrating to lose your gains.  Before the campaign started your guild setup it’s war times.  You must choose 15 hours a week, for when your lands are vulnerable, split into 5 3 hour defence windows.
    Losing territory
    When your window is open any POI’s you hold become vulnerable.  But remember they can only be taken by clans that hold the territory next door.  The enemy needs to flip your POI to them and hold it for 30 minutes without it being flipped.  When that happens it is there and immediately is only vulnerable during their defence window.
    These  can be different things.  Keeps, Forts, Mob Camps, Special mines etc.  The more content the better.  But each  POI provides different things.  Certain POI’s will rank up any resource nodes in your territory like the special mine. So with enough special mine POI’s all metal resources in your territory become rank 10.
    As people hit resources or farm mob camps taxes are generated into your local guild bank.  A centaur camp may be worth 1.2% taxes.  So anyone who uses that area will generate an extra 1.2% gold into your guild bank.  This provides as incentive to allow people to use your territory.  Because if you’ve ranked up your nodes to 10 and people farm them.  You get a cut!
    So many things can be added now.  You could allow people to free build their own starting areas.  Unlocking more stuff for their town as their territory grows.
    Huge zergs now have to divide into many battle fronts.  They can’t pin down 24 other guilds.
    As the game grows you can offer 50 land starting spots or 10 if there’s less population.  It will scale however you want it to scale.
    You could make an earth, balance and moon faction city that starts exactly how the other guilds start for everyone not spending a land token.
    You could have sieges on guild’s starting territory to wipe them off the map and force them into the faction starting areas. So if you were a moon guild you would now be in the moon faction area for the rest of the campaign.
    You could also make bigger things in the middle of the map like keeps and towers that require siege equipment to take down.
     By spreading everyone out and creating war fronts we get a daily back and forth battle.  But the bigger you grow the harder it is to hold on to what your have.  Things that you capture have a direct benefit to your crafters and gatherers.  As your resource nodes rank up it provides opportunities for people to come deep into your territory to farm the nodes or the people farming the nodes.
    I hope you guys enjoy this idea.  Because currently the game does not feel fun to a lot of people.
    This will give more incentive for guilds to win the campaign as they will earn a city in the next campaign.  Or save their token for future campaigns if they want to skip one for a break.
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    Charlie_Bronson reacted to Nevyn in 6.300 TEST Feedback for 12/4/2020   
    @thomasblairThis system is REALLY, REALLY broken. If you go over to live and try to craft an intermediate tool, even if your general crafting is fully trained, you will have a low (i think it was 19) experimentation success rate, and a much lower assembly rate, and less experimentation pips than we used to have. Before 6.2 i think  i had around a 70 general assembly chance so 50 points are missing, thus i fail on alot of combines. I cant even make blue parchment paper consistently.
    Now bring that over to test, and remove general crafting totally. I now have a 0 assembly chance and fail on 75% of attempts to make orange parchment paper that i used to have 98% chance. I am also used to be capped at just about everything. Now my experimentation success is 100 when it used to be 120. My experimentation reduction is down from just short of 125 and is now 7.5.
    This is horrendous
    And i dont know how others are getting such high drop rates on the runes, but i have 5 loggers with over 250 trees chopped down. Its terrible.
    I have been one of the biggest defenders of crowfall to my guild. I have tried to get people to play. But this is unplayable.
  19. Thanks
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to oneply in 6.300 TEST Feedback for 12/3/2020   
    can racial bonuses to crafts be re-evaluated with this change?
    wood elfs dont get squat for strength (woodworking primary stat).
    humans dont get squat for dex (primary stat for JC).
  20. Thanks
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to Soulreaver in Crafting Progression Item Drop Rates 6.200   
    Sorry Blair, but the -whole- system felt too grindy and unneeded. Comments about the whole idea of having was -wasting- ressources to get these items was just really annoying and a general sense of : I wish they would have left things alone and invested their time on other things such as performance was much more important.

    The above comment you make isn’t what I can relate to when listening to the crafters and harvesters of the guilds I frequently visit.

    Wasting 10 armor sets for 1 drop.  Well that is 2000 Ressources down the drain.  Not to talk about the Dust grind you have forced us back into... Things crafting wise are horrible, because of these changes you have imposed.  
    Please stop making more grinding systems it’s not what ppl want.  They want things which will making crafting more fluent, and dynamic.  Where you dont have to click a million times placing mats INTo the crafting window
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    Charlie_Bronson reacted to yianni in JOIN THE ACE Q&A LIVESTREAM DEC. 1 @ 11 AM CST / 6 PM CET   
    Shadowbane customization when?
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    Charlie_Bronson reacted to APE in Kickstarter goals compared to what we have today   
    Can go back a step before kickstarter for even more wishful thinking:
    "WHERE DID WE GO WRONG? There was a time when our industry took CHANCES. Our games didn’t have to appeal to everyone, and we didn’t judge ourselves solely on mass market success. With amusement park games, it’s impossible to lose. With sandbox games, it’s impossible to win. If you can’t win and you can’t lose, then WHAT'S THE POINT OF PLAYING? I don’t want to kill more rats, fill another experience point bar or collect another meaningless badge. I want to play a GAME, against PLAYERS where my actions, my decisions and my SKILL will determine if I win or lose. Allies. Enemies. Alliances. Betrayal. Risk. Conquest. To compete with THOUSANDS of other players for a chance to claim the THRONE. Even if I lose, the experience won’t feel hollow. I don’t want another worthless trophy. I WANT TO PLAY TO CRUSH." 😍🤑😄🤨😔😭🙃
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    Charlie_Bronson reacted to mystafyi in Kickstarter goals compared to what we have today   
    I guess I am, along with the rest of the player base judging by player counts. 
  24. Thanks
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to Padishah in Kickstarter goals compared to what we have today   
    @ACE-Tiggs - thanks for engaging us.

    As i read through the feedback post, I thought to check the original Kickstarter post and compare to where have arrived at today. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo/
    Disclosure: since 6.2, I log in from time to time to eyeball the game and spend passive points. I play about 5 hours on a weekend to get a small taste of the changes. Mechanics are progressing nicely, but the total lack of a Strategic focus is disappointing. 
    Crowfall is not a Strategy base game. Many people have pointed out the siege window / timer problems. Not much strategy unless you figure a rushed looked at the map to see where I'm at compared to what is open and question if we have enough time to run there. That is not strategy. That is a tactical consideration of the options for the "right now". Right now, the "he has the most players" tactical genuis at the minute the siege window closes wins the fight. That is zerg maneuvering. I can get better zerg maneuvering in zerg warfare games like GW2. Again, not strategy - merely managing short term engagements. I still twitch whenever someone yells "push push push" in comms.  Conflict is driven on scarcity. One player asked the question:" when was the last time someone bashed a regular ore node"? This is a critical observation. There is ZERO scarcity in game right now. This drives the GW2 zerg style of game play / snowflake "log in, kill something, log out" very tactical engagement mindset of how to play to crush. no offense, but the Devs need to revisit  and relearn the combat definition and application of strategic vs operational vs tactical - you clearly don't apply the framework.  
    20 years ago, SB let us build what we wanted where we wanted outside of mob zones. Now, unless you set a "grid" for a menu of buildings in a location you choose, we can't build it.  Since there is no scarcity, why would I want to build a tower or a fort near a resource node to help me control it for a period of time? (not that I can, but why would I want to since I can zerg a fort a the last minute and get uber lootz?"  Imagine: Small guild or player needs to harvest a scarce resource, so we find it, and build a tower that I can drop a few ranked guards in to give us a short term or slight tactical edge for a period of time. if I want to improve that "capture" / defensive building to make it stronger or increase the influence zone, then let me. No real changes on the maps. The only change is the auto map generator system - which is stuck on vanilla. If the world takes over an hour to run across, where is the incentive to do that? Other than another fort to zerg for uber loots? Again, scarcity drives conflict. The only true conflict is a zerg mechanic that has players asking for a "commander icon". good grief.  
    Sorry, the cards don't accomplish this.   
      is this meant to be a necro based customization? I'm not asking for more complexity when crafting a vessel, i just pointing out that there is no way to reallocate attributes.  
    Anyway, thanks for at least asking. Hope remains eternal. 
  25. Haha
    Charlie_Bronson reacted to Kreigon in Atlas MMORPG   
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