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  1. If you are even semi careful, a roaming band won’t get anything for contesting resources. Kill a group doing motherlodes or bosses what happens? They already spirit banked everything
  2. Did I hear y’all are dropping tons of siege equipment😮!?! Time to get back to siege weapon demo duty 😁
  3. Aryie

    Guild Banks

    being able to split stacks in the bank
  4. KUIBLA THE KHAN AND THE ILLARAIAN BOAR Gather around all crows far and near, To listen to a mighty tale. of the Kuibla the Khan and the Illaraian Boar. During the days of the cat goddess, The hamster Kuibla ventured forth. For the tales of the Illaraian beasts have spread, and many crows yearned for the loot they had. Journeying through a thick patch of woods, Our little hero found a sight to behold. The majestic Illaraian Boar wallowed around near the meadows by a yonder rock. Kuibla the Khan cautiously approached when the beast turned and saw him eye to eye. Kuibla decided to sally forth and his twin pistols started to sing as the little hamster gave battle to the Illaraian Boar. Through sun and moon, the combats danced, Neither giving up a single inch. The boar kept charging back and forth. Yet Kuibla kept twirling outside its reach. On the fourth day, the boar started to tire but nearly gorged Kuibla who was getting weary. When at last the end drew near, under the veil of starry skies, the Illaraian Boar breathed its last. Kuibla the Khan drenched in sweat in blood finally got to claim his prize. So ends the epic tale of Kuibla the Khan and the Illaraian Boar A picture from the faithful battle
  5. Bringing a interesting debate that has been started up in the crowfall discord to the forums, what is the preferred currency among crows? Is it Gold, dust, or something else(like pinecones)?
  6. Maybe something to help with level grind is if they develop a method where you can take exp from one vessel and put it into another one
  7. And some of those harvesters didn’t run away kill y’all and went on harvesting 😁. Fun tussles in the forest thou. The zombies gave away y’all positions a couple times
  8. I think it would have been better for them to start at a higher drop rate and dial it back the closer we get to launch or the higher the player population gets. It would have given them more data around the new items that the scrolls make and more people would have access to them.
  9. its gonna take months for us to get to that level when they turn off the x3 skill points thing
  10. but that was before they fixed the beneficial harvest right?
  11. When do you have/get a legendary vessel in this game 😜?
  12. Woaw Jah beat me to it... slow typing fingers
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