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    Living on top of a mountain..GO VIRGINIA!
  1. From what we have seen in the Kickstarter video, it appears that the constructions style will be similar to the mechanics in Rust. Obviously we will be building on our own parcels of land in the EK, but as for campaigns I haven't the foggiest. Buildings forts, walls, etc... will be amazing, but it could also suck when you have those people that just throw random blocks everywhere to make it look stupid.
  2. I thought your post was really interesting and updated mine to include it. I never really thought about trading inside of a campaign since I figured I would be too busy fighting to survive. What if an extra incentive to go into a campaign was for stuff like unique vendors and what not. I know we will see certain spirits which will boost your profession when captured so it wouldn't be such a stretch to see items that help you out in other ways.
  3. Familiars are beings (mostly creatures like crows, rats, etc...) that would assist a magic user, witch, in what ever needed to be done. It was said that they usually increased that person's magical abilities. I believe the crow from Maleficent would be a good example in this case.
  4. Will my alpha progress transfer over to beta?
  5. What's on my mind? I'm fairly certain I'm legally insane so let's not go there.....

  6. Brilliant idea! Would you suggest such a feature being apart of the game or on the website? It would be interesting if you could search by location, faction, quality, level, etc...
  7. I agree with your point. What about an AH sole as a guild perk?
  8. Exactly! This will be critical in the case of resource points. I would rather trade all the gold I get (as an example) for stone so as to build my kingdom.
  9. So far people have been pretty focused on the PvP side of the game, specifically with how players and guilds will be going to war to claim superiority and grow bigger. I want to focus on the Economy though. Stores: In the F&Q page we see this little statement. “construct a blacksmith shop, design a marketplace, build walls and towers and design a Castle.” Obviously I’m in love with all of this, but building a market place truly interests me. Will we be able to build stores that allow us to buy and sell items? Will we be able to control these stores and give access to other players? Personally, I want to see a system like this. I collect resources, invest in a plot of land, collect more resources and build a square. In this square is a store and by taking raw resources to this store items are then created which can be sold to players who come in. Having a blacksmith shop with the ability to repair and even sell decent equipment would be freaking fantastic! Auction House: Let’s use WoW’s auction house for this example. Nothing was better then spending some free down time collecting ore and herbs, dropping it off on the auction house, and then a couple hours later watching the gold roll in. This requires two things. The first is a mailing system and the second is a currency. As far as I know Crowfall currently has neither of these. Instead this has to be done strictly by trading. Let’s take an idea from ESO that could solve this dilemma. Individual guilds gathering resources and then trading them. If we use the forums as a form of announcement system, then we can see a category pop up like, “SELLING METAL ALLOYS FOR STONE!” In it will be the guild location and time to come collect the resources. This does require a bit of work so if you have a better system then talk about it! I wouldn’t be surprised if some hardcore fans got together and created a website that acted as a auction house for Crowfall – PATENT PENDING – hahaha Masters of Crafting: Besides selling resources, people will also sell their services. Someone who has spent most of their time leveling say blacksmithing and has also collected some trapped souls will be in high demand. Going back to WoW we would constantly see spam in trade chat like “640 JC all pats LFW! (Totally wasn’t me XD) Again the forums will have to act as our billboard, but this will be an interesting subject for guilds to pounce on so as to entice new members. VIP: Personally any dealing between real money and in game resources shoots a red flag in the air for me. Since VIP “membership” doesn’t have a direct bearing in game, I’m not as scared, but still not sure if I want to see this. I have seen on the forums some people voicing concerns about larger guilds with money (maybe from members or sponsors) can buy larger lands. Now they can spend more money and buy resources from other players so as to build a huge kingdom. Is this likely to happen, probably not, but we can never be too careful. Edit 1: Very interesting read concern the economy within the campaigns by M0rdred.
  10. Well I see two solutions...The winning side or I make my own faction and take over the war.
  11. Afterwards and even then probably a little bit so as to get everything straight and connected.
  12. I personally want to see this community grow both in numbers and knowledge. Having experience from many different games there has been one prevalent theme involved with the fulfillment of this dream. That theme is a core group of knowledgeable fans invested into the community. These fantastic people do several things: Keep the conversation going. This can be done by adding your thoughts or even getting an interesting conversation going again. Welcome new members! See a new member, then shoot them a message or throw a post on their thread saying hi. Answer questions. The devs can only do so much, but we are already browsing the forums so why not throw a bit of knowledge here or there. With the influx of new people I know the questions will become repetitive, but just remember we were all like that once. Stay up to date and active. We have this one down so already off to a good start! Sounds complicated right? I hope not since I want you all to be involved in this process. This isn't anything official, but if you would like to see this community grow then let's do our part! I'll also be starting community events like podcasts, competitions, etc...hosted by my clan so if you would like to be involved in that as well shoot me a message! Thank you so much for your time and I can't wait to play Crowfall with you all.
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