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  1. I think it would be great if, for example, chaos had 100k points, balance had 400k, and order had 500k, if 1 dedicated chaos player could lay waste to dozens of opponents. Because in that kind of point situtation, odds are, there is only 1 chaos playing at that point anyways, and it would be hella fun for that perso, instead of so pointless they just log off.
  2. Here is a sample algorithm: If first place has 50% more points than second place, they start becoming tyrannical, exponentially. If last place has 50% less points than second place, they start becoming "Heroic" or something, exponentially.
  3. I think "Underdog" should be a twin mechanic, because the most oppressed people always seem to get a "supernatural" boost in power, in real life, just like Tyranny always becomes a "supernatural" debuff.
  4. I also think, as a 25+ year software engineer veteran, that the more features, the better. As a programmer, I literally can make *everyone* happy. I never listen to people who tell me to not code something that someone else wants. I can always find a way to code it where all people get what they want. Who cares why other games do it, do it our way. Ultimately, it all boils down to time management and budgets though. For this I recommend allowing the software engineers the liberty to pick and chose the features to implement, because they understand the concepts of "low hanging fruit" and "development roadmaps", and the cost involved, better than anyone else. Marketing departments always custard this process up, which kills development cycles and costs so much money its stupid.
  5. This is really "far out" but what if the map was synced to the actual earth, and weather was not random weather, but the actual real time weather of earth. Earth, at any given moment, has all 4 seasons occurring, so at any point in a campaign, you can poll an API for the most realistic weather patterns required. I think it would be an added element to PVP that would be fun. "Damn, we cant go to the fort this way, there is a blizzard, we have to go through that 1 pass" or "Damn, we were late to defend the fort, now a flood blocks our pass, we will never make it in time, arrrgg!". "Crap, a blizzard, I cant even see the nodes now, I can barely see trees"
  6. I think it would be cool is weather was more realistic, as in there were light rains, and heavy rains, and even floods, which made travel difficult (slow) or impossible. Same for snow. Making it pile up 1", 2"... 12", etc.
  7. Personally, I started hacking when I was 13 years old and now I've been a code monkey for 25 years. I pretty much never use my real name online, always an alias. Food for thought. Facebook was great when it was for college students only. It sucks now because they censor free speech and have "thought police" , not because of privacy issues. Maybe we could access our skill queues from a CF website too? Like you are on vacation and want to spend your skill points from the beach or something, on the nano PC in our pockets that could fly a spaceship.
  8. I like how the Guild stuff evolved to the website. Im pretty sure web development is cheaper than game development. You can add a lot of industry setting game features cheap. Guild Forums Guild Calendar Guild Social Media Connector I think it would be cool too if we could play certain aspects of the game through the website too, so we can play on the fly through our phones. Like if we could access inventory items and connect to a live chat, then trade and chat, it would be a start in that direction.
  9. I think it should show how much time is remaining before it consumes our epic gears. I like the use dust as payment option too.
  10. Games like this are highly social. Nobody likes playing Nintendo offline, alone. Winning includes showing off and bragging and stuff... to other people. Thats the glory. I think User Profiles should be in every MMO. Allow at least a brief text profile. Maybe make like "F" over Player, then "4" for Player Profile. I would kick ass here too. Allow us to upload a HD avatar or selfie photo too. Add social media links and personal websites and stuff. Add unlimited "Notices" that players can add in their profile, for stuff like "Buying Stuff", or "Selling Stuff", or "Seeking Some Adventure". Integrate that with a stellar Guild Social GUI, and clone the code for a Friends Social GUI, and clone the code for a Public Social Connection GUI. Then brag about all of it in marketing posts at release... the best mmorpg social gaming system on the market I think every MMO needs an LFG system too, where players can flag themselves LFG, and search for others who are LFG, and form groups .
  11. I think Action Macros make games hella better and its ergonomic... less keystrokes, more chillaxing and gaming It adds another element too... "combos" and organize our action bars better.
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