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    Killing people and chopping trees.
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  1. That's interesting, I hope the arrows really gets calculated into the damage even if it's not showing, because the arrows I used had higher damage than my intermediate common Bow. so it matters a lot at early levels. basicly 50% of the damage. I will try to mess around with other major diciplines, but currently there is very few good options for Rangers it seems.
  2. STILL LOOKING FOR A GUILD! IGN: iamai. Server: EU. Language: English. Class: Ranger. Skills: Combat + Wood. Faction: Uncertain (Might go Chaos or Order tonight when patch hits). Playing as Balance this Campaign. Playstyle: PvP.
  3. Hello I'm iamai. I started playing this game maybe 1 week ago, I have currently only tried one class (The Ranger). But I am pretty certain it will be the class I want too main in this game. After playing a bit and reaching level 25, I started to wonder about which Major diciplines to use for PvP. I used Malekai.org to see what was available and tried out some different stuff. I am currently using Force Mage + Illusionist. This have left me with a lot of questions about game mechanics... I do understand that this is a pre-alpha stage of the game and that there can be bugs or things that have not been fully developed within the game. 1. Is my Basic Shot ability considered a basic attack or a charged bow power? Will the talent Sleight of Hand affect it if it's considered a basic attack? The Hot Foot passive from the Illusionist Major Dicipline does not get applied on my 3rd bow shot. Is this a bug? or is my Basic Shot not considered a basic attack? Doesn't apply a debuff on the target when changing to Melee Tray and attack either. Phantom Feints passive from the Illusionist Major Dicipline causes your true attacks to deal bonus damage to targets that are slowed. What is considered a True Attack? This passive seems to increase my damage when I slow targets with Force Wave and attack with Basic Shot. (not 100% confirmed). 2. However if my Basic Shot is not considered a basic attack, is it considered a charged bow power then? In this case the talent Double Shots should apply to it, but it doesn't, I don't get any buff in my "Buff Bar / Stack" and I see no increase in my Basic Shot damage after the first one. Is Basic Shot affected by the talent Military Training if it's not considered a basic attack? Call for Fire passive increases the speed at which I charge up my Basic Shot. But things like double shots doesnt apply, so I am very confused about what my shots are considered. 3. Does Faerie Trap count towards my Crit Cap, or can it exceed it since it's a debuff on the enemy? How much Shield / Barrier does Faerie Trap give me when it hits an enemy? How is it affected by Barrier Rating from Force Mage Major Dicipline? 1:1? I don't see the amount of barrier / shield from my Reactive Barrier either from the Force Mage Major Dicipline. 4. Arrows placed in the Arrow / Quiver slot on my character doesnt increase my Ranged Weapon damage, is there a reason for this? is it calculated in another way with my attacks / abilities? - Note that most of the testing I did was on the Dummies in the Chaos Temple. But I also tested some of the things on R7 Spiders. So it could be a bug with Dummies, or simply me not knowing about some mechanics in the game. Hopefully someone can clarify some of these things. Thank you in advance ! I am very happy to play this game so far and it seems to be very fun with some good concepts! I am looking forward to the new Campaign tomorrow! Then I can invest some more time and effort into a character and hopefully find more topics to discuss in the future regarding the Ranger class. - iamai
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