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  1. At the moment, I see a missed opportunity for interesting interaction between crafted toxins and the Poisoner discipline. If the discipline instead granted a toxin slot on whoever equipped it, it would allow greater levels of customization to its use. Non-assassins would still lack the Diffusion skill, but would have some other skills relevant to the use of their toxin in the Discipline. It should be at least somewhat desirable for a poison-oriented assassin to augment this part of their regiment by using this Discipline, and this change would allow more beneficial interaction between their toxins and the discipline because the two types of poison ticks (in the case of poison toxins) would no longer compete. Overall, this change would contribute to allowing greater customization while simply making use of existing systems (equippable toxins, disciplines adding gear slots) and items in the game. It would increase cohesion and would allow stylistically cool things like a poison-based assassin build to actually function well and synergize with itself. As a bonus, this could allow for additional varieties of toxins to be added, which could only be equipped with the Discipline. This would be similar to the more abstract bow types being bound to Sharpshooter and Arcane Archer, rather than directly available to the ranger class. Examples of these extra toxins could be a lifesteal toxin (there are now very few sources of lifesteal in the game, this toxin would allow you to lifesteal from those who have the toxin's effect on them), and acid toxin (which would apply an armor-break).
  2. I definitely see where you're coming from here, Jah. Though they have talked about tome systems or other methods of catch-up, the design of the system is as you describe. In my opinion, they should wipe everything minus passive skill trees. Wipe spirit bank, vessels, etc, but leave the passive skill trees and, at the very least, see if the gap that will form between the vets and the newcomers is something they are happy with and feel is a good fit for their vision of the game after launch. If they decide it isn't fair/what they want, they can change it, but so long as they keep wiping it during testing, they aren't truly "testing" it, are they?
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