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  1. The new version of Reality Warper, called Force Mage, is not craftable in this snaptest. The only reason I know it exists is because I had reality warper on my character last snaptest and all the powers got replaced by the new one.
  2. It seems as though Vanish on duelist occasionally (perhaps just when it actually hits someone) pulls the duelist out of stealth on detonation. This is very counter-productive for an Ultimate skill that is generally used as an escape, as it immediately leaves you vulnerable again for no predictable reason. If this is by design (not a bug), it is bad design, as some other skills that deal damage (spirit dart, stink bomb, go for broke (sort of)) don't strand you in combat tray when used in stealth. I know Brigand traps do destealth you (though I'd argue they shouldn't either) but those are just regular skills where Vanish is an ultimate geared toward escape. There is no good reason (imo) for Vanish to destealth you on detonation.
  3. There are definitely a few skills in the game with a tendency to "misfire". Impale on duelist is another, at least 1/2 the time you will hit the skill, do the animation, but deal no damage and not spend any pips. Definitely pretty annoying.
  4. Was at 90%. I am going to guess you have the talent for Regen in either Warden or Brigand if you can Regen in melee. I am currently leveling this ranger (have done one before) and don't have that talent yet. I think it is the base regens that aren't working, even if the talent one is. Gleeful Strike still seems to work, for example. Will relog shortly and see if the problem is persisting. Will double check my food, too, but I am OCD about staying at 90-100%. Edit: After relogging the problem seems to have resolved itself.
  5. As of 5.8.2, ranger no longer appears to regen its energy when in its survival or ranged tray. As can be expected, this makes melee fairly useless for ranger right now.
  6. Templar Devotion is either bugged or needs clarification: If you deal damage to multiple enemies with a single hit (any cleave, divine light, etc etc) only one of the hits from any given attack will proc the Devotion's healing. On powers that both cleave and hit multiple times in a single cast (ghost army, for example) will proc the heal once per hit of the multiple hits in the attack, but not once per enemy per hit. This might be a bug, in which case it severely limits the amount of usefulness Devotion has in group combat since it fails to scale properly with your cleaving damage, or if it is intended the internal cooldown (if that's what it is) needs to be spelled out in the tool-tip. Especially with the amount of cleave inherent in the Templar skill set, I find it more likely that it is a bug.
  7. Across the board, I feel it would be nice for the player generating a barrier on themselves to be able to see how large it is/how much is left somewhere on their UI. For a player to make tactical decisions in a fight they need to be able to see all their assets, especially since damage to a barrier is also not recorded in the combat log or displayed.
  8. Treated Leather doesn't seem to behave correctly in leather crafting. Because it is crafted individually, and with experimentation gets its own stat numbers, Treated Leathers do not stack. However, the leather armor recipes that call for this material ask for 2 in a stack (boots, helmet, gloves) or 4 in a stack (chest). This is not possible, and any attempt to stack them together merely replaces the single pieces with whatever you're adding. You can only use 1 Treated Leather per armor piece, in other words.
  9. Since Duelist can only wear leather armor and lacks any substantial access to self healing, the cooldown on their primary/only defensive skill, Redirect Pain, seems extremely long at 45 seconds. Many similar defensive skills or buffs seem to allow an approximate 66%-75% uptime, which assuming 5 pips (18 seconds of the redirection), would mean the cooldown might be better somewhere between 24 and 30 seconds. Even if this means nerfing the heal-over-time that Dirge gets on the skill, (which I don't think would be necessary anyway) reducing the cooldown will go a long way for making the skill feel relevant and usable. As it stands, it is somewhat hard to justify casting it or putting it on your bar, since it can only really be used once per engagement.
  10. Ranger's Sustain lifesteal doesn't seem to function correctly with melee weapons. With a bow the numbers seem to be 40%, as written, but on melee it is closer to 4%, from my guestimation.
  11. I definitely see where you're coming from here, Jah. Though they have talked about tome systems or other methods of catch-up, the design of the system is as you describe. In my opinion, they should wipe everything minus passive skill trees. Wipe spirit bank, vessels, etc, but leave the passive skill trees and, at the very least, see if the gap that will form between the vets and the newcomers is something they are happy with and feel is a good fit for their vision of the game after launch. If they decide it isn't fair/what they want, they can change it, but so long as they keep wiping it during testing, they aren't truly "testing" it, are they?
  12. Testing the Survivalist discipline and the Bounty of the Land passive for acquiring wood grubs and pine nuts, it appears that the drop rate is 0 when using an advanced runic axe. With intermediate axe I got 1 grub and 11 nuts in about 100-120 trees. Used an entire runic axe and received none of any of them. Obviously could just be (very) bad luck, but it seems a little too stark to be random. Edit: relogged with a new runic axe, they seem to be dropping again. Perhaps Bounty of the land wasn't applying correctly until I relogged? Thanks again for your time.
  13. Couple bugs: Onarum seems to be unloadable and repeatedly kicks me back to main menu when I try to load into it. It has my main character captive currently. XD Poison paradise passive on Blackguard does not seem to have consistent logic. It's description would seem to indicate that all attacks that can inflict the nature or poison toxin you have equipped will get the 8% lifesteal. Given that 8% isn't a large amount, this seems like an appropriate reading of the skill, however if you use it with axes or daggers, only the applied poison's damage ticks give the lifesteal, amounting to all of <20hp every few seconds of lifesteal. This wouldn't be much of an ultimate for the spec. That said, when using bows equipped from either Sharpshooter or Arcane Archer, the passive behaves as expected and all attacks deliver the 8% lifesteal in healing. Thank you for your time.
  14. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the assassin talent "Schadenfreude" does not seem to correctly scale with pips spent. No matter if you spent 1 or 5 pips, it heals for about 4.5% of max at 3rd rank (263 hp in my case). There also appears to be a bug with dodge-cancelling the stealthing animation on assassin. If you stealth and then immediately dodge, you get the dodge's distance while in stealth, but if you switch back to your survival tray, no dodge pip will have been spent. You can do this repeatedly. Thank you for your hard work!
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