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  1. Thank you very much, you made that mechanic totally clear now
  2. Ohh ok thank you , that mechanic I wasn't aware of. May I ask what kind of CC is dizzy ? is it like a silence that prevent from using skills ? and how does it turns to a knockdown , like does it automatically turns into a knockdown some seconds after dizzy proc ? or does it turns into a knockback when you hit the dizzy player again ? Thanks again for clearing that knockdown mystery
  3. Thank you , I just tried to do it with better timing , hitting the target with diffusion while the target is exposed an attacking, while it worked that way I'm still wondering if there is another way to proc a knockdown that I'm not aware of. Because I often saw assassin that proc knockdown while not even using diffusion, like this video At 7:00 he knock down a myrmidon whitout using diffusion, same happens at 8:56 , 9:16 and 14:09 , it's like basic attack proc a knockdown , also happens in another video and I can't figure out the mechanic behind it
  4. Hey all , started the game 2 days ago and I saw some assassins videos with assassins using knockdown, so I'm actually trying to figure out how it works. Is it only diffusion that proc knockdown ? and if it's the case how does it exactly works ? because I never managed to get it to proc even when I exposed my target. Or is there simply another way/power that actually proc a knockdown ? Thanks
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