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  1. Yianni are you installed on an SSD? I still get same hitching issues but not same duration - but installed on SSD. Might help in narrowing it down if it's disk writes or reads of some kind
  2. DREGS DREGS DREGS! We are in control of two built-up forts (the Clam Shack and our summer home in the mountains) and are running into pvp almost non-stop. Join the clams to get in on the action!
  3. BUMP! We're seeing some amazing fights on Chaos, check us out if you want to run with a fun guild!
  4. BUMP! We will be going to CHAOS next campaign to get some fun fights against our friends -W- and HoA, and alongside our other friends Hax. They have better cookies.
  5. Confessor talent "Perfect Storm" below does not work, please see Gif. Tornadoes hitting only once and not even hitting targets behind the primary target. This means a single tornado isn't even damaging more than one player, let alone one player 4 times.
  6. One single ring or necklace takes ~92 clicks to make including all the component ingredients, like powdering stone, grinding wheels etc. Lots of tedium involved in each set of jewelry for sure, and the sacrifice value for each item crafted is far too low as well
  7. I was more concerned about the 4100 crit on the player being out of whack
  8. Any update on a guild bank system? Seems the storage system is getting worked on, what with the new vault and world banks and all. With limited imports and only 100 world bank slots especially, guild banks or shared storage of some kind are highly needed at this time! This is a primary pain point for our guild. @vkromas@ACE_FancyHats ❤️ edit) we know you have been working on it, just looking for any kind of update if you have any to share
  9. Looked like fun fights Also just because Game> Is DPS meta EU players> let's all play tanks and healers
  10. Agreed, this has been a good change. There's been more focused PVP fights over objectives, rather than random encounters!
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