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  1. Another question about archdruid - in terms of blight, does anyone know if all the damage instances are calculated concurrently, so if using Pound of Flesh (15% more damage on targets above 90%) will all explosions get the bonus, or are they calculated in sequence?
  2. Ice Take: NICE! Cold Take: good fights Lukewarm take: There were things you could do better in those fights Hot take: You both are terrible at PvP and I'm embarrassed for you and everyone who knows you Magma take:
  3. Those are top end legendary weapons crafted with epic crafters and full rerolls and the board exploit
  4. Ah didn't realize black mask had a healblock as well.
  5. After getting word that our friends from Transcendence and Infernal were going Chaos, we rolled back to Balance for the current campaign - Chaos is already able to cap zones by themselves, so we wanted to "Balance" it out again a bit! Our name's Clam Stacking Casuals, you may know us from standing up to the chaos hordes 8v90. Come join us for a fun, laid-back but skilled guild that does fun PVP gameplay on the Balance faction, maybe one or two more warm bodies means we can take on Chaos' barbarian hordes!
  6. I know Monk was streaming it so if you want an A.D.D. point of view (OOO SHINY GO HERE ATTACK :D) then watch his stream I guess, papadreadhead
  7. Not really frustrated at all? It was a fun time just feels like the culmination of a siege is less climactic when in a tiny cramped throne room
  8. I am totally okay with more chokes if the final fight isn't a cluster. An open zone that leads into another open zone via one or two small chokes is fine, the "last stand" area being so tiny is the issue that I see, personally. Other things such as respawn locations need to be worked on of course
  9. Okay, not EVERYONE was running force mage, jesus christ. But the throne room is still too small to handle a possible 100 people (with today's zone caps, which will only get larger).
  10. Fighting in those small rooms on a raised platform with everyone running force mage is cancerous
  11. Combat in the Tree room is not a great experience. Even with zone caps lower than they will be, at 100, there's not enough room to do anything, move around or enact any skillful play. Is it possible to redesign the keeps and throne rooms to have the tree on the lower level, with a larger courtyard?
  12. Due to this Can we expect an item or weapon wipe in the near future to normalize weapons on Live for people that have known about this exploit and have undoubtedly been taking advantage of it?
  13. Elementalist, and to a lesser extent Militant Mage, Scarecrow and Mudman are TERRIBLE game design choices. Having hard counters to specific damage types (especially Elementalist which is ALL magical types) just means whoever has this equipped wins, and therefore by continuation, makes these disciplines nearly mandatory. Please remove the "immunity to damage type X" or "heals from damage type X" type abilities from the game.
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