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  1. DREGS DREGS DREGS! We are in control of two built-up forts (the Clam Shack and our summer home in the mountains) and are running into pvp almost non-stop. Join the clams to get in on the action!
  2. BUMP! We're seeing some amazing fights on Chaos, check us out if you want to run with a fun guild!
  3. BUMP! We will be going to CHAOS next campaign to get some fun fights against our friends -W- and HoA, and alongside our other friends Hax. They have better cookies.
  4. One single ring or necklace takes ~92 clicks to make including all the component ingredients, like powdering stone, grinding wheels etc. Lots of tedium involved in each set of jewelry for sure, and the sacrifice value for each item crafted is far too low as well
  5. Class priority added to the recruiting post, join us on discord and hang out!
  6. Take both, ignore brutal. Use mighty most of the time for damage boost, keep ultimate in the back pocket in emergencies.
  7. See video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVQxTG8VKmU
  8. To facilitate player-driven content, and help people learn PvP concepts, it would be very useful if there was the opposite of a free city in the campaign. A place where by default, everyone is hostile to each other, unless grouped. The same as a PvP enabled EK, this would allow guilds to fight each other, or spar against guilds of the other faction. Reasons for this over an EK 1) Campaign world characters are now locked and would need to burn imports and exports to join an EK 2) EKs are set to 12 player limits, which wouldn't allow for larger scale battles 3) We're in pre-alpha still, so having fewer barriers to test mechanics and gameplay of PVP is beneficial to the health and balance of the game. 4) Test is not always up so we cannot always rely on that server to perform PVP drills. Bonus points if loot is disabled in this zone and durability doesn't drop from time in combat or deaths, and dragon-statue resurrection timer doesn't apply.
  9. There are mounts, and epic mounts which increase speed by 25% and 50% respectively (these numbers have been tweaked in the past, no reason they can't be tweaked in the future) Are you taking those into account?
  10. That's usually how they are in Campaign, this GR map is a bit strange
  11. I'm very against RNG gated farming of disciplines, if there are specific mobs that always drop the same discipline, that you could then further upgrade (or drop as a high quality to start with), sure.
  12. Can confirm anecdotal, I hit target dummies MUCH harder than players, and those players would not have 50% mitigations
  13. From yesterday's Q&A, they tried implementing guild storage with the current storage architecture and it wasn't working properly. I expect they will have something in place then the storage solution goes in. Right now their focus is Dregs, which should be followed by storage (my guess)
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