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  1. Clam Stacking Casuals (NA) Balance

    Bump! We've been enjoying some big scale group PVP and sieges lately, laid down some siege weapons and destroyed the Chaos tree alongside Winterblades this evening, but some Order ninjaed the tree placement before we could. Fun times!
  2. We know, but this is a bug report and so I'm trying to report the situations surrounding the bug
  3. In the recent livestream, you you guys mentioned that you didn't know the combination of powers that lead to FPS and Performance dropping dramatically. We just had a PVP engagement where as soon as abilities cast, we dropped frames worse than I've ever seen before. I myself dropped down to one frame roughly every 4 seconds, others got below 5 FPS. I typically get around 50 FPS in Keeps and Temple. We were all partied up. Perhaps some combination of these class abilities were causing the situation, we suspect Cleric abilities: Our group makeup: Paladin Templar Barbarian Champ Arbiter Cleric Crusader Cleric Warden Ranger Hope this helps in finding the cause.
  4. It seems I am not informed about past changes to the armor system as I only started in 5.8, but there are some good discussions in here anyway. I think most people would agree that there is a problem, but not necessarily the solution yet. Perhaps knobs just need to be tweaked.
  5. The Champion Barbarian talent called Brutal Followup should reset the cooldown on Spinning Backfist and Kick Sand after using Brutal Warrior, but it currently does not reset the cooldown at all, regardless whether you hit an enemy at all, or whiff.
  6. Perhaps you're right, the tuning feels way off right now
  7. In that case, bake in some more defensive layers to the class abilities and design, not to the armor. Does it make sense for a DPS spec that wears plate to be able to be as tanky as the tank-spec Knight?
  8. Right now, there are no penalties to equipping a higher armor class. You get more HP, more physical and elemental mitigations, with no extra addition to stamina use or any detrimental effects. Combine this with the fact that higher armor classes generally come with more HP than the lower classes, and this just means that Plate is the de facto choice for armor if your spec is able to equip Plate. Solution: Make armor more of a choice between Physical, Elemental or Organic mitigation, by equalizing bonus HP across all armor classes. Make leather the choice that has higher Elemental Resistances, Mail for Organic and Plate for Physical. This would let players choose the armor set that would fill in their defensive layers. A Pitfighter that gets barraged constantly by spellcasters? They can choose to wear Leather armor, but won't be ungodly defensive against other melee. Or they can choose to wear plate and deal with caster damage in other ways. Examples below with quick numbers: AC Class Leather Mail Plate Physical 7.5% 7.5% 20% Organic 7.5% 20% 7.5% Elemental 20% 7.5% 7.5% Total +HP 1500 1500 1500
  9. Feel the burn tho :(

    We agree, why are we arguing? lol
  10. Feel the burn tho :(

    It's an unfun and out of place mechanic to try and kill people with fall damage because the spec can't kill them with real damage, not good for the game's design. People who get killed by this mechanic do not think "sweet that's definitely working as intended and I got outplayed!"
  11. Feel the burn tho :(

    Look at the screenshot - it has 2 procs on Set... 18 dps each? Garbage
  12. Question: Any plans to balance gathering professions like Logging and Skinning, which do not have motherlodes, compared to Quarrying and Mining? As it stands, the ROI on raw mats, rare materials, etc for motherlode harvesting with 4-5 people is higher per person than skinning and logging. Thus it's harder and more time consuming to get high quantity and rarity of hide and wood. In spring, we gathered hundreds of uncommon and rare Ore/Stone in a very short amount of time by group gathering, while the same time period skinning and logging will not result in nearly the same results. Also somewhat related but not directly, is Leatherworking or Woodworking possibly being adjusted to require fewer materials to make up for these gathering discrepancies? Right now, Blacksmithing can do most weapons, 2/3 of the armor classes, AND requires less raw material than Leatherworking per slot, for example.
  13. Feel the burn tho :(

    I don't understand how it can be used differently. It's a passive that you equip and adds the DOT chance to attacks and spells, seems to proc on every, or most attack or spell, and ticks for similar damage to what is shown in the screenshot above. There's literally no other way to "use" it.
  14. Champion builds.

    Has anyone used Barbarian spec? It sounds powerful, are all the abilities working as they should?