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  1. Yianni are you installed on an SSD? I still get same hitching issues but not same duration - but installed on SSD. Might help in narrowing it down if it's disk writes or reads of some kind
  2. DREGS DREGS DREGS! We are in control of two built-up forts (the Clam Shack and our summer home in the mountains) and are running into pvp almost non-stop. Join the clams to get in on the action!
  3. BUMP! We're seeing some amazing fights on Chaos, check us out if you want to run with a fun guild!
  4. BUMP! We will be going to CHAOS next campaign to get some fun fights against our friends -W- and HoA, and alongside our other friends Hax. They have better cookies.
  5. Confessor talent "Perfect Storm" below does not work, please see Gif. Tornadoes hitting only once and not even hitting targets behind the primary target. This means a single tornado isn't even damaging more than one player, let alone one player 4 times.
  6. One single ring or necklace takes ~92 clicks to make including all the component ingredients, like powdering stone, grinding wheels etc. Lots of tedium involved in each set of jewelry for sure, and the sacrifice value for each item crafted is far too low as well
  7. I was more concerned about the 4100 crit on the player being out of whack
  8. Any update on a guild bank system? Seems the storage system is getting worked on, what with the new vault and world banks and all. With limited imports and only 100 world bank slots especially, guild banks or shared storage of some kind are highly needed at this time! This is a primary pain point for our guild. @vkromas@ACE_FancyHats ❤️ edit) we know you have been working on it, just looking for any kind of update if you have any to share
  9. Looked like fun fights Also just because Game> Is DPS meta EU players> let's all play tanks and healers
  10. Agreed, this has been a good change. There's been more focused PVP fights over objectives, rather than random encounters!
  11. Seems to be a bug, I believe all classes can equip it. Here I am on a confessor and it's a valid equip
  12. @vkromas could you identify which powers are affected by Finish Him! ? is it just the Templar Execute or does it apply to other classes and abilities, since others can equip it. Thanks!
  13. Fire tornados are indeed appearing now, but are reacting strangely when encountering vertical surfaces https://gfycat.com/energeticanimatedhoki
  14. Any news on the "Retaliate Bug" that causes you to lose the ability to retaliate when you get CC'ed while pressing other buttons, or if you press something other than Retaliate while rooted? It's quite a debilitating and random occurrence, having full stamina and being ready to Retaliate, but not being given the option and laying on your ass for as long as 6 seconds sometimes. Watch the most recent warstory of the week to see examples of this happening in the first 60 seconds. @vkromas @ACE_FancyHats
  15. Since imports are limited in the new campaign, to 12, bringing in Cosmetic items like badges or tankards is a large opportunity cost loss. Could you consider making something that qualifies as a "Purchase" cost zero import and export tokens?
  16. Class priority added to the recruiting post, join us on discord and hang out!
  17. Take both, ignore brutal. Use mighty most of the time for damage boost, keep ultimate in the back pocket in emergencies.
  18. Jewelcrafting feels like the sacrifice values are too low, leading to a very low crafting score for anyone who is a primary jewelcrafter. I have crafted 6 sets of legendary crafting jewelry across most crafting professions Several legendary combat rings, necklaces for testing purposes 20+ sets of epic combat jewelry for the guild I estimate I have crafted in the realm of 125-150 individual pieces of jewelry, mostly epic quality. My crafting score is around 40,000. Our guild blacksmith has crafted similar - armor and weapons for the same number of players, epic and rare qualities. His crafting score is around 400,000. Considering Jewelry is a bit harder to acquire (due to motherlodes for gems) can the sacrifice amount on Rare/Epic/Legendary go up, or some other balance mechanic for the crafting score? As it stands, anyone leveling an epic vessel with Wartribe Artifacts can easily surpass my entire campaign's worth of Jewelcrafting in less than 10 minutes.
  19. See video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVQxTG8VKmU
  20. To facilitate player-driven content, and help people learn PvP concepts, it would be very useful if there was the opposite of a free city in the campaign. A place where by default, everyone is hostile to each other, unless grouped. The same as a PvP enabled EK, this would allow guilds to fight each other, or spar against guilds of the other faction. Reasons for this over an EK 1) Campaign world characters are now locked and would need to burn imports and exports to join an EK 2) EKs are set to 12 player limits, which wouldn't allow for larger scale battles 3) We're in pre-alpha still, so having fewer barriers to test mechanics and gameplay of PVP is beneficial to the health and balance of the game. 4) Test is not always up so we cannot always rely on that server to perform PVP drills. Bonus points if loot is disabled in this zone and durability doesn't drop from time in combat or deaths, and dragon-statue resurrection timer doesn't apply.
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