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  1. Item durability from resurrecting at the Dragon Statues is using the OLD VALUES - A large penalty for dying that you'd use when you couldn't be bothered to recover your corpse before. This means that standard pvp combat right now drains your durability MUCH TOO FAST as you don't have any other way to resurrect if you get wiped.
  2. Confessor-Inquisitor talent Perfect Storm "Enables your Hellfire Tornados to hit targets up to 4 times" does not appear to be working with the new change to controller. Even with multiple enemies in melee range, only one instance of damage is showing up. This is likely due to the new character controller and the change to tornado/hellfire blast knockback. I would like to see a different talent in place here anyway, as this one always felt unreliable and out of place. Case in point:
  3. At the beginning of the fight, I was playing ring around the rock and was getting hit, even though nobody visible was near me hitting me. So I think something else was going on, I was commenting in discord about "where am I getting hit from", and that's why I started recording Very strange
  4. You were there too? wow.. Yeah this is a bad bug. Guildie couldn't see you two either, we both only saw those three. I also think I was getting hit by an invisible templar in the initial stages of the fight, I was getting sin stacked on me but saw no confessor and nobody in melee range. @thomasblair
  5. Players can appear invisible but still do damage, died to abilities from Thalenax but no player named Thalenax visible. You can even see the hurlbat appear out of thin air. He was chasing and doing damage to me for quite some time, not just the end of this clip. Never saw his name, model or anything
  6. That damage is uh... not good
  7. Fair enough. I don't recall the specifics around that night, but that matches up with my numbers. Balance typically owns 2-3 keeps, leaves up to 35 members around to defend each, and a small flex force to attack enemy keeps or rotate between. Having both of those defense forces consolidate on a single keep would lead to around 70 people. But I can tell you, I have never heard of or received orders or suggestion to specifically cap zones to retain or take objectives. If 70 Balance showing up in zone happens organically to defend an objective, on one single night of the campaign, what do you want us to do? It was indeed a fun campaign. I hope we see some more activity out of UDL in the next one
  8. As a third-party guild on Balance for all of the trials, we have never been asked or heard of anyone using alternate accounts to lock zones and avoid fights, or even embracing capping zones. In fact, Balance usually seek out fights regardless of numbers. Faction strategy usually revolves around one guild defending one keep, and a small force going out to attack other objectives or defend keeps with small numbers. Can you cite specific instances of Balance capping zones, with or without alts, or are you speculating? Typical defense force numbers are around 35 FYI.
  9. PVE areas are supposed to be PVP hotspots (when its a specific mob for a specific item, people will have to fight over it) so the Dev's vision is pvpers contributing recipes and rare items back to the crafters.
  10. Just to help, and not have this thread be a complete ACE bashfest Major disc's - gated behind timed spawn and RNG. - Changed in 5.9 Minor disc's - gated behind timed spawn and RNG. - Changed in 5.9 Crafting Nec/Blacksmith/Leatherworker (include Woodworker if want a hunger shard fitted) - gated behind timed spawn and RNG (for tools, Googles, Hammer, Awl and Shard hammer). - Some PVE required for end-game crafting progression, I don't agree that everyone shoudl be able to make fully-kitted out gear right away.
  11. PVPing in this game is fun, and what most of us are here to do. Please stop making it harder and harder to level up and gear our characters for pvp.
  12. You must be one of the lucky ones, these abilities don't work reliably for most duelists @oneply
  13. Thanks for spending some time to do a test! Hoping to get a video recorded next spring to compare visually.
  14. The devs have said they are making changes, such as adding skinning motherlodes, so I have no doubt these concerns will be resolved. I just hope they can make adjustments before those large system-wide sweeping changes go into effect, that make our lives less of a grind to gear out leather wearers.
  15. Also to note from this video Using a +55 skinning knife and a +11 reaping necklace, and being completely skinning trained, yet hitting r9 skinning nodes for 80 damage per swing. Give me a break.
  16. Durable hide is good guys, you can make Crit Healing Bonus gear for all of your leather wearing healers
  17. So let's say you have a guild member who asks you for some blue or epic flexible hide? What do you do? You go farm rank 9s! How long will you need to farm to acquire enough blue, or even epic quality materials to make a full set of armor? Well, just watch the video and do the math.. Spoiler: Much longer than a miner. TLDW: stats and results at the end of the video.
  18. Thank you for your time and work with this, and congratulations on the birth of your child!
  19. Please reduce the crafting requirements and multiple professions required to craft Confessor books. Leatherworker required to make stitched leather for pages Blacksmith required for Metal Bars, Metal clasp (bars for chapters is silly, make this just a single clasp) Runecrafter required for book chapters Woodworking required for final combine Why does a book require metal bars? Why are pages made out of leather, and not wood/paper? Compare this to any blacksmith-crafted weapons, they made need Wood Planks or Hilts/Grips made from one other profession. This isn't even factoring in RUNIC weapons, which add Jewelcrafting to the list, making books require 5 total professions just to craft. Blacksmith weapons go up to 3 professions required.
  20. If you can't be bothered to care about the same complaints, why are you replying to this thread?
  21. Hey Goodpudding, roz, saw you guys have joined discord as well, see you in there!
  22. This is not productive discussion, take it elsewhere
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