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  1. Looked like fun fights Also just because Game> Is DPS meta EU players> let's all play tanks and healers
  2. Agreed, this has been a good change. There's been more focused PVP fights over objectives, rather than random encounters!
  3. Seems to be a bug, I believe all classes can equip it. Here I am on a confessor and it's a valid equip
  4. @vkromas could you identify which powers are affected by Finish Him! ? is it just the Templar Execute or does it apply to other classes and abilities, since others can equip it. Thanks!
  5. Fire tornados are indeed appearing now, but are reacting strangely when encountering vertical surfaces https://gfycat.com/energeticanimatedhoki
  6. Any news on the "Retaliate Bug" that causes you to lose the ability to retaliate when you get CC'ed while pressing other buttons, or if you press something other than Retaliate while rooted? It's quite a debilitating and random occurrence, having full stamina and being ready to Retaliate, but not being given the option and laying on your ass for as long as 6 seconds sometimes. Watch the most recent warstory of the week to see examples of this happening in the first 60 seconds. @vkromas @ACE_FancyHats
  7. Since imports are limited in the new campaign, to 12, bringing in Cosmetic items like badges or tankards is a large opportunity cost loss. Could you consider making something that qualifies as a "Purchase" cost zero import and export tokens?
  8. Class priority added to the recruiting post, join us on discord and hang out!
  9. Take both, ignore brutal. Use mighty most of the time for damage boost, keep ultimate in the back pocket in emergencies.
  10. Jewelcrafting feels like the sacrifice values are too low, leading to a very low crafting score for anyone who is a primary jewelcrafter. I have crafted 6 sets of legendary crafting jewelry across most crafting professions Several legendary combat rings, necklaces for testing purposes 20+ sets of epic combat jewelry for the guild I estimate I have crafted in the realm of 125-150 individual pieces of jewelry, mostly epic quality. My crafting score is around 40,000. Our guild blacksmith has crafted similar - armor and weapons for the same number of players, epic and rare qualities. His crafting score is around 400,000. Considering Jewelry is a bit harder to acquire (due to motherlodes for gems) can the sacrifice amount on Rare/Epic/Legendary go up, or some other balance mechanic for the crafting score? As it stands, anyone leveling an epic vessel with Wartribe Artifacts can easily surpass my entire campaign's worth of Jewelcrafting in less than 10 minutes.
  11. See video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVQxTG8VKmU
  12. To facilitate player-driven content, and help people learn PvP concepts, it would be very useful if there was the opposite of a free city in the campaign. A place where by default, everyone is hostile to each other, unless grouped. The same as a PvP enabled EK, this would allow guilds to fight each other, or spar against guilds of the other faction. Reasons for this over an EK 1) Campaign world characters are now locked and would need to burn imports and exports to join an EK 2) EKs are set to 12 player limits, which wouldn't allow for larger scale battles 3) We're in pre-alpha still, so having fewer barriers to test mechanics and gameplay of PVP is beneficial to the health and balance of the game. 4) Test is not always up so we cannot always rely on that server to perform PVP drills. Bonus points if loot is disabled in this zone and durability doesn't drop from time in combat or deaths, and dragon-statue resurrection timer doesn't apply.
  13. Please fix this landscape collision in Keeps, occurs at most of these similar areas
  14. The Partial Reroll Cost Reduction stat, either from external sources or just from the Square Diamond Ring, is not reducing Small Reroll cost. I have 7% partial reroll, and Epic and Legendary rerolls are still costing the same amount of Ethereal Dust, the popup lists the original amount and the stack of dust is reduced by the same amount
  15. Phr00t


    There are mounts, and epic mounts which increase speed by 25% and 50% respectively (these numbers have been tweaked in the past, no reason they can't be tweaked in the future) Are you taking those into account?
  16. You're delusional. Balance was outnumbered by Chaos in the last campaign, yet still won the majority of battles. Chaos was taking Forts and Outposts at night, giving them a points advantage for most of the campaign. However Chaos made several tactical blunders later on in the campaign by splitting their forces when attacking important objectives, and were not able to hold off a (smaller) attacking Balance force when Balanced flipped the Roetham keep. I can attest that Clams never had any alts placed at alternate Keeps, let alone at all 3. If (at most) 8 HoA/Winterblades players were turning the tides of Sieges by alts being placed strategically, then that's a bad look on Chaos. In fact, one singular Winterblades member fought back an attacking force with a single ballista. You're vastly over-estimating the numbers you were going against, which I guess is standard fare for you guys. The only active players for the majority of the campaign from W were Jah, Katzeweiss, Brightdance, Xarrayne and (later) Darthbunbun, and from HoA were Ble, Sanna and maybe Tyrannical. Most times, Clams+HoA+W couldn't even fill up 3 groups of 5. Why is it Balance's fault if their builds are better, is there something preventing Chaos from using the same builds? Why is it Balance's fault if their crafters make better gear, or harvesters gather more materials? Is there something preventing chaos from making the same quality gear? uXa has maxed crafters I'm sure, since they have been playing longer than Clams, and we have maxed crafters. And lastly, Chaos decided to kick the bear by using Order alts to reset the capture bonus of all the outposts they had been holding onto for the majority of the campaign. This was the only reason that more W and HoA logged in, to stop that exploitative behavior and to punish Chaos for it. It worked, but now Balance are the bad guys because they capitalized on Chaos' mistakes and poor tactical judgement? OK BRO
  17. Fair enough, thought that talent only added the damage to it.
  18. Alpha Champ ulti is 500 soul power, not sure what you mean about 3 charges. Myrm ulti should probably be 500 soul power as well though.
  19. Trying really, really hard to get impale to register:
  20. The recent Q&A mentioned that the leveling curve should be "normalized" across the different quality of vessels, but this is not the case with sacrifice items. We are not able to sacrifice white or green materials on blue vessels after a certain level, same as what it used to be. The normalization of the curve doesn't seem to apply to Sacrifice items, do you know if this is intended, or an oversight?
  21. Single target abilities are not working very well right now, targeting is inconsistent and the enemy/ally priority for single target spells seems off. Test performed: Position an enemy behind an ally and use two reticle abilities, Tend Wounds and Rescue. Expected behavior: Abilities target the ALLY ONLY nearest to the reticle and apply the effect. Actual behavior: Abilities appear to be targeting the enemies nearby, as you can see the Tend Wounds spell effect is visible on the enemy behind my target. Video proof: Used tend wounds twice, and rescue once. @vkromas @thomasblair I have confirmed this issue from other cleric players as well, could we look at targeting of very clearly help-only raycast abilities such as these to make them easier to cast on allies? Cheers
  22. Mystical Throwing Hammers appear to be dropping from wartribes with only offensive stats such as Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Attack power. Considering that the DPS-spec cleric is not super functional or viable right now, can you adjust drop tables to also include healing stats on these items when they drop?
  23. Poor sacrifice items only work up until a certain level, those items would be sacrifice-able on a lower level vessel.
  24. That's usually how they are in Campaign, this GR map is a bit strange
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