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  1. Simple solution - wipe the skills but boost the point rate even more. So much so that the rate of finishing a final tree aligns with the end of the campaign. So like 40-60x (4-6 times more than now). This way you have the even ground AND harvesters/crafters will make useful stuff very quickly, while the very first few days will start with garbs. This is something neccessary to test anyways. A concern I've had is that the very early game might feel too mundane when people have next to no resources due to a lack of skills. Have to see what the breaking point is.
  2. In regards to the knobs for balancing campaigns: Seasonal changes to victory points: Perfectly reasonable. This means that even if a faction plans to wipe the map in the second half of the campaign, the first half leaves the other factions free to get some harvesting and crafting in. Capture Bonus Pool: The bounty system is a very popular one in pvp games, for sure and I think this move is pretty genius for a throne war game. I especially like the effect it can have in letting a faction spend extra time on recovering their strength before launching a new attack, rather than being forced to fight losing battles because it's an automatic loss otherwise. One point I do want to stress is that in other games, more specifically MOBAs, we've seen the effects of when the bounty system is overtuned. What ends up happening is that games become really chaotic and back and forth. While in MOBAs this is not a good thing, since it messes up the impact of player skill, in Crowfall it could present for interesting FFA campaigns that are chaotic. Overtuning this knob could be a really interesting experiment. A concern I have is that if you take the season points mechanic and the bonus point mechanic together, there is incentive for a faction to straight up not fight for the first half of campaign, just not even play it and then storm the entire map in the second half, getting maximum bonus points on top of being a more rewarding season. This is a very dangerous scenario that you have to be aware of. It's the main problem of all of these knobs - while incentivizing waiting it out and going for the comeback is good, it also adds incentive to not fight in the first place and wait. New campaign: In regards to what one can bring into the new campaign - I am personally 100% in favor of bringing in absolutely nothing. Maybe just the levels since we know players will just start out farming arch frames, but definitely not upgraded vessels. As someone who started really recently, I definitely feel the pain of being severely behind the game's economy and this makes testing a bit difficult, since there aren't enough people that would require low-end goods that I can produce at the start. Clean slate would allow us to see the economy develop in a nice way with these full campaigns.
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