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  1. Hello, I went to unlock my character on the main menu. When I did so, the client completely deleted my level 30 Assassin. Could you fine dev folk please work your Crowfall Developer Magic (CDM) and please undo this? I will love you all forever and sing, "Dayman" in every and all sieges upon killing my rivals. Thank you, Prosciutto di Parma.
  2. feedback for 12-30 stealth movement speed is too slow. how is anyone ever supposed to gain ground on someone using only stealth?
  3. Feedback for 12/27/18 I would really appreciate if the trailblazing run speed was the default combat run speed (with weapons drawn). I have also noticed that if one changes harvesting tools on top of a harvest node or creature (such as a pack pig) i have been forced to look away form such harvesting node and try again for it to be registered. Also, the shroud for death is completely absurd....... why must I wait 3 minutes to regain all of my health? if anything, that should be a minute but with lower starting health such as 10%. that way there is a super high risk to reward for resurrecting off the bat.
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